Bourne School
Additions and updates in RED Updated 23-Jul-2015
Name Surname Date  Married  Other  Dates  
  Added Name Listings   EMAIL
Phiip Mark Abell 23-Sep-09 1967-1971 Mail
Robert George Adams 26-Feb-04 1967-1969 Mail
Penny Adwick 6-Feb-08 Penny Buckley St Johns 1964-1967 Mail
Paul Aiston 31-Mar-13 1967-1970 Mail
Matthew Alexander 26-Oct-04 Seletar 1963-1964 Mail
Robert Algar 9-Feb-06 1964-1966 Mail
Scott Andrew 1-Jul-02 Kinloss 1966-1967 Mail
Jacqueline Andrews 26-Oct-04 Jacqueline McLay 1964 Mail
Susan Annear 20-Sep-11 Susan Hardie 1967-1969 Mail
Patricia Armstrong 9-Feb-13 Patricia Burnell-Jones Seletar 1966-1968 Mail
Christopher Ash 1-Mar-09 AJS 1970-1971 Mail
Terry  Ash 1-Jan-01 St Johns Mail
Linda Attridge 2-May-12 Linda Barr 1967-1969 Mail
Chris  Ayliffe 14-Aug-01 Seletar 1964-1966 Mail
Paul Bacon 18-Mar-10 Kinloss 1963-1968 Mail
Jane Bailey 2-Apr-07 Jane Bettis St Johns 1967-1969 Mail
Linda Baird 22-Jan-05 Linda Everett St Johns 1965-1966 Mail
Glynis Ball 23-Feb-11 Glynis Davies St Johns 1967 Mail
Rodney Bane 21-Apr-05 1965-1968 Mail
Peter Barber 25-Nov-02 1965-1969 Mail
David Barlow 15-Sep-02 St Johns 1967-1969 Mail
Grant Barrie 2-Jan-01 Kinloss Mail
Bill Barrie 3-Jan-01 1966-1967 Mail
Wendy Barrie 4-Jan-01 Mail
Jacky Bearcroft 28-Oct-01 Jacky Irving St Johns 1968-1971 Mail
Bob Beattie 19-May-02 1968-1971 Mail
Alan Beattie 26-Oct-02 St Johns 1967-1971 Mail
Richard Beazley 18-Sep-03 1965 Mail
Ann Beckett 1-May-02 Ann Vardy 1970 Mail
Michael Beer 26-Apr-13 1966-1969 Mail
Derek Bell 27-Jun-01 1968-1970 Mail
Mark Bennett 17-Dec-01 1967-1970 Mail
Peter Bently 21-May-11 1970-1971 Mail
Vanessa Bird 13-Feb-02 Vanessa Winterburn Kinloss 1966-1969 Mail
Catherine Blease 12-Oct-04 Catherine Leaney 1969-1970 Mail
Russell Bloom 30-Jul-04 Tengah 1963-1966 Mail
Colin Bond 16-May-01 1969-1971 Mail
Jennifer Boyde 22-Jan-08 Jennifer Jarvis 1967-1969 Mail
Mervyn Bradfirled 22-Jan-09 1969-1971 Mail
Anne Brady 16-Mar-09 Anne McLean 1966 Mail
Colin Breckenridge 7-May-02 St Johns 1965-1967 Mail
Angela Brodie 27-Jun-11 Angela McTeague St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Karen  Brooks 19-Jan-05 Naval School 1967 Mail
Avril Brown 12-Nov-01 Avril Macintosh Kinloss 1964-1966 Mail
Patrick Brown 19-Jan-02 1965 Mail
Peter Brown 28-Nov-02 St Johns 1966-1970 Mail
Martyn Brown 10-May-11 Naval School 1964-1967 Mail
Trevor Brown 5-Jan-01 1966-1968 Mail
John Buckland 1-May-03 Pasir Panjang 1965-1967 Mail
Steve  Buckley 6-Dec-10 1966-1967 Mail
Karola Bumphrey 12-Sep-01 Karola McCormack Kinloss 1967-1968 Mail
Ian Bungard 3-Oct-03 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Peter Burley 28-Oct-01 1967-1969 Mail
Raymond Butchart 24-May-01 St Johns 1966 Mail
Mike Butler 20-Feb-02 St Johns 1966-1967 Mail
Peter Butterworth 29-Jan-02 St Johns 1962-1968 Mail
David Byers 3-May-02 Kinloss 1966-1968 Mail
Marie Byrne 7-Jul-09 Kinloss 1969-1971 Mail
Maurice Campbell 4-Jul-07 1969-1970 Mail
Kathleen (kay) Carl 24-Mar-04 Kay Ellwood 1965-1967 Mail
Mary Elaine Carpenter 9-Mar-08 Mary Elaine Marshall St Johns 1964-1966 Mail
Lynda Carter 7-Jul-12 Lyn Weaver 1965-1967 Mail
Jacqueline Chandler 25-Jul-01 Jacqueline Barr Kinloss 1965-1968 Mail
Anne Chappell 31-Mar-13 Anne Oddie 1967-1970 Mail
Carol Chappell 7-Apr-13 Carol Cowell 1967-1970 Mail
Marilyn Clark 4-Mar-02 Marilyn Roberts ASM 1965-1966 Mail
Brian Clark 12-Mar-06 Wessex 1962-1970 Mail
Brian Clark 12-Mar-06 1962-1970 Mail
Janice Clarke 16-Mar-03 Janice Goddard 1966-1968 Mail
Andrew Clarke 29-Nov-07 Wessex 1969-1971 Mail
Jane Cleary 28-Oct-01 Jane Howorth 1967-1969 Mail
Ronnie Clews 9-Feb-04 1968-1969 Mail
Alan Cocker 4-Mar-02 Kinloss 1968-1970 Mail
Alan Cocker 12-Nov-09 1968-197 Mail
Lynda Cocking 16-Jul-15 Lynda Mitchell 1966 Mail
Paul Coker 22-Nov-02 1969-1970 Mail
Paul Coker 21-Nov-05 1969-1970 Mail
Rosalind Coleman 5-Jul-11 Rosalind Wield 1965-1966 Mail
Maggie Connolly 6-Jan-01 Maggie Carney St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Jerry Conway 12-Nov-01 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Paul  Cooke 28-Oct-01 1966-1967 Mail
Richard Cooper 26-Oct-11 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Allan Cotterill 27-May-02 St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Heather Cox 7-Jan-01 St Johns 1966-1971 Mail
Carol Cox 8-Jan-01 1966-1971 Mail
Jennifer Craig 27-Jan-04 Jennifer Mitchell Tengah 1963-1965 Mail
Chris Crook 12-Aug-07 1968-1970 Mail
Mick Crossey 21-Mar-04 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Michael Crossey 9-Jan-01 St Johns 1968-1971 Mail
Hamish Cumming 17-Oct-05 1966-1967 Mail
Colin Cundy 6-Jul-01 Kinloss 1966-1968 Mail
Pat Curran 14-Jan-04 Tengah 1967-1970 Mail
Chris  Curtis 11-Feb-02 Chris Denovellis 1967-1968 Mail
Eric Curwen 17-Dec-01 1964-1970 Mail
Nigel Dabin 24-May-01 Kinloss 1969-1970 Mail
Raymond Daley 13-Feb-02 1966-1969 Mail
Kevin Daley 5-Jan-06 1966-1969 Mail
Richard Daniel 3-Aug-11 1967-1969 Mail
Mandy Davis 20-Feb-02 Mandy Edwards St Johns 1964-1967 Mail
Keith Davis 11-Aug-03 1965-1968 Mail
Pat  Dawson 7-Jun-09 Pat Milburn 1966-1969 Mail
Pat Dawson 11-Jul-13 Pat Milburn 1966-1969 Mail
Carol Dean 5-Mar-14 Carol Martin 1967-1968 Mail
Rohit Kumar Dewan 28-Apr-08 St Johns 1967-1971 Mail
Lalit Dewan 14-Nov-08 1967-1969 Mail
Rohit Kumar Dewan 23-Dec-10 St Johns 1967-1969 Mail
Mark Dexter 12-Nov-01 1969-1970 Mail
Alan Dowdell 17-Dec-04 1965 Mail
Peter Downes 21-Mar-06 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Peter Downws 21-Mar-06 1965-1968 Mail
Paul Dowsey 29-Nov-12 Kinloss 1961-1962 Mail
Sonia Drake 3-May-02 Sonia Presley St Johns 1969-1972 Mail
Geoff Eden 27-Nov-03 1967-1970 Mail
Steve Edgecombe 20-Apr-02 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Paul Edwick 04-May-09 AJS 1963-1968 Mail
Andrew Ellinopoullos 2-Sep-02 Andrew Ellis St Johns 1965-1967 Mail
Karen Elliot 5-May-02 Karen Grieve St Johns 1967-1969 Mail
Nina English 9-Apr-07 Nina Riggs 1968-1969 Mail
Paul Evans 14-Nov-05 Naval School 1965-1967 Mail
Tania Fairnington 27-May-02 Tania Gotzes Kinloss 1966-1967 Mail
Lynn Fallon 19-Jan-02 Lynn McWilliam 1964-1967 Mail
Susan Fewing 5-Jan-13 Susan Bentley St Johns 1967-1969 Mail
Gail Fisher 2-Dec-05 Gail Karmach St Johns 1970-1971 Mail
Sandy Flood 27-Feb-09 Sandy Hughes St Johns 1969-1971 Mail
Joyce Forfar 26-Jun-01 St Johns 1967-1971 Mail
Jane Forfar 27-Jun-01 St Johns 1965-1971 Mail
Ian Foster 15-Feb-13 1968 Mail
Ray  Fowler 27-Oct-04 1969-1970 Mail
Anne Fowler 5-Aug-10 Anne Bennett St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Ray Fowler 9-Jul-15 1968-1969 Mail
Greg Fox 19-Jan-02 Kinloss 1967-1970 Mail
Greg Fox 5-Jul-04 1968-1970 Mail
Susan Fraser 17-May-02 Susan Eades 1966-1967 Mail
Peter Garvey 19-Jun-01 1967-1969 Mail
Janet Gaskell 10-Jan-01 Janet Mason 1969-1971 Mail
Cindy Gerrard 28-Jul-03 Cindy O'Brien 1970-1971 Mail
Brian Gibbs 9-Jul-05 St Johns 1965-1967 Mail
Michael Gibson 5-Dec-10 1969 Mail
Phil Gill  13-Oct-04 St Johns 1969-1971 Mail
Carol Gilyeat 12-Nov-03 Caroline Gilyeat St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
John Goacher 20-Feb-02 1966-1968 Mail
John Goacher 23-Jun-02 Kinloss 1966-1968 Mail
Robert Goodman 18-Feb-03 Kinloss/AGS 1963-1965 Mail
Michael Goodwin 7-Jul-02 1960-1962 Mail
Jacqueline Goulborn 23-Mar-13 Jacqueline Robson Kinloss 1963-1966 Mail
Paul Gray 29-Jan-02 Tengah 1963-1966 Mail
Roger Green 11-Jun-02 Tengah 1965-1968 Mail
Robert Gribbin 13-Aug-12 1962-1965 Mail
David Griffin 12-Jan-06 Kinloss 1967-1969 Mail
Veronica Griffin 10-Feb-15 Veronica Trueman 1969-1971 Mail
Jan Groenhaug 4-May-02 1970-1971 Mail
Ole Morten Groenhaug 25-May-02 1970-0971 Mail
Pete Gross 24-May-07 Kinloss 1968-1969 Mail
Mahendra Gurung 12-Jul-01 Kinloss 1966-1971 Mail
Chris Hadden 27-May-12 Kinloss 1967-1968 Mail
Elaine Hall 19-Jun-08 1966-1969 Mail
Gary Hammond 28-Aug-01 1968-1971 Mail
Clive Hammond 11-Apr-02 1962-1965 Mail
Paul Hammond 27-Aug-02 1969-1971 Mail
Paul Hammond 19-Apr-05 1969-1971 Mail
Gary Hammond 16-Nov-12 1968-1971 Mail
Susan Hardie 13-Dec-02 Susan Annear AGS 1967-1969 Mail
Susan Hardie 3-Dec-10 Susan Annear 1960 Mail
Aileen Harley 24-Jan-04 1968-1972 Mail
Olwen Harris 28-Oct-01 Olwen Howard St Johns 1964-1968 Mail
Sue Harris 12-Nov-01 Sue Mlynek Kinloss 1966-1968 Mail
Norman Hart 6-Mar-07 1964-1966 Mail
Tim Harwood 4-Mar-02 Kinloss 1968-1971 Mail
John Hawkridge 28-Oct-01 St Johns 1964-1967 Mail
John Hawkridge 21-Nov-02 St Johns 1964-1967 Mail
Michael Hayes 21-Jan-06 1969-1970 Mail
Chris  Healy 24-Apr-12 1966-1968 Mail
Graham Heaps 21-Sep-09 1968 Mail
Andrew Hennell 25-Mar-06 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Andrew Hennell 25-Mar-06 1967-1970 Mail
Carol Hersant 12-Jul-15 1966 Mail
Trevor Hillier 4-Mar-02 1970-1971 Mail
Trevor Hillier 5-Feb-03 Changi 1969-1972 Mail
D  Hillier 15-May-05 1968-1969 Mail
Paul Hilliker 5-Jun-01 1967-1969 Mail
Paul Hinton 27-Apr-08 1966-1969 Mail
Paul Hockey 19-Jan-02 St Johns 1964-1971 Mail
Peter Holbrook 24-Feb-04 1967 Mail
Cliff Holden 3-Jan-04 Kinloss 1969-1971 Mail
Gary Holroyd 18-Dec-06 1962-1964 Mail
Robert Holyroyd 19-Mar-04 Bobby Allan 1963-1965 Mail
Ann Marie Honeybun 27-Oct-10 Ann Marie McCarthy 1967-1969 Mail
Jenny Horrell 19-Oct-11 Jennifer Smirthwaite St Johns 1966-1968 Mail
Ian Hovey 17-Dec-01 St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Nigel  Hully 23-May-04 Other  1965-1967 Mail
Jacki Huntbach 1-Sep-13 Jacki Cooper 1965-1967 Mail
Tony Ingleton 17-Oct-12 1965-1968 Mail
Michael Isaacs 20-Aug-12 1968 Mail
Helen Iveson 12-May-04 1960 Mail
Graham Jacob 18-Jun-01 Kinloss 1965-1966 Mail
Steve Jebbett 11-Jan-01 1968-1970 Mail
Philip Jennings 5-Aug-07 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Sue John 12-Jan-01 Sue Smith Kinloss 1967-1969 Mail
Steve Kay 2-Feb-11 1965-1967 Mail
Steve Kay 9-Sep-11 1965-1967 Mail
Phyllis Kelsey 19-Jan-02 Phyllis Gee 1966-1968 Mail
Steve Kemp 27-Jun-09 1967-1968 Mail
Christine Kidd 26-Dec-10 Christine Ansell 1970-1971 Mail
Chris  Kiernan 1-Nov-01 1966-1968 Mail
Lindsay Kightley 13-Mar-05 Lindsay Pugh 1966-1969 Mail
Maz (Marion) Kimble 23-Mar-02 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Yvonne King 18-Sep-12 Yvonne Davies Kinloss 1969 Mail
Derek Knight 17-Nov-07 St Johns 1969-1971 Mail
William Lacey 5-Jul-13 1965-1967 Mail
Carol Lake 4-Jun-01 Carol Matthews 1967-1968 Mail
Angela Lambert-Williams 27-May-02 Angela Meyer 1966-1968 Mail
Alister Lang 5-Jul-15 1967 Mail
John Laverick 28-Oct-01 St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Susan le Gros 29-Jan-02 Susan McKenzie 1968 Mail
Andrew Lees 6-Jun-02 Kinloss 1969 Mail
Andrew Lees  5-May-05 1971 Mail
Terry Leeworthy 18-May-05 Naval School 1967-1971 Mail
Karen Leonard 13-Jan-01 Karen Dobson St Johns 1968-1969 Mail
Paul Levy 23-Aug-09 Tengah 1966-1968 Mail
Susan Lewis 28-Oct-01 Susan Nicholson 1970-1971 Mail
Chris Lloyd 25-Jun-15 1965 Mail
Steve Lord 28-Feb-10 1963-1966 Mail
Steve Lord 11-May-14 1964-1966 Mail
Graham Lowrie 3-Sep-09 Selerang 1961-1964 Mail
Graham Lowrie 14-Jul-12 Wessex 1960-1963 Mail
Paul Loy  28-Jun-09 Pasir Panjang 1964-1967 Mail
Kevin Lucas 12-May-02 Seletar 1964-1966 Mail
Tony Lucas 3-May-05 Kinloss 1967-1968 Mail
Richard Lysons 17-Jun-05 1967-1969 Mail
Denise MacDonnell 14-Jan-01 1963-1966 Mail
Malcolm Mackenzie 23-Sep-02 1968-1970 Mail
Fiona MacKinnon 22-Jun-02 St Johns 1961-1963 Mail
Ian (McTavish) Macpherson 25-Jul-07 St Johns 1967 Mail
Norma Madlin 25-Sep-05 Norma Grace 1966-1968 Mail
Cliff Maffia 19-Jan-02 Kinloss 1967-1969 Mail
Christine Mahoney 21-Jun-03 Christine Gallacher St Johns 1964-1968 Mail
Bruce F. Mair 10-Dec-04 AGS 1964-1965 Mail
Frances Manson 10-Jan-05 Frances Kemp 1971-1972 Mail
Michael Marsden 26-Mar-03 St Johns 1965-1967 Mail
Michael Marsden 11-Aug-09 1967 Mail
Stephen Marshall 1-Jul-02 1969-1971 Mail
Stephen Marshall 7-Feb-06 1969-1971 Mail
Carl Martin 19-May-03 1968-1971 Mail
Melanie Martin 20-May-11 Melanie Rawlings 1967-1969 Mail
Alex Massey 13-Oct-03 Alex Larson Kinloss 1969-1970 Mail
Kay Maxwell 30-Jul-07 Kay Collen 1969-1971 Mail
Roger McAlinden 15-Jan-01 Mail
Gary McAllister 2-Dec-09 1966-1968 Mail
John McCaffery 4-Feb-06 1967-1970 Mail
Catherine McDonald 11-Aug-05 Catherine Webster St Johns 1967-1969 Mail
David McFarlane 28-Nov-05 1964-1966 Mail
Bernadette McGrath 31-Mar-02 Bernadette Dellar 1968-1970 Mail
Gerard  McGrath 26-Mar-03 Chris McGrath 1968-1970 Mail
Allison McHardy 16-Sep-07 Allison Heigh 1967-1970 Mail
Ronnie McInnes 27-Dec-02 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Susan (le gros) McKenzie 22-Oct-08 1967-1969 Mail
Keith  McKinlay 19-Oct-11 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Terry McKinlay 19-Oct-11 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Karen Mead 10-Jul-15 Karen Avery 1965-1967 Mail
Paul Miller 21-Mar-02 1964-1965 Mail
Chrissy Miller 24-May-02 Chrissy Stewart Kinloss 1964-1967 Mail
Geoff Molloy 28-Aug-01 1966-1967 Mail
Virginia Moncrieff 9-May-13 1968-1971 Mail
Geoff Moore 18-Jul-03 1967-1969 Mail
Geoff Moore 6-Sep-04 1967-1969 Mail
Janine Moore 11-Sep-04 Janine Moore St Johns 1967-1972 Mail
Lorraine Morgan 19-Jun-01 Lorraine Hart Kinloss 1967-1970 Mail
John Morman 19-Jun-09 1968-1969 Mail
William Morris 3-Nov-11 1965-1967 Mail
Mike Morrisey 9-Mar-06 1966-1967 Mail
Mike Morrisey 9-Mar-06 1966-1967 Mail
Pauline Mulready 20-Feb-02 Pauline Fuller St Johns 1965-1969 Mail
Steve Nagle 16-May-01 1967-1970 Mail
Jenny Nagle 11-Mar-02 Jenny Mason Kinloss 1967-1970 Mail
Ruth Nathan 1-May-05 1970-1971 Mail
David Natolie 19-Jan-02 1966-1967 Mail
Karen Needham 19-Jan-02 1964-1966 Mail
David Neeve 27-Mar-09 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Tina (Claudia) Newman 6-Mar-02 Tina Otto AGS 1964-1967 Mail
Georgina Newson 29-Jan-05 Georgina Weber Tengah 1969-1971 Mail
Ann Newton 13-Nov-05 Ann Holden 1968-1969 Mail
Jill Newton 21-Jul-12 Jill Burton 1968 Mail
Robbin Nichol 18-Jun-08 Seletar 1970-1971 Mail
Elizabeth Noble 16-Jan-01 1966 Mail
Kevin Norris 1-Apr-04 1970-1971 Mail
Janet North 20-Nov-09 Janet Elmer 1968 Mail
Margaret O'Keefe 24-Jun-02 Margaret Howells Other  1967-1971 Mail
Mike O'Mara 19-Nov-04 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Fiona O'Niell 19-Apr-07 Fiona Wilkinson St Johns 1963-1969 Mail
Stephen Pain 25-Oct-02 Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Dave Papworth 17-Jan-01 Tengah 1967-1969 Mail
Ken Parker 18-Apr-02 St Johns 1960-1970 Mail
Bill Parker 23-Apr-04 Kinloss 1966-1969 Mail
Mike Parnell 29-Oct-06 St Johns 1966-1968 Mail
Martin Parry 20-Apr-04 1968-1970 Mail
Derek Payne 17-Dec-01 St Johns 1969-1971 Mail
Sue Pemberton 27-Jul-04 Sue Butler 1965-1966 Mail
Mark Perrier 8-Aug-04 1960-1962 Mail
Ian Phillips 22-Apr-02 1963-1965 Mail
Trudy Philpot 25-Feb-02 Trudy Blackler St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Susan  Pitfield 17-Jun-13 Susan Roberts St Johns 1959/1969 Mail
Jeff Pittman 22-Aug-02 1965-1967 Mail
Christine Pittman 23-Aug-02 Christine Richardson St Johns 1965-1967 Mail
Ross Powis 25-Jan-07 1970 Mail
Ratnaman (Ratty) Pradhan 17-Feb-13 AGS 1960-1965 Mail
Charmaine Procter 28-Oct-01 Charmaine Jones Mail
David Prodger 21-Jul-03 1969-1971 Mail
Christine Prynn 21-Feb-06 Christine Chapman 1966-1968 Mail
Ann Quilty 14-Apr-08 Ann Stewart 1966-1969 Mail
Julian Quinn 5-Sep-03 St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Patricia Quinn 6-Jan-04 1964-1966 Mail
Graham Rae 26-Sep-11 1970-1971 Mail
Stuart   Rae 28-Sep-11 Tengah 1968-1970 Mail
Mike Rae  17-Apr-04 1968 Mail
Steve Raeside 28-Feb-02 Kinloss 1968-1969 Mail
Lyn Read 6-Feb-04 Lyn Carter Pasir Panjang 1964-1967 Mail
Pete (Jumbo) Reddcliff 23-Apr-11 St Johns 1966 Mail
Heather Reid 26-Aug-09 Heather McDonald 1968 Mail
Jeanette Reynolds 27-Aug-12 Jeanette Bartlett 1966-1968 Mail
Wendy Rice 13-Jan-03 1971 Mail
Kim (Scottie) Richards 12-Jul-04 Kim McAuley St Johns 1969-1972 Mail
Kevin Rickatson 24-Aug-01 1965-1967 Mail
Liz Rintoul 12-Apr-02 Liz Taggart Pasir Panjang 1967-1970 Mail
David Robbins 2-Nov-04 St Johns 1964-1967 Mail
Lynda Robinson 23-Nov-03 Lynda Fisher St Johns 1965-1970 Mail
John Robinson 18-Jan-09 1968 Mail
Lynda Robinson 5-Mar-10 Lynda Fisher 1965-1970 Mail
Denise Roche 10-May-13 Denise Moore 1965-1967 Mail
Danny Rockett 8-May-04 1966-1968 Mail
Gerri Rogers 1-Apr-02 Gerri Garrott 1969-1971 Mail
David Rokahr 11-Oct-03 David JS Lwin Kinloss 1966-1969 Mail
Hnin Wai Rokahr 19-Aug-09 Hnin Wai Sheffield Kinloss 1967-1969 Mail
Brian Rolfe 22-Nov-01 1968-1971 Mail
Rob Roweth 18-Jan-01 1967-1969 Mail
Mark Rowland 17-Dec-01 Malaya 1968 Mail
John Rubery 7-Nov-08 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Elizabeth Rust 22-Jun-08 Elizabeth Rust St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Rosalind (Ros) Ryan 10-Jan-07 Rosalind (Ros) Bragg St Johns 1967-1971 Mail
George Sada 27-Apr-03 1966-1970 Mail
Julia Sayers 28-Sep-07 Julia Roberton Pasir Panjang 1963-1971 Mail
Julia Sayers 22-Nov-08 Julie Roberton 1965-1971 Mail
Liz Saywell 18-Feb-02 Liz Brown 1967-1968 Mail
Michael Schmidt 23-Apr-02 Kinloss 1969-1970 Mail
Michael Schmidt 14-Sep-04 Kinloss 1970-1971 Mail
Michael Schmidt 6-Mar-06 Kinloss 1969-1970 Mail
Michael Schmidt 6-Mar-06 1969-1970 Mail
Julia Scott 16-Aug-05 Julia Mansfield 1967-1969 Mail
John Scott 7-Dec-06 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Barbara Self 29-Jan-02 1966-1967 Mail
Jack Seymour 26-Dec-13 1965 Mail
??? Sharp 13-Jul-08 Dobson 1965-1966 Mail
Keith Shaw 28-Oct-01 St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Paul Sherwood 23-Jan-06 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Beverley Sherwood 13-Feb-07 Beverley Sayers Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Linda Sidey 19-Oct-11 Linda McKinlay 1967-1968 Mail
Jamie Simmons 9-Dec-06 AJS 1963-1966 Mail
Derek Simons 29-Oct-05 Naval School 1966-1969 Mail
David Anthony Simpson 4-Mar-02 AJS 1963-1966 Mail
Paul Simpson 1-Aug-04 1970-1971 1970-1971 Mail
Liz Skingle 11-Sep-12 Elizabeth Walker St Johns 1966-1968 Mail
Ken Sleeman 2-Sep-13 Kevin Sleeman Kinloss 1965-1966 Mail
Ann Smails 18-Jan-06 Ann Kavanagh AJS 1967-1969 Mail
Hilary Smith 11-Feb-02 Hilary Butler St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Michael Smith 27-Oct-09 1963-1965 Mail
Gregory John Smith 19-Nov-11 St Johns 1966-1968 Mail
Kevin Sochall 12-Nov-01 1967 Mail
Roberto Sorini 5-Aug-11 1963-1972 Mail
Jackie Southern 22-Nov-01 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Nigel  Spence 21-Feb-02 Naval 1965-1970 Mail
Paul Starbuck 11-Mar-02 1967-1969 Mail
Alec Stockdale 25-Mar-09 1965-1967 Mail
Mark Stone 13-Aug-04 1966-1969 Mail
Valerie Stratton 13-Oct-08 Valerie Newton St Johns 1966-1968 Mail
David Stuckey 29-Nov-02 1966-1968 Mail
Nigel Sweeney 19-Jan-01 Mail
Pete Sweet 29-Aug-01 St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Karnasher Tamang 24-Aug-01 St Johns 1967-1971 Mail
Bhagawati Tamang 22-Jan-03 Bhagawati Chettri 1967-1971 Mail
Mingma Tamang 18-Sep-03 1965-1968 Mail
Madan Tamang 28-Jul-09 1969-1972 Mail
Gyan Tamang 6-Sep-10 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Sylvia Taylor 28-Oct-01 Sylvia Allen 1963-1965 Mail
Kenneth Theakston 28-Dec-02 1966-1967 Mail
Carol Thompson 25-Mar-03 Carol Roberts 1970 Mail
Lynn  Thompson 19-Dec-05 Lynn Oliver 1964-1968 Mail
Jennifer Tighe 28-Oct-01 Jennifer Rance 1964-1966 Mail
Patrick Tobin 6-Dec-03 1970-1972 Mail
John Todd 1-Dec-03 1969-1970 Mail
John Todd 20-Jun-06 1968-1970 Mail
Margaret Tootell 12-Oct-12 Maggie Curry 1966-1968 Mail
John Travers 25-Nov-12 1966-1968 Mail
Gary Trend 1-Nov-02 1966-1967 Mail
Andrew Tribe 27-Mar-02 1969-1971 Mail
Martin Truscott 2-Aug-09 St Johns 1967-1967 Mail
Jane Vallance 7-Mar-09 Jane Young AGS 1968-1970 Mail
Barbara Vernall 14-Apr-02 Pasir Panjang 1965-1967 Mail
David Vickers 14-May-02 1964 Mail
Lesley Voisey 4-Aug-10 Lesley Murt 1969-1970 Mail
Simon Waite 13-Dec-12 Kinloss 1968-1970 Mail
Mark Walker 30-Aug-11 1969-1971 Mail
Ron Wallace 22-Feb-02 St Johns 1965-1967 Mail
Sean Walters 11-Feb-02 1966-1969 Mail
Louise Ward 12-Nov-01 Kinloss 1969-1971 Mail
Stephen Ward 10-Apr-02 1964-1966 Mail
Diana Ward 5-Nov-08 St Johns 1968-1971 Mail
Mike Wardle 31-Jan-11 1968-1970 Mail
Steve Warnock 16-Jul-02 AJS 1969-1971 Mail
Sue Watts 2-Mar-03 Sue England St Johns 1968-1971 Mail
Douglas Watts 8-Mar-05 1966-1967 Mail
Steve Webb 12-Nov-08 1964-1966 Mail
Jacqueline Weeks 5-May-07 Jacqueline Waters 1969-1971 Mail
Dianne Welsh 3-Apr-02 Diane Jones 1966-1967 Mail
Paul Wendes 29-Jan-02 St Johns 58-61,66-69 Mail
Rowland Whale 29-Jan-02 1964-1966 Mail
Carolyn Whale 30-Apr-03 Carolyn Beltran 1970-1971 Mail
Christine Whitfield 6-Mar-02 Christine Buckland 1964-1966 Mail
Gloria Whittaker 29-Apr-08 1964-1966 Mail
Tim Whittle 1-Nov-05 St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Gail Wickings 19-Feb-08 Gail Blyth 1969-1971 Mail
Ian Wilkinson 16-Aug-05 St Johns 1965-1966 Mail
?? Wilkinson 16-May-07 ?? Eyre Pasir Panjang 1967-1969 Mail
Mick Williams 23-Jan-04 Kinloss 1966-1967 Mail
Ian Williams 20-Jan-01 St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Claire Williamson 10-Jun-07 Claire Carter St Johns 1964-1967 Mail
Danny Wilshaw 11-Apr-15 1963-1966 Mail
David Wilson 22-Jan-04 Tengah 1970-1973 Mail
Joseph Wilson 2-Dec-04 Kinloss 1969-1970 Mail
Ann Witt 22-Feb-06 Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Marion Wood 21-Jan-01 Marion Mullan Kinloss 1965-1967 Mail
Owen Woodward 20-Feb-03 1967 Mail
Tony Wright 22-Apr-15 1967-1969 Mail
Dorothy Audrey Yates 12-Feb-11 AJS 1962-1964 Mail
Jacqueline Young 8-Jan-06 1969 Mail
Malcolm Young 5-Sep-11 Kinloss House 1967-1968 Mail