Alexandra Grammar School
Additions and updates in RED Updated 23-Jul-2015
Name Surname Date Married Additional Dates  
  Added Name Listing   EMAIL
Alexandra  Ablett 9-Dec-09 Alexandra Gwyn 1963-1965 Mail
Ken Aldred 28-Apr-02 1961-1964 Mail
Matthew Alexander 3-Apr-02 1961-1965 Mail
Mike Allen 3-Dec-06 1956--1957 Mail
Mike Allen 5-Sep-11 1956-1959 Mail
David Anthony 14-Feb-02 Kinloss 1960-1964 Mail
Christine Appleyard 7-Mar-09 Christine Pippard 1960 Mail
John Armstrong 22-May-02 AJS 1958-1961 Mail
Geoff  Armstrong 12-Dec-08 1958-1961 Mail
Allan Arnold 3-Apr-02 1958-1959 Mail
Brenda Arnold 27-May-12 Brenda Kember 1958-1960 Mail
Pat Ashley 27-Jun-01 St Johns 1964-1966 Mail
Tony Asman 1-Aug-10 1955-1957 Mail
Robert Atkin 19-Jun-01 St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Margaret Atkin 15-Oct-12 Margaret Jenner 1964-1967 Mail
Michael Austen 1-Jan-01 1956-1959 Mail
Peter Austen 2-Jan-01 1956-1959 Mail
Stuart (Ozzie) Austwick 1-Oct-11 1959-1962 Mail
Patricia  Bailey 3-Jan-01 Patricia Muircroft 1958-1961 Mail
Brian Bailey 6-Jul-02 Kinloss 1958-1961 Mail
Patricia Bailey 10-Feb-15 1969 Mail
Emma Bainbridge 22-Jun-02 Emma Hofford Kinloss 1962-1964 Mail
Peter Banks 24-Jul-02 Naval Base 1960-1963 Mail
Peter Barrett 19-Jun-01 1958-1959 Mail
Steve Barry 4-Jan-01 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Julian Barry 5-Jul-04 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Pat  Barry 14-Oct-07 Pat Hicketts Pasir Panjang 1952-1955 Mail
Jean Bartaby 5-Jan-01 Jean Rontree Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Ron Basnett 6-Jun-07 1958-1960 Mail
Jane Bate 11-Nov-12 Jane Conlon 1962-1964 Mail
Robin Bates 18-Dec-09 1956-1959 Mail
Michael Battson 13-Oct-11 1956-1957 Mail
Michael Beasley 29-Apr-02 1959-1960 Mail
Avril Beer 20-Feb-02 Avril Steed ASM 1963-1964 Mail
David Bellhouse 26-Jul-11 Mail
Christopher Binns 6-Jan-01 1959-1961 Mail
Nick Binns 7-Jan-01 1959-1961 Mail
Brian Blackall 8-Aug-07 St Johns 1962-1964 Mail
Mike Blake 13-Dec-12 1964-1966 Mail
Marion Blewett 19-Jan-02 Marion Gooding St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Lawrence (Larry) Bond 10-Jun-02 ASM 1956-1957 Mail
Fred Booth 11-Apr-02 Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Carole Bowers 19-Jul-13 Carole Briscoe Kinloss 1957-1960 Mail
Hilary Bradley 4-Oct-08 Hilary Sayers 1962-1964 Mail
Pearl Brechin 5-Dec-11 Pearl MacLeod 1969-1972 Mail
Val  Brench 4-Feb-03 Val Leslie 1955-1957 Mail
Gay Brench 6-Mar-12 1956-1957 Mail
Phil Brennan 12-Jul-10 1959-1961 Mail
Roger Bridge 25-Sep-11 1960-1963 Mail
Tony Brown 14-Nov-02 1957-1960 Mail
Christine Brown 23-Nov-02 Campbell 1954-1957 Mail
Christine Brown 16-May-04 Christine Campbell 1954-1957 Mail
Jean Bruce 31-Mar-09 Jean Bateson Changi 1948-1950 Mail
Susan Bryan 8-Nov-09 Susan Terry 1961-1964 Mail
John Buckels 9-May-10 1960 Mail
Lynda Buckthorpe 6-Jul-07 Lynda Scott 1963-1964 Mail
Faith Buick 26-Jan-11 Faith Mortimer Kinloss 1964-1966 Mail
Colin  Burton 24-Aug-01 1959-1963 Mail
Mick Byrne 8-Jan-01 St Johns 1956-1959 Mail
Doug Campbell 4-Mar-02 1960-1961 Mail
Brian Campbell 27-Jun-02 "Jock" Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Jennifer Carder 18-Mar-07 1961-1964 Mail
Peter Casey 9-Jan-01 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
J.L. Catchpole 30-Jun-05 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Clive Chandler 18-May-02 1960-1961 Mail
Wendy Channell 2-Mar-03 1950-1953 Mail
Peter Cheesewright 10-Jan-01 1961 Mail
Rosemary Cheesewright 11-Jan-01 1961 Mail
Omparsad Chhetri 8-Apr-02 Kinloss 1960-1964 Mail
Christopher Clark 19-Jan-02 1959-1961 Mail
Tom Clarke 8-Nov-09 1954-1960 Mail
Raymond Clayton 28-Feb-02 1958-1960 Mail
Raymond Clayton 14-Nov-08 1958-1960 Mail
Marcia Cock 19-Jan-02 Marcia Headon 1961-1962 Mail
Arthur Colman 1-Oct-09 Bob Colman 1960 Mail
David Cooke 29-Apr-10 1964-1966 Mail
Mike Cooper 15-Dec-02 1957-1958 Mail
Ernie Coughlan 19-Jan-02 Kinloss 1962-1965 Mail
Michael Cox 23-Jan-03 Kinloss 1960-1963 Mail
Jeremy Cox 19-Apr-08 1958-1959 Mail
John (Tadpole) Crompton 8-Nov-11 Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Fred Crook 12-Jan-01 Tengah 1961-1963 Mail
Pauline Crump 16-May-01 Pauline Trick 1958-1961 Mail
Patricia Curry 23-Aug-09 Patricia Breman 1961 Mail
Patricia Curry 27-Nov-11 Patricia Bremen 1962 Mail
Richard Curtis 17-Jan-08 1956-1959 Mail
Tony Curtis 17-Nov-08 1961-1964 Mail
Ron Dadswell 13-Jan-01 1957-1959 Mail
Barbara Ann Dale 20-Jul-03 Barbara Ann McLaughlin 1963 Mail
Sheila Dalton 27-Aug-05 Sheila Harwood 1954-1957 Mail
David Dance 23-Feb-02 1954-1960 Mail
Barbara Daniel 14-Jan-01 1962-1963 Mail
Heather Daniel 15-Jan-01 Heather Asplin Kinloss 1959-1963 Mail
Michele Joanna d'Arcy 14-Nov-10 Mivhel Joanna Macaskill 1953-1955 Mail
Ellie Davidson 3-Aug-01 Ellie Chandler Kinloss 1963-1968 Mail
Ernest Davidson 1-May-07 1962-1964 Mail
Shirley Davies 30-Aug-01 Shirley Cottle 1961-1964 Mail
Susan Davis 3-Jan-10 Susan Gwilliam 1961-1964 Mail
Christopher Dean 19-Nov-10 Pasir Panjang 1957-1958 Mail
Keith Denney 26-Jun-08 1958-1960 Mail
John Dennison 18-Oct-07 St Johns 1963-1967 Mail
Kris Deokota 22-Sep-07 1960-1964 Mail
Lalit Dewan 8-Nov-02 L. Dewan MBE St Johns 1966-1971 Mail
Carol Dinnes 4-Nov-02 Carol Ogilvy 1962-1970 Mail
Joan Dorothy 12-Nov-01 Joan Wood 1957-1959 Mail
Eddie Douthwaite 11-Feb-02 1961-1964 Mail
Paul Edwick 16-Jan-01 St Johns 1963-1969 Mail
Diane Ellis 17-Jan-01 Diane Lasseter Kinloss 1962-1966 Mail
Chris Elsden 8-Jan-06 1964-1967 Mail
Barrie Elsender 18-Jan-01 Mail
Rowland Elsender 19-Jan-01 Mail
Sonja Fairfield 28-Dec-14 1960-1963 Mail
Andy  Ferriday 20-Jan-01 St Johns 60-61 & 64-67 Mail
Claudine  Field 4-Feb-12 1956-1959 Mail
Mike Fielding 15-Mar-05 1955-1957 Mail
Lynne Fielding 2-Oct-06 Lynne Sargeant AJS 1962-1964 Mail
Ray  Flint 17-Dec-01 1959 Mail
Margaret Fogell 19-Jan-02 Margaret Smithson Kinloss 1958-1961 Mail
Deborah Foot 20-Jan-09 Deborah Ratcliffe Tanglin 1956-1965 Mail
Pauline Foster 21-Jan-01 Pauline Sharpley 1954-1956 Mail
Robert Foster 17-Dec-09 1964 Mail
Carolyn Fox 21-Jun-09 Carolyn Bird AJS 1958-1961 Mail
Martyn Frazer 20-Aug-02 AJS 1951-1954 Mail
Martyn Frazer 11-Nov-09 1951-1954 Mail
Martyn Frazer 14-Jun-15 1951-1954 Mail
Georgina (Gina) Fry 11-Jan-10 Gina Fry 1955-1957 Mail
David Fullard 23-Jun-02 1960-1963 Mail
David Fullard 17-Jul-05 1959-1962 Mail
Jonathon Fulthorpe 16-May-01 1958-1961 Mail
Chris George 15-Aug-06 1959-1960 Mail
Barbara  Gerrard 24-Jan-05 Barbara Lake Changi 1959-1960 Mail
Jacqueline Gibson 15-Nov-01 Jacqueline Brench St Johns 1962-1964 Mail
Anne Gilchrist 24-May-01 1959-1961 Mail
Paul Gillett 2-Apr-02 1956-1958 Mail
Ian Glen 25-Feb-02 St Johns 1958-1968 Mail
Sheila Glen 11-Nov-03 Sheila Hobbs St Johns 1958-1968 Mail
Derek Godden 19-Jan-02 Kinloss 1961-1963 Mail
Robert Goodman 18-Feb-03 Kinloss 1963-1965 Mail
Michael Goodwin 12-Apr-12 St Johns 1962-1968 Mail
Gail Gormley 14-Feb-12 Gail Kennedy 1972-1974 Mail
Barbara Goulborn 6-Sep-05 St Johns 1964-1966 Mail
Rosalind (Roz) Gray 31-Dec-11 Rosalind (Roz) Hurst 1961-1964 Mail
Michael Green 30-Sep-02 1957-1959 Mail
Mick Green 21-Nov-03 Mike Green 1958-1961 Mail
Roger  Green 24-May-04 1960-1963 Mail
Michael Green 18-Dec-09 1958-1961 Mail
Mick Green 31-May-14 1958-1961 Mail
Tony Grigsby 11-Sep-11 1963 Mail
Milan Gurung 22-Jan-01 1963 Mail
Maitalal Gurung 2-Aug-01 Bourne 1961-1964 Mail
Milanchandra Gurung 25-Mar-02 1962-1964 Mail
Ram Gurung 17-Jul-02 Kinloss 1957-1963 Mail
Pamela Dorne Haddow 9-Feb-15 Pamela Dorne Cross 1961-1963 Mail
Nigel Haffner 7-Feb-08 1961-1963 Mail
Sheila Haley 20-Dec-09 1960-1963 Mail
Bruce Haley 20-Dec-09 1960-1963 Mail
Carol Hall 12-Feb-03 Carol O'Farrell Kinloss 1960-1963 Mail
Raymond Hall 19-Jan-14 Kinloss 1960-1963 Mail
Valerie Ham 27-Jul-07 Valerie Craig St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Ian Handley 04-Apr-11 St Johns 1961-1966 Mail
Jennifer Handley 19-Jun-11 St Johns 1961-1965 Mail
Kenneth Hanks 21-Oct-02 1961-1963 Mail
Susan Hardie 13-Dec-02 Susan Annear Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Ian Hardie 20-Jan-10 1955-1957 Mail
Pam Harding 17-Mar-11 Pam Walls 1964-1966 Mail
Charles Hardisty 22-Nov-01 1961-1962 Mail
John Hardy 22-Aug-06 1955-1956 Mail
David Haris 15-Jun-05 1958 Mail
Maureen Harradine 18-Feb-02 Maureen Borneman 1961-1964 Mail
Michael Harris 22-Feb-06 Pasir Panjang 1955-1956 Mail
Michael Harris  22-Feb-06 Pasir Panjang 1955-1956 Mail
Philip Harrison 16-Jun-02 1961-1964 Mail
Tay Harrison 17-Sep-13 Tay Harrison Hahn 1957-1959 Mail
Christine Harrod 22-Nov-02 Christine Martin St Johns 1963-1965 Mail
Felicity Harvey 4-Dec-02 Felicity Reynolds St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
April Harvey 28-Sep-03 April Heywood St Johns 1961-1962 Mail
Apri Harvey 7-Jan-10 April Heywood 1960-1962 Mail
Yvonne Hatton 19-Sep-03 Yvonne Longyear 1964 Mail
Dinah Healey 18-Oct-02 Dinah Tracey 1958-1961 Mail
Bernard Healey 4-Nov-02 1951-1958 Mail
Michael Hennessy 11-Aug-09 AJS 1962 Mail
Gordon Heyes 19-Jan-02 1956-1959 Mail
Gordon (Gabby) Heyes 17-May-02 1958-1959 Mail
David Hibberd 4-Mar-05 AJS 1960-1962 Mail
Chris Hill 22-Nov-01 St Johns 1962-1968 Mail
Ann Hinton 19-Jan-12 Ann Killick 1958-1961 Mail
Anna Hiskey 18-Jan-09 Anna Linford 1957-1960 Mail
Judith Hodson 28-Feb-12 Judie Pettitt Kinloss 1958-1960 Mail
Carol Hollidge 2-Jul-01 Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Jennifer Hollingworth 26-Sep-07 Jennifer Young 1956-1958 Mail
John Home 30-Apr-12 Kinloss 1961-1963 Mail
Anne Hood 1-May-03 Anne Bonner Kinloss 1963-1966 Mail
Eileen Houston 27-Feb-14 Eileen Peart 1955 Mail
Mike Hughes 4-Jun-01 1962-1964 Mail
Meg Hughes 27-Sep-07 Meg Edgar St Johns 1962-1964 Mail
Edward (Ted) Hughes 25-Dec-10 1958-1960 Mail
Garry Hunter 31-Mar-02 1957-1960 Mail
Caroline Hurrell 23-Jan-01 Caroline Walker 1964-1967 Mail
Gail Hurren 27-Jun-11 Gail Warren 1958-1960 Mail
Cedric Illidge 18-Mar-10 Pasir Panjang 1956-1961 Mail
Mary Ings 19-Jun-07 Mary Baker 1960-1961 Mail
Glynn Ireland 17-Dec-01 1961-1963 Mail
Dorothy  Irvine 24-Dec-08 1954-1956 Mail
Paul Isaacson 26-Jul-01 1959-1963 Mail
Michael Jackson 21-Feb-03 1958-1961 Mail
Chris Jacob 24-Jan-01 Kinloss 1958-1960 Mail
Chris Jacob 18-Jul-09 Kinloss 1958-1960 Mail
Roger  James 1-Nov-01 1960-1964 Mail
Mike Jefferson 12-Jun-12 1956-1958 Mail
Anita Jeffrey 13-Aug-11 Anita Tullberg 1960-1961 Mail
Marilyn Jenner 15-Nov-01 Marilyn Shanley 1962-1965 Mail
Billy Johnston 6-Nov-12 St Johns 1963-1964 Mail
Alan Joyce 6-Jul-04 1962-1964 Mail
Susan  Kay Letford 19-Sep-12 Susan Hawken 1955-1958 Mail
Susan Kellett 3-Jul-01 Susan Hodson 1952-1955 Mail
Linda Kelloway 25-Jan-01 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Brian Kelly 11-Mar-02 1959-1960 Mail
Gerry Kelly 11-Mar-02 Gerry Coates 1959-1962 Mail
Violet Kenneth 8-Nov-09 Violet Badham 1961 Mail
Lynette Kermond 27-Apr-08 Lynette Bailey St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Jeanette Penelope Kinder 9-Dec-03 Jeanette Penelope Ashley 1962-1964 Mail
Chris Knight 6-Jun-12 AJS 1958-1961 Mail
Gillian Knowles 16-Jan-11 Gillian Royal 1966-1969 Mail
Shyam Kumar Thakuri 1-Dec-06 St Johns 1964-1967 Mail
Brenda Laidler 24-Jan-13 Brenda Hutton 1956-1959 Mail
Nima Wangdi Lama 15-Dec-02 1957-1962 Mail
Adrian Lamb 30-May-07 1957-1959 Mail
Joan  Lamming 26-Jan-01 Stephanie Keenan St Johns 1963-1965 Mail
Suzanne Langrick 27-Jan-01 Suzanne Fraser 1960-1962 Mail
Brian Le Marquer 15-Dec-11 1956-1957 Mail
Sue Le Maux 28-Jan-01 1963-1966 Mail
Alex  Leaver 29-Jan-01 St Johns 1961-1965 Mail
Ian Lee  27-Jun-03 1958-1959 Mail
Andrew Lees 13-Feb-02 St Johns 1969-1971 Mail
Andrew Lees 17-Jan-12 St Johns 1970-1973 Mail
Fred Leeson 11-Aug-04 Changi 1961 Mail
Brian  Lewis 24-Oct-09 1960 Mail
Jean Lewis 24-Apr-11 Jean Crane 1959-1961 Mail
Irene Ling 30-Jan-01 Irene Hinton 1960 Mail
Carole Lower 23-Feb-06 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Carole Lower 23-Feb-06 Carole Cooper St Johns 1963 Mail
William MacKinnon 19-May-02 St Johns 1966-1970 Mail
Bruce F. Mair 10-Dec-04 Others 1964-1965 Mail
Shane Malone 22-Apr-13 Kinloss 1963-1965 Mail
Kevin Manley 28-Oct-01 Kinloss 1958-1961 Mail
Alex Manning 14-Mar-11 Naval School 1957-1964 Mail
Stuart Marshall 24-Jul-12 1960 Mail
Jenny Martin 9-Apr-08 Jenny Hawthorne 1959-1961 Mail
Annie Massey 16-Mar-02 St Johns 1961-1962 Mail
Bonny (Liz) Masson 12-Jul-10 St Johns 1960-1967 Mail
Brian May 11-May-02 St Johns 1964-1966 Mail
Peter Maynard 16-Nov-09 1955-1958 Mail
Carole McAllister 13-Sep-02 Carole Headley 1953-1956 Mail
Gerry McAuley 31-Jan-01 1961-1963 Mail
Terry McCoy 17-May-12 1956-1960 Mail
Hilda McCubbin 15-Jan-05 Hilda Klap 1960-1962 Mail
Eleanor McFarlane 5-Jul-12 1958-1963 Mail
John McGarry 15-Aug-01 1959-1963 Mail
Denise McGarry 11-Jul-10 Denise Christie 1959-1962 Mail
William McIntosh 27-Oct-13 1954-1956 Mail
Derek McKenzie 30-Jul-12 AJS 1948-1950 Mail
Billy McLean 25-Jul-10 Bill McLean 1958-1960 Mail
Elaine McLevie 30-Jul-01 Kinloss 1959-1963 Mail
John McLevie 30-Jul-01 Kinloss Housemaster Kinloss 1959-1963 Mail
Mike McLoughlin 25-Mar-08 1962-1963 Mail
Ian McNeill 2-Jul-01 "Ginge" St Johns 1961-1965 Mail
Barbara Mcvey 21-Aug-08 Barbara Tilbury 1964-1968 Mail
Robin Mepham 5-Mar-12 Teacher 1956-1958 Mail
Peter Mercer 22-Jul-10 1954-1955 Mail
Peter Mercer 13-Apr-12 1955-1956 Mail
Brian Meredith 27-Apr-11 1959-1961 Mail
Christine Miller 28-Mar-02 Christine Stewart Kinloss 1964-1966 Mail
Jeffrey Miller 28-Nov-02 Kinloss 1962-1965 Mail
Christine Miller 13-Jan-04 Christine Redpath Kinloss 1963-1966 Mail
Charles Milne 17-Dec-02 1960-1963 Mail
Christine (Cookie) Molendo 18-Sep-02 Christine de Cordova Kinloss 1962-1965 Mail
Russ Morison 30-Apr-03 Alex Jnr 1959-1961 Mail
Russ Morison 17-Sep-06 AJS 1959-1961 Mail
Richard Morley 1-Feb-01 1960-1962 Mail
Chris Morrison 24-Aug-05 Kinloss 1957-1959 Mail
Lyndsay Morrison 20-Sep-10 1962-1965 Mail
Deanna Morton 5-Jun-02 Deanna Hinton St Johns 1962-1966 Mail
Ron Moss 2-Feb-01 St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Pat Mowatt 2-Apr-06 Pat Pridham St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Jan Muston 2-Sep-08 Jan Hutchings 1960-1963 Mail
John Nash 5-Dec-03 1960-1963 Mail
Shirley Neaverson 16-Jul-11 Shirley Marrison St Johns 1960-1962 Mail
Lindy Newman 3-Feb-01 1961-1963 Mail
Maureen Newman 14-Nov-01 Maureen Cook Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Tina (Claudia) Newman 6-Mar-02 Tina Otto St Johns 1964-1967 Mail
J.R. Newman 15-Jan-04 Teacher 1955-1956 Mail
Rodney Newman 20-Jun-07 1954-1957 Mail
Anne Newman 6-Dec-07 Anne Greatwood 1957-1959 Mail
John Newman 17-Mar-11 1960 Mail
Moira Newton 17-Dec-01 Moira Wood St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Wendy Niblett 4-Feb-01 Wendy Broadbent St Johns 1962-1964 Mail
Janet Norbury 12-Nov-01 Janet Jennings 1957-1959 Mail
Pauline North 24-Dec-03 Pauline Russell (Teacher) 1962-1964 Mail
Patricia Norton 5-Feb-01 Patricia Howells Kinloss 1958-1960 Mail
Jean Oakley 6-Feb-01 Jean Laughton 1960-1962 Mail
Robert O'Brien 7-Jun-12 1961-1962 Mail
Nevin Ogden 5-Mar-04 St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Emma O'Neil 22-Nov-01 Emma Hofford 1962-1964 Mail
Philip Orton 14-Apr-13 1961-1963 Mail
Lynn  Osbourne 23-Jan-03 Lynn Blinman 1968-1970 Mail
Jenny Owen 18-May-01 St Johns 1957-1967 Mail
Marek Palka 3-Oct-04 1960-1962 Mail
Mike Parker 1-Aug-08 1959-1962 Mail
Mike Parnell 29-Oct-06 1966-1968 Mail
Stephen Parris 2-Apr-10 1956-1958 Mail
John Parrott 23-May-12 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Helen Parsons 12-Nov-01 Helen Beattie Kinloss 1963-1964 Mail
Reg Paternoster 7-Feb-01  Arthur Paternoster 1959-1960 Mail
Eric Patterson 7-May-03 St Johns 1961-1962 Mail
Eric Patterson 10-Jul-07 Kinloss 1960-1962 Mail
Shona Pearce 6-Apr-05 Shona Fullerton St Johns 1965-1974 Mail
Peter Pearce 22-Dec-13 1957-1960 Mail
Stephen Penfold 19-Jan-02 St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Stephen Penfold 11-Aug-04 1962-1965 Mail
Geoff Penn  14-Nov-02 1958-1960 Mail
Marlene(Mandy) Penny 11-Feb-02 Marlene Hucker Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Bobbie Perry 16-Jun-06 Bobbie Kollin Kinloss 1961-1962 Mail
Jenny Peyton 5-Aug-02 Jenny Port 1960-1991 Mail
Lois Peyton 13-Aug-02 1960-1962 Mail
Stephanie Philbrick 8-Feb-01 Stephanie Waters 1960-1963 Mail
Susan Phillips 19-May-13 Susan Kerr AJS 1960-1963 Mail
Louise Piper 18-Mar-08 Louise Hamilton AJS 1959-1962 Mail
Bernard Plaister 20-Aug-02 1959-1960 Mail
Christine Poirrier 13-Feb-02 Christine Aitchison Kinloss 1962 Mail
Angela Postles 4-May-03 Angela Plumb Alex Jnr 1956-1967 Mail
Melvyn Powell 8-Mar-15 Kinloss 1958-1961 Mail
Ratnaman Pradhan 19-Jan-02 1960-1965 Mail
Ratnaman (Ratty) Pradhan 17-Feb-13 St Johns 1960-1965 Mail
Ken Pudney 1-Nov-07 1956-1959 Mail
Bill Pugsley 28-Oct-01 Kinloss 1962-1964 Mail
Richard Purdon 21-Apr-11 AJS 1959 Mail
David Alan Rawkins 8-Mar-10 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Mike Rendle 6-Jul-13 1963-1964 Mail
Charles Richards 16-Dec-08 1967-1969 Mail
John Richardson 28-Aug-01 St Johns 1963-1965 Mail
Clive Richardson 29-Sep-05 Smiley Richardson 1961-1962 Mail
Carol Richardson 23-Mar-15 Carol Davies-Webb 1963-1956 Mail
Denise Ricks 17-Dec-01 Denise Woodthorpe St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Mike Ridley 14-Nov-06 St Johns 1964 Mail
Barbara  Riley 26-Feb-05 Barbara Martel 1951-1952 Mail
Barbara Riley 12-Nov-09 Barbara Martel 1951-1953 Mail
Patricia Rimer 28-Jun-01 Tricia Carter 1954-1961 Mail
Ted Ring 16-Aug-09 Teacher 1959-1960 Mail
Vanessa Rising 4-Jul-08 1957-1959 Mail
David Rogers 10-Jul-02 1962-1965 Mail
Gail Rogerson 25-Mar-09 Gail Inglis 1961-1963 Mail
Gail Rogerson 8-Jun-10 Gail Inglis 1961-1963 Mail
Basnett Ron 6-Sep-01 1958-1960 Mail
Caroline Rossiter 4-Jan-09 Caroline Daugulis 1961-1963 Mail
Greg Russell 9-Feb-06 Kinloss 1961-1963 Mail
David Scott 13-Apr-02 1956-1958 Mail
Martin Scott 14-Apr-02 1956-1958 Mail
Philip Sellars 16-Nov-03 1962-1964 Mail
Roy Serle 28-Aug-01 1956-1957 Mail
Dairne Shanahan 8-Dec-13 AJS 1955-1958 Mail
Dick Sharp 19-Jun-01 1960-1963 Mail
Francis Sharpley 9-Feb-01 1954-1956 Mail
June Shaw 10-Feb-01 June Dadswell 1959-1962 Mail
Stephen Shaw 28-Oct-01 Mail
Sue Shaw 10-Jan-08 Sue Hall 1961-1963 Mail
Lindy Siegert 12-Nov-01 St Johns 1963-1965 Mail
Alan Simpson 6-Apr-03 1968-1970 Mail
Jean Simpson 27-Feb-09 Jean Oakley 1960-1962 Mail
Rosemary Sinclair 11-Feb-01 Rosemary Phillips 1960 Mail
Alexandra Sleap 16-May-01 Alexandra Andrews 1959-1962 Mail
Evelyne Smale 10-Jun-03 Eve Storm-Petersen 1957-1959 Mail
Bob  Smith 24-Jun-02 1965 Mail
Freda Smith 22-Nov-08 Mail
Laura Somerville 31-Jan-15 Nee Soon 1961 Mail
Anthea Sothcott 19-Jan-02 Anthea Dore 1960-1962 Mail
Sylvia Southwort 25-Sep-08 Sylvia Mellor 1961-1963 Mail
Victoria (Vicki) Spencer 8-Jan-04 Victoria (Vicki) Armour 1957-1959 Mail
Patricia Spooner 12-Feb-01 1960 Mail
Wayne Steen 3-Sep-09 1962-1963 Mail
John Stephenson 28-Feb-02 1958-1959 Mail
Maurice Stevens 19-Jun-01 1961-1964 Mail
Patrick Stevenson 22-Apr-05 1958-1960 Mail
Charles Russell Stockdale 18-Feb-11 St Johns 1960&1967 Mail
Susan Stoner 5-Feb-15 Susan Rice St Johns 1961-1964 Mail
Virginia (Ginny) Stretton 18-Aug-05 Kinloss 1961-1963 Mail
Patrick Sullivan 8-Sep-12 1969-1970 Mail
Lee Summers 31-Dec-11 1969-1971 Mail
Peter Swain 19-Apr-01 Pasir Panjang 1957-1958 Mail
Margaret Taggart 4-Aug-08 1960 Mail
Steven  Tallis 13-Feb-01 1958-1962 Mail
Narendra Tamang 23-Jul-13 Narendra Pakhrin 1963-1967 Mail
Ann Tanner 14-Feb-01 Ann Duncan 1956-1959 Mail
Tony Taucher 1-Nov-02 1961-1963 Mail
Tony Taucher 3-Nov-02 Kinloss 1961-1963 Mail
Lawrie Taylor 14-Aug-01 Kinloss 1960-1961 Mail
Shyam Kumar Thakuri 1-Dec-06 1964-1967 Mail
Roger Thomson 1-May-14 1960-1963 Mail
Howard Tibbs 4-Mar-02 John Tibbs 1959-1961 Mail
Roger Tilbrook 15-Feb-07 Kinloss 1962-1963 Mail
Sue Titley 15-Feb-01 Sue Greenhalgh St Johns 1963-1969 Mail
Susanne Titley 9-May-12 Susanne Greenhalgh St Johns 1963-1968 Mail
John James Todd 21-Mar-02 1968-1970 Mail
John Todd 20-Jun-06 1968-1970 Mail
Jean Tonnison 15-Jul-02 Jean Jones 1962-1965 Mail
Valerie Torr 6-Sep-01 Valerie Pegg 1959-1961 Mail
Pamela Tressillian 11-Feb-02 Alex Jnr 1949-1959 Mail
Ann Trotman 27-May-02 Ann Adlam Mail
John Trott 31-Jan-06 1955-1957 Mail
Sandra Trundle 21-Jan-05 Sandra Laine ASM 1957-1960 Mail
Sanda Trundle 30-Jan-10 Sandra Laine 1957-1960 Mail
Dieter Tucker 3-May-09 1956-1959 Mail
David Turner 14-Feb-02 1959-1962 Mail
Tony Turner 18-Dec-10 1963-1965 Mail
Jane Vallance 7-Mar-09 Jane Young Bourne 1968-1970 Mail
Dave Ventress 19-Aug-03 Others 1960-1964 Mail
Dave Ventress 29-May-10 1963 Mail
Austin David Vickers 2-Jun-02 1955-1957 Mail
Mike Vine 27-Jan-09 1959-1963 Mail
Eddie Voke 24-Aug-09 Kinloss 1960-1962 Mail
Marilyn Waldron 18-Jan-05 St Johns 1964-1967 Mail
Susan (Sue) Warden 18-Nov-07 Susan Bartlett 1959-1960 Mail
Hilda (Margaret) Ware 16-Feb-01 Hilda Burt St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Elizabeth Warren 02-Apr-11 Elizabeth Lumsdon 1956-1957 Mail
Rosalind Warrington 12-Jul-06 Rosalind Rausi 1959-1961 Mail
Dennis Watson 28-Oct-01 Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
David Watson 30-Mar-11 1962-1964 Mail
Pat Wayment 3-Nov-03 Pat French 1961 Mail
Patricia Wayment 10-Oct-12 Patricia French 1960-1963 Mail
Ashley Weaver 10-Mar-05 ASM 1954-1955 Mail
Chris Webb 27-Jun-07 Kinloss 1960-1962 Mail
Jennifer West 17-Jan-05 Jennifer Morgan St Johns 1968-1970 Mail
Roger White 2-Jul-01 1959-1962 Mail
Denise White 28-May-02 1963 Mail
Ian Whittaker 4-Jul-02 1961-1964 Mail
Fin Whyte 8-Sep-10 1953-1956 Mail
Kawin Wilairat 17-Jan-03 1959-1963 Mail
Alan Wilkinson 13-Dec-04 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Clive Williams 17-Feb-01 Kinloss 1961-1963 Mail
Richard Williams 18-Feb-01 St Johns 1964-1969 Mail
Judy Williams 22-Aug-02 Judy Shirley 1959-1961 Mail
Jim Williams 1-Jul-04 Others 1957-1958 Mail
Jim Williams 22-Nov-10 Pasir Panjang 1958-1960 Mail
Lynne Wilson 19-Feb-01 Lynne Copping St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Stewart Wilson 20-Feb-01 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Monika Wilson 5-Jan-14 1961 Mail
Ann Witt 22-Feb-06 1967-1969 Mail
Tony Wong-Jensen 24-Aug-01 St Johns 1962-1968 Mail
Malcolm Wood 14-Nov-01 Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Jane  Wootton 10-Sep-03 Jane Tovey 1966-1971 Mail
Christopher Wornell 31-Jul-02 1958-1961 Mail
Diane Wray 21-Feb-01 1960 Mail
Iain  Wright 15-Aug-01 1959-1962 Mail