Alexandra Junior/Infant School
Additions and updates in RED Updated 23-Jul-2015
Name Surname Date Married Other Dates  
  Added Name Listing   EMAIL
Hazel Adams 12-Jul-07 Hazel Jones 1962-1964 Mail
Fiona Anderson 7-Dec-09 1976 Mail
John Armstrong 22-May-02 AGS 1958-1961 Mail
Christopher Ash 1-Mar-09 Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
John Austen 16-May-01 1950-1952 Mail
Rolf Bachelor 2-Oct-12 1959-1962 Mail
Dave  Baglee 11-Jan-04 Others 1963-1967 Mail
Robert Baillie 15-Oct-12 1955-1958 Mail
Andrew Balmford 27-Oct-02 1971 Mail
Claire Barry 7-Jan-03 Barrow 1963 Mail
Jean Bartaby 24-Nov-02 Rontree Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Michael  Beams 3-Oct-12 1950-1951 Mail
Derek Bell 27-Jun-01 1968-1970 Mail
Diane Patricia Bell 28-Oct-01 Jones 1957-1960 Mail
Paul Benson 20-Dec-12 1963-1967 Mail
Nick Berridge 3-Nov-02 AJS 1955-1958 Mail
Lynne Betteridge 8-Dec-09 Lynne Hague 1966-1969 Mail
Mary Bowes 30-Dec-09 Mary Coldenhoff 1966-1970 Mail
Stuart Brill 28-Nov-05 1965 Mail
Melissa Broch 11-Mar-09 Mail
Joanne Brook 9-Apr-15 1971-1973 Mail
David Brown 8-Dec-11 1969-1971 Mail
Nicholas Brown 23-Jan-14 Wessex 1965-1968 Mail
Brenda Brunt 16-May-14 Brenda Sheldon 1953 Mail
Geoff Butterworth 19-Jan-02 1951-1953 Mail
Alan Butterworth 8-Nov-03 1952-1953 Mail
James Cartwright 11-Oct-11 Nee Soon 1972 Mail
Chris  Channel 18-Feb-02 1951-1953 Mail
Martin Cleary 12-Jan-04 1970-1971 Mail
Nichael Codner 30-Nov-13 1956 Mail
Maggie Connolly 9-Jan-01 Carney Bourne 1956-1960 Mail
Olga Copson 3-Sep-03 Olga Gatanis 1961-1963 Mail
Michele Corris 9-Nov-05 Changi 1969-1972 Mail
Michael Ian Coyne 26-Aug-11 1950-1953 Mail
Harry Dadswell 7-Jan-01 1957-1961 Mail
Carolyn Dawson 20-Aug-02 Pitstra ASM 1959-1961 Mail
Clive Deakin 22-Jun-05 1969-1971 Mail
Michael Dean 27-Sep-02 1968-1970 Mail
Barry Deller 26-May-04 1961-1963 Mail
Nan Desmond 24-May-02 Daly 1953-1955 Mail
Nan Desmond 27-Jan-05 Nan Daly 1951-1953 Mail
Peter Dunlop 12-Feb-10 1954-1956 Mail
Frances Joan Durr 10-Feb-13 Changi 1962-1970 Mail
Chris Eaton 28-Jul-02 1968-1971 Mail
David Edwick 1-Jan-01 1963-1969 Mail
Paul Edwick 5-Sep-05 1963 Mail
Paul Edwick 04-May-09 Bourne 1963-1968 Mail
Anne Elliot 22-Oct-07 Anne Wright 1952-1955 Mail
Linda Feasby 2-Feb-11 Linda Brown 1963-1966 Mail
Lynne Fielding 20-Oct-06 Lynne Sargeant AGS 1954-1957 Mail
Christine Finister 11-Apr-02 Thornton 1966-1968 Mail
Gavin Floyd 4-Dec-04 Others 1963-1964 Mail
Andrew Forbes 3-Mar-04 1970-1972 Mail
Carolyn Fox 21-Jun-09 Carolyn Bird AGS 1958-1961 Mail
Martyn Frazer 20-Aug-02 AGS 1951-1954 Mail
Kay Freeman 23-Oct-02 Garton 1963-1966 Mail
Yvonne Galey 11-Jun-08 Yvonne Wilson 1966-1968 Mail
Teresa Gall 5-Mar-12 Teresa Miles 1973-1975 Mail
David Gardiner 19-Jun-01 1963-1967 Mail
Claire Garrat 12-Aug-10 Claire Kavanagh 1961-1964 Mail
Patrick Gedge 3-Dec-09 1973-1976 Mail
Christine Gillett 29-May-13 Christine Downes-Grainger 1956-1960 Mail
Ian Glen 25-Feb-02 AGS 1958-1968 Mail
Sheila Glen 11-Nov-03 Sheila Hobbs AGS 1958-1968 Mail
Ian Goulsbra 31-Jan-09 1963-1966 Mail
Richard Greenleaf 30-Sep-05 1955-1958 Mail
Terence Haines 6-Sep-12 ASM 1953-1954 Mail
Toni Hamilton 24-Oct-10 1970 Mail
Lois Hammond 19-Oct-03 1948-1950 Mail
Colin Harrison 22-Sep-06 1964-1965 Mail
Andrew Hastings 31-May-09 1968-1971 Mail
Rita Hayes 5-Apr-07 Rita Delaney 1957 Mail
Patricia Hayman 6-Mar-09 Patricia Rider 1965-1968 Mail
Patricia Hayman 6-Mar-09 Patricia Rider 1965-1968 Mail
Carol Haymes 9-Feb-11 Carol Teatherton 1962-1964 Mail
Christopher Hemstock 7-Jun-12 1968-1969 Mail
David Hibberd 4-Mar-05 AGS 1960 Mail
Andrea Highcazony 19-Jan-02 Bishop 1952 Mail
Susan Hodges 9-Aug-10 Susan Jennings 1962-1964 Mail
Bernard Horsfield 9-Sep-07 1970-1971 Mail
Pat House 8-Jun-02 Done 1951-1954 Mail
Pamela James 27-May-07 1964-1967 Mail
Yvette Jeffrey 17-Jan-08 1968-1970 Mail
Taryn Jennings 14-Apr-09 Taryn Ward 1967-1969 Mail
Julie Johns 22-Jul-05 Julie Kirby 1967 Mail
Jane Johnstone 29-Aug-01 Marjoram Changi 1957-1959 Mail
Richard Jones 10-Jan-01 1949-1951 Mail
Robert Jones 11-Jan-01 1949-1951 Mail
David Judge 28-Apr-12 1953-1956 Mail
Vincent Kevins 14-May-15 1966-1969 Mail
Chris Knight 6-Jun-12 AGS 1958-1961 Mail
Nicholas Langrick 12-Nov-01 1959-1963 Mail
Nicholas Langrick 24-Oct-09 1959-1963 Mail
David Leonard 2-Jan-01 1968-1969 Mail
Nigel Lewis 5-Mar-09 1956-1958 Mail
Nigel Lewis 10-Mar-09 1956-1958 Mail
Debbie Love 20-Aug-02 Chester 1967-1969 Mail
Susan Lucas 28-Oct-01 Barr Other 1964-1966 Mail
Denise MacDonnell 5-Jan-01 1963-1966 Mail
M MacKinnon 4-Jul-02 Dobbie Other 1967-1970 Mail
Susan Malkin 18-May-08 1968-1970 Mail
Helen McCaffery 29-Nov-08 Helen Southard Mail
Elizabeth McCormac 12-Sep-03 Liz Pickering Changi 1952-1954 Mail
Catherine  McCormick 24-Aug-10 Catherine Rehill 1967-1971 Mail
Michael McKenna 27-May-12 1966 Mail
Derek McKenzie 30-Jul-12 AGS 1948-1950 Mail
Margaret McKeown 24-May-04 Margaret Park 1968-1970 Mail
Derek McMillan 30-Aug-08 1968-1970 Mail
Gary Mills 17-Jan-09 1959-1960 Mail
Alison Moore 16-Sep-11 1967-1970 Mail
Michael Morgan 29-Apr-02 1966-1968 Mail
Russ Morison 30-Apr-03 AGS 1959-1961 Mail
Colin Murphy 15-Aug-11 1967-1969 Mail
Peter Mylett 2-Oct-09 1962-1964 Mail
Wendy Naseby 30-Mar-09 Wendy Reynolds 1965 Mail
Jane Neely 21-Mar-10 Jane Scullion 1953-1958 Mail
Chris Newcombe 6-Jan-15 Selerang 1960-1964 Mail
Corin O'Brien 10-Jan-03 ASM 1958-1960 Mail
Fiona O'Niell 19-Apr-07 Fiona Wilkinson Bourne 1963-1969 Mail
Jenny Owen 18-May-01 Mail
Christopher Payne 16-May-02 1961-1962 Mail
Alistair Peacock 25-Sep-02 1967-1968 Mail
Susan Perry 13-Mar-12 Sue Swallow 1958-1961 Mail
Elizabeth Phillips 28-Oct-11 Elizabeth Legge 1969-1971 Mail
Susan Phillips 19-May-13 Susan Kerr AGS 1960-1963 Mail
Louise Piper 18-Mar-08 Louise Hamilton AGS 1959-1962 Mail
Richard Preston 11-Dec-08 1967-1969 Mail
Melindah Priestley 8-Jul-11 Melinda Hitchcock 1969-1971 Mail
Jane Purcell 21-Jan-03 Longshaw Other 1959-1962 Mail
Richard Purdon 21-Apr-11 AGS 1957-1958 Mail
Jonathan Ransley 11-Feb-02 1965-1967 Mail
Stephen Reed 22-Jun-12 1959-1962 Mail
David Reid 23-Feb-09 David Reid Williamson 1964-1967 Mail
Mark Rowland 20-Feb-02 Bourne 1967 Mail
John Searle 11-Jun-02 ASM 1960-1963 Mail
Jean Semple 9-Jan-10 Jean McCaffrey 1965 Mail
Dairne Shanahan 8-Dec-13 AGS 1955-1958 Mail
Catherine Shaw 21-Apr-02 Wessex 1968-1975 Mail
Graham Sheriff 11-Nov-02 Other 1955-1959 Mail
Jamie Simmons 9-Dec-06 Bourne 1963-1966 Mail
David Anthony Simpson 4-Mar-02 1963-1966 Mail
Judy Simpson 9-Sep-09 Judy Smither 1955-1958 Mail
Dave Simpson 9-Mar-10 1963-1967 Mail
Steven Sloan 22-Jul-10 1974-1976 Mail
Ann Smails 18-Jan-06 Ann Kavanagh Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Alan  Smith 9-Sep-03 1961-1963 Mail
Sallyann Smith 11-Sep-05 1957-1960 Mail
Jacqueline Stanworth 10-Nov-10 Jaqueline Perkins 1960 Mail
Stephen Stapleton 9-Feb-10 1967 Mail
John Stephenson 11-Feb-02 1957-1958 Mail
Susan Stitson 7-Jul-10 Susan Chafe 1961-1964 Mail
Michelle Joanne Strang 16-May-11 Michelle Joanne Howden 1972-1975 Mail
Jane Symons 11-Feb-07 Jane Triantafillou 1954-1955 Mail
Marcus Taylor 17-Oct-11 Tanglin 1967-1971 Mail
Jeanette Taylor 27-Aug-12 Jeanette Adams Tanglin 1967-1971 Mail
Jeanette Taylor 19-Dec-12 Tanglin 1967-1971 Mail
Chris  Thompson 28-Jan-01 1966-1967 Mail
Pamela Tressillian 11-Feb-02 Seletar 1949-1959 Mail
Gill Troop 19-Jan-02 1967-1971 Mail
Jeff Twiselton 8-Jan-01 1963-1966 Mail
David Vickers 3-May-02 1963-1964 Mail
Robert Wade 12-Jan-01 1961-1962 Mail
Catherine Walker 06-Jan-11 1962-1966 Mail
Jonathan Richard Warner 6-Sep-04 ASM 1958 Mail
Steve Warnock 1-Oct-02 ASM 1969-1971 Mail
Elizabeth Webster 15-May-13 Elizabeth McDonald 1964-1965 Mail
Rod White 4-Feb-04 1954-1958 Mail
Sally Anne Whitehead 3-Nov-02 Gale Changi 1962 Mail
Debbie Wiles 4-Jan-01 1964-1966 Mail
Ian Wilkinson 16-Aug-05 Bourne 1964-1965 Mail
David Willingham 10-Sep-12 1955-1957 Mail
Joseph Wilson 2-Dec-04 Bourne 1969-1970 Mail
David Winning 3-Jan-01 1967-1969 Mail
Garry Winning 6-Jan-01 1967-1969 Mail
Peter Woolford 23-Nov-02 1963-1964 Mail
Keith Woolnough 27-Sep-11 1955-1958 Mail
Carol  Wright 7-Mar-03 1965-1968 Mail
Carol Wright 16-Apr-15 1965-1968 Mail
Dorothy Audrey Yates 12-Feb-11 Bourne 1962-1964 Mail