RAF Changi Schools
Additions and updates in RED Updated 23-Jul-2015
Name Surname Date Married Other Dates  
  Added Name Listing   EMAIL
Diane Adams 11-Mar-02 Diane Green 1967-1969 Mail
Colin Appleby 12-Nov-01 1970-1971 Mail
Vincent Aston 2-Jan-04 1960-1963 Mail
Patricia Avery 2-Mar-06 St Johns 1968-1970 Mail
Gillian Babb 5-May-02 Gillian Brion 1959-1962 Mail
Richard Baker 9-Jun-03 1964-1966 Mail
Martin Baker 26-Aug-03 1963-1967 Mail
Jackie  Baker 7-Mar-05 Jacqui Caulfield 1969-1971 Mail
Eileen Barker 4-Jun-01 Eileen Cochrane 1966-1967 Mail
Robert Barker 11-Mar-02 1961-1964 Mail
Andrew Barnes 20-Feb-04 Seletar 1964-1966 Mail
Rosemary Barnes 29-Jan-13 Rosemary Shannon 1965-1967 Mail
Martin Bates 27-Nov-12 1960-1963 Mail
Peter Baughan 31-Dec-06 1959-1961 Mail
Douglas Baxter 2-May-02 1965-1967 Mail
Peter Beard 22-Mar-09 1965-1966 Mail
Nigel Beasley 18-Sep-02 1963-1965 Mail
Jane Beer 2-Jun-02 Jane Grigg 1963-1966 Mail
Alan Bell 18-May-04 1960-1962 Mail
Nick Bennett 17-Oct-02 1967 Mail
Nicholas Benniston 17-Dec-01 1968-1971 Mail
Robert Bentley 12-Jan-02 1966-1967 Mail
Louise Berrett 21-Mar-11 Louise Cross 1965-1967 Mail
Alan Best 5-Jan-02 1964-1967 Mail
Alan Best 1-Jun-12 1964-1967 Mail
Brian Betts 7-Oct-05 Teacher 1967-1970 Mail
Mark Bezzant 2-Jul-01 1967-1969 Mail
"Sheila" Bingham 7-Aug-02 Elaine Whitehead 1968-1971 Mail
Wayne Black 12-Sep-00 1962-1964 Mail
Dave Black 19-Jun-02 St Johns 1957-1960 Mail
Andrew Blackwood 14-Jul-02 1962-1970 Mail
Stephen Bowden 30-Mar-08 1968-1971 Mail
Anna Bowden 28-Feb-09 Anna Sparks 1967-1970 Mail
Peter Bowden 8-Sep-09 1968-1971 Mail
Linda Boyes 12-Jan-02 Linda Samme 1969-1971 Mail
Anthony Boyle 20-Oct-04 Tony Boyle 1965-1968 Mail
Alan Bradley 17-Apr-02 Seletar 1953-1955 Mail
Ian Brawn 20-May-05 Seletar 1958-1959 Mail
Steve Bridger 19-Jan-02 1965-1967 Mail
Gary Broad 19-Jan-02 1969-1970 Mail
Catherine Brooke 16-May-02 Catherine Morton 1962-1965 Mail
Chris Brooks 28-Oct-01 1964-1966 Mail
Chris Brooks 18-May-03 1964-1966 Mail
Graham Brotheridge 8-Aug-06 1966-1968 Mail
Mike Brown 28-Aug-01 1958-1961 Mail
Jean Bruce 31-Mar-09 Jean Bateson Nee Soon 1948-1950 Mail
Duncan Burnett 2-Feb-04 1958-1951 Mail
Stephen Duncan Burnett 10-Oct-06 1970-1971 Mail
Valerie Bushby 24-Aug-01 Valerie Dawson 1960-1963 Mail
John Butlin 29-Jan-06 1968-1971 Mail
Irene Callender 1-Feb-06 Irene Woodhead 1960-1962 Mail
??? Callender 16-Jan-08 ??? Woodhead 1959-1962 Mail
Malcolm  Campbell 16-May-01 Seletar 1966-1967 Mail
Maureen Campbell 29-Nov-03 Maureen Hooper Seletar 1968-1969 Mail
Chris Campion 30-Mar-11 1969-1971 Mail
Robert  Cannon 17-May-01 1960-1962 Mail
Martin  Cannon 22-Jan-11 1967-1970 Mail
Susan Cant 12-Nov-01 Susan Attwell 1966-1967 Mail
Ian (Bruce) Carswell 19-Jun-02 1968-1971 Mail
Gillian Challinor 30-Jun-08 Gillian Jones Mail
Clive Chandler 13-Feb-02 1959-1960 Mail
Maureen Chapman 5-Jul-05 Maureen Logan St Johns 1968-1971 Mail
Sean Charles 26-Sep-13 1964 Mail
Pat Clayfield 28-Apr-10 Pat Calton 1958-1961 Mail
Jane Cocks 25-Apr-09 Jane Bullen 1965-1967 Mail
Beverly Coleman 12-Sep-10 Beverly Lines 1966 Mail
Merilyn Collins 12-Sep-00 Merilyn Hamilton 1964-1967 Mail
Jerry Conway 12-Nov-01 Bourne 1963-1965 Mail
Bryan Cook 12-Nov-01 1968-1970 Mail
Geoff Coombs 30-Aug-02 Seletar 1963-1965 Mail
Geoff Coombs 23-Jul-05 1963-1965 Mail
Adrian Coote 15-Apr-04 1968-1969 Mail
Michele Corris 9-Nov-05 AJS 1969-1972 Mail
Jacqueline Cowell 15-Jun-02 Jacqueline Richards 1968-1969 Mail
Eric Crickett 10-Sep-05 1966-1971 Mail
John Crook 30-Mar-06 1959-1962 Mail
Lynne Cudworth 5-Mar-14 Lynne Byron St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Susan Cunningham-Hill 13-Jan-10 1968-1971 Mail
Brian Stephen Curry 7-Nov-09 1964 Mail
Diane Cutt 30-Jan-03 Diane Lewis 1968-1970 Mail
Marie Daniels 12-Sep-00 1962-1964 Mail
Peter Daniels 16-May-01 Seletar 1962-1964 Mail
Pete  Daniels 9-Mar-04 Seletar 1962-1964 Mail
Mallory Davies 12-Sep-00 1965-1966 Mail
Jackie Davies 16-May-01 1965-1966 Mail
Jenny Davies 28-Aug-01 Jenny Usher 1964-1965 Mail
Michael Davies 19-Jan-02 1965-1968 Mail
Lynne Davies 8-Mar-02 Lynne Stone 1964-1967 Mail
Pauline Davies 1-Oct-03 Pauline Kennedy 1958-1961 Mail
Terry Davies 20-Aug-07 1960-1962 Mail
Kevin de Young 24-Aug-01 1967-1969 Mail
Martyn de Young 24-Aug-01 1967-1969 Mail
Shirley Dean 22-Jul-07 Shirley Boden 1963-1966 Mail
Patricia Deane 24-Jan-08 Trish Strange 1966 Mail
Stephen Dempsey 9-Sep-02 Seletar 1968-1969 Mail
Mike Denning 29-Mar-02 1963-1964 Mail
Suzanne Devan 22-Aug-02 Suzanne Lamb Seletar 1962-1964 Mail
Lesley Devan 20-May-04 Lesley Donovan Seletar 1961-1963 Mail
Andrew  Dix 1-Mar-09 Mail
Andrew Dix 27-Aug-12 Seletar 1969-1970 Mail
Jeremy Dixon 27-Mar-07 1968-1971 Mail
Rodney Dixon 30-Apr-10 1966-1967 Mail
Linda Dodimead 12-Sep-00 1967-1970 Mail
Jill Dodimead 13-Sep-00 Jill Shaw 1967-1970 Mail
Wendy Dodimead 14-Sep-00 1967-1970 Mail
Diana Douglas 5-Jul-04 Diana Newson 1958-1959 Mail
Lynne Douglas 19-Nov-07 1959 Mail
Linda Douthwaite 21-Dec-13 1956-1959 Mail
Warren Dowson 23-Jan-10 1963-1965 Mail
Colin Doyle 12-Oct-04 1968-1971 Mail
Frances Joan Durr 10-Feb-13 Pasir Panjang 1962-1970 Mail
Andrew Eaves 18-May-03 Tengah 1969-1972 Mail
Andy Eaves 3-Jun-05 Tengah 1969-1972 Mail
John Eden 4-Oct-05 1957-1960 Mail
John Eden 4-Aug-07 1957-1960 Mail
Maureen Edward 17-Apr-02 Maureen Robertson 1952-1955 Mail
Stephen Evans 12-Oct-02 1968-1971 Mail
Carol Evans 25-Feb-06 Carol Elliot 1967-1969 Mail
Christina Faulkner 28-Dec-02 Christine Ince ??? Mail
Alastair Ferguson 12-Sep-00 1961-1964 Mail
Lynda Fielder 14-Aug-04 Lynda Camm 1965-1968 Mail
Sara  Fielding 4-Jul-02 1967-1969 Mail
Terry Finch 4-Aug-08 1970-1971 Mail
David Finch 18-Oct-11 1966-1967 Mail
Colin  Fish 30-Aug-01 1958-1964 Mail
Trevor Fish 6-Mar-02 Seletar 1960-1968 Mail
Alan Fish 31-May-03 Seletar 1957-1966 Mail
Alan Fish 7-Oct-09 Seletar 1959 Mail
Linda Fisher 17-Dec-01 Linda Nelmes 1969-1970 Mail
Ray  Fisk 31-Jan-04 1947-1950 Mail
Ray Fisk 20-Dec-07 1947-1950 Mail
Alan Fisk 8-Sep-11 1956-1959 Mail
Tui Flesher 13-Jan-03 Tui Bennet 1965-1966 Mail
Amanda  Flint 28-Aug-01 1969-1972 Mail
David Follis 3-May-10 1959-1962 Mail
Frank Foreman 28-Jan-01 (Teacher) Seletar 1961-1964 Mail
Nick  Frazer 11-Feb-02 1959-1960 Mail
Eunice Fulford 12-Nov-01 Eunice Cubbage Seletar 1967-1969 Mail
Tony Gale 12-Sep-00 1963-1967 Mail
Perry Gamsby 11-Apr-09 1968-1971 Mail
Marie Gemmill 21-Feb-09 1965-1969 Mail
Barbara  Gerrard 5-Feb-05 Barbara Lake AGS 1958-1959 Mail
Barry Gilbert-Morris 11-Feb-02 1958-1959 Mail
Sara-Jane Glanville 19-Jun-02 1966-1967 Mail
Iain Glencross 23-Oct-02 Tengah 1959-1962 Mail
Kevin Goodall 16-Apr-07 1961-1964 Mail
Eric Grant 20-Feb-02 1969-1971 Mail
Madoline Griffin 24-Mar-14 Madoline Cawood Boylan 1961-1965 Mail
Jane Grigg 19-Jan-05 Jane Beer 1963-1966 Mail
Joanne Hall 12-Sep-00 Joanne Aston 1966-1968 Mail
Nigel Hall 19-Jun-02 1968-1971 Mail
Steve Hall 29-Aug-04 1965-1969 Mail
Sharon Hannay 22-Nov-01 Sharon Gould 1968-1970 Mail
Rosemary Harkness 12-Sep-00 Rosemary Fredericks 1960-1964 Mail
Sue Harkness 17-May-01 Sue Green 1960-1964 Mail
MIke Harland 25-Aug-02 1965-1966 Mail
Tony Harris 19-Jun-01 Mail
Phil Harris 7-Jan-03 1967-1969 Mail
Lee Harrison 1-Aug-05 Cosi Fabian 1959-1962 Mail
Lisa Haskins 6-Feb-06 Lisa Giddings 1968-1969 Mail
John Haswell 8-Jan-08 1969-1972 Mail
Linda  Hayhurst 17-Feb-06 Linda Carter 1965-1967 Mail
Margaret Haynes 7-Jun-01 Margaret Johnston 1966-1968 Mail
Stuart Hazle 17-Sep-11 1968-1971 Mail
Richard Hearn 11-May-02 1966-1968 Mail
Raymond Heeps 27-Apr-11 1966-1969 Mail
Kathy Hennerley 6-Jun-09 1961-1964 Mail
Karen Hennessy 24-May-01 Karen Hennessy-Lloyd 1963-1967 Mail
Sally Henry 8-Oct-07 Sally Davies 1960-1963 Mail
Jane Hetherington 25-Nov-06 Jane Edgar 1966-1968 Mail
Kathleen Higgins 22-Nov-05 Kathleen E Lund 1954-1956 Mail
Carolyn Hill 20-Jul-01 Carolyn Johnsen 1962-1964 Mail
Michael Hill 11-Sep-06 1963-1964 Mail
Trevor Hillier 5-Feb-03 Bourne 1969-1972 Mail
David Hodgson 19-Mar-02 1962-1966 Mail
Peter Hodgson 15-Aug-06 1966-1970 Mail
Christine Hodgson 22-Aug-08 Christine Darlington 1962-1964 Mail
Bob Hogg 13-Mar-15 1955-1958 Mail
Terry Holbrook 24-May-02 Terry Cowperthwaite 1970 Mail
Robert Holland 25-May-11 1962-1965 Mail
Carol Hollidge 2-Jul-01 1959-1961 Mail
Denise Howie 1-Sep-04 Denise Whittaker 1964-1966 Mail
Denise Howie 6-Nov-08 Denise Whittaker 1965 Mail
Diane Hudson 27-Sep-03 Diane Humphreys Seletar 1970-1971 Mail
Linda Hughes 11-Feb-02 Linda Keeler 1965-1967 Mail
Linda  Hughes 30-Dec-11 Linda Keeler 1965-1967 Mail
Jim Hutton 24-Jul-02 St Johns 1954-1956 Mail
Karen Jacobs 25-Mar-08 Karen Kremer 1969-1971 Mail
Iain Jenkins 20-Jul-11 Tengah 1960-1962 Mail
Liz Jewell 21-Sep-12 Liz Hannaford 1970-1971 Mail
Dave Johnson 2-Jul-01 1968-1971 Mail
Lorraine Johnson 27-Apr-02 Tengah 1969-1972 Mail
Chris Johnson 27-Apr-02 Tengah 1969-1972 Mail
Andrew Johnson 27-Apr-02 Tengah 1969-1972 Mail
Christopher Johnson 19-Mar-07 1969-1972 Mail
Heather Johnson 17-Oct-08 1964-1968 Mail
Ruth  Johnson 14-Jun-11 Ruth Fleming 1970-1972 Mail
Christopher Johnson 16-Mar-12 Tengah 1968-1972 Mail
Jane Johnstone 29-Aug-01 Jane Marjoram AJS 1961-1963 Mail
Gwyn Jones 24-May-01 1959-1961 Mail
Brian Jones 12-Nov-01 1958-1960 Mail
Alison Jones 12-Oct-02 Alison Andersen 1966-1969 Mail
Brian Jones 13-Jan-08 1958-1961 Mail
Alun Jones 11-Jan-09 1965-1968 Mail
Charles (Chaz) Jordan 8-Apr-02 1957-1960 Mail
Chaz Jordan 12-Apr-02 1957-1960 Mail
Hector Josephs 22-Jul-07 Frank Josephs Seletar 1956-1958 Mail
Guy Keeley 25-Apr-02 1967-1969 Mail
Penny Kenton 20-Jun-03 Kenton-Russ 1964-1968 Mail
Julia Kernahan 5-Mar-14 Julia Yemm 1966-1969 Mail
Elaine Kilgannon 26-Mar-02 Elaine Beckham 1957-1960 Mail
Guy Knight 9-Feb-04 Mail
Mike Knowles 19-Jan-02 1958-1960 Mail
Jeni Knowles 23-Apr-07 Jeni McGreevy 1967 Mail
Richard Lamble 2-Jan-03 1966-1969 Mail
Steve Lane 31-Jul-04 1964-1966 Mail
Roger Lang 28-Oct-01 St Johns 1966-1968 Mail
Garry Lanne 23-Apr-08 1954-1957 Mail
Fred Leeson 11-Aug-04 AGS 1962-1964 Mail
Sue Levy 2-Jan-10 Sue Jeffs 1966-1969 Mail
Carol Lewis 29-Jul-11 Carol Moreno 1958-1960 Mail
Chris Link 29-Apr-12 1962 Mail
Gina Suzanne Lisk 12-Jul-01 Gina Norris 1962-1966 Mail
Stephen Lock 20-Jan-10 1967-1969 Mail
Penny Low 12-Sep-00 Penny Prosser 1964-1966 Mail
Mike Lucas 12-Mar-05 Seletar 1963-1966 Mail
Jane Mackay 19-Jul-02 Jane Mickleborough 1959-1961 Mail
Fiona MacKinnon 22-Jun-02 Bourne 1961-1963 Mail
Ken Macleod 28-Sep-08 1958-1962 Mail
Peter MacNaught 16-Jan-13 1960-1962 Mail
Jonathan (Jon) Magee 8-Jun-07 1955-1958 Mail
Gillian Mallett 20-Jul-03 1967-1969 Mail
Steve Malley 10-Apr-12 1962-1965 Mail
Nicky Manning 18-Mar-05 1963-1965 Mail
David Martin 12-Sep-00 1964-1966 Mail
Eileen Martin 8-Aug-01 1967-1970 Mail
Mary Martin 30-Jul-09 1967-1970 Mail
Eileen Martin 14-Oct-12 1967-1970 Mail
Sue  Mason 30-Dec-08 Sue Cockrell 1962-1964 Mail
Peter Maule 5-Apr-02 1968-1970 Mail
Michael McCarthy 18-May-01 1962-1965 Mail
Sandy McCaskie 28-Oct-01 1967-1970 Mail
Elizabeth McCormac 12-Sep-03 Liz Pickering AJS 1952-1954 Mail
Chris McCready 12-Sep-00 1959-1960 Mail
Maureen McDonald 30-Aug-01 Maureen Dutfield 1960-1963 Mail
Lynne McGrath 2-Nov-04 Lynne Sanderson 1965-1968 Mail
Kristine McLaughlin 12-Jul-08 Tengah 1975 Mail
Anne McLellan 17-Dec-01 1967-1970 Mail
Simon McMahon 19-Jan-02 1965-1967 Mail
Maria Meeke 9-Jun-03 Maria Clarke 1970 Mail
Helen Melanson 22-Jun-02 Helen Parritt Seletar 1964-1967 Mail
Nicky Miller 5-Jun-01 Nicky Scammell 1964-1967 Mail
Judy Mitchell 29-Jan-02 Judy Prest 1964-1967 Mail
Andrew Mitchell 1-Feb-02 1967-1969 Mail
Brian Mitchell 1-Sep-05 1959-1961 Mail
Pete Modley 12-Sep-00 1967-1970 Mail
Iain Morgan 19-Dec-03 1965-1968 Mail
Helen Morris 4-Jun-05 Helen Munro 1965-1966 Mail
Iain Mortimer 17-Jun-12 1967-1970 Mail
Richard Murphy 15-Aug-01 1966-1971 Mail
Julia Murphy 24-Aug-01 1963 - 1971 Mail
Mark Murphy 4-Oct-04 1964-1967 Mail
Chris Naylor 6-Feb-03 1963-1966 Mail
William  Neen 4-Jul-01 1966-1967 Mail
Kevin Newman 29-May-14 1968-1971 Mail
Jane Nicholson 24-Jan-06 Jane Knight 1969-1971 Mail
Julia Norcross 20-Aug-07 Julia Humphreys 1963-1966 Mail
Kevin O'Connor 13-Apr-07 1967-1969 Mail
Stephen Oglesby 9-May-02 1970-1971 Mail
Gill Olding 5-Feb-05 Gill Breeze 1967-1969 Mail
Laura O'Neill 19-Jan-05 Jessica Clower 1958-1960 Mail
Alan O'Sullivan 9-May-12 1964-1967 Mail
Elaine Palmer 29-Jan-02 Elaine Lewis 1964-1967 Mail
Ian Peacock 8-Dec-08 1959-1961 Mail
Shona Pearce 20-Jul-02 Shona Fullerton AGS 1965-1974 Mail
David Pearson 17-May-15 Seletar 1961-1964 Mail
Nigel Peasley 29-Jun-12 1970 Mail
Nicholas Penny 19-Jun-01 1964-1967 Mail
Andy Penny 19-Jun-01 1964-1967 Mail
Margaret Pierce 31-Aug-07 Margaret Hood 1964-1966 Mail
George Plummer 19-Jan-02 1962-1965 Mail
Stephanie Porter 12-Nov-01 Stephanie Clifford 1964-1967 Mail
Paul Prebble 24-Oct-02 1968-1971 Mail
John Pressagh 24-Jun-02 1958-1960 Mail
Ian Pringle 19-Sep-06 1962-1964 Mail
Martin Pritchett 18-Aug-07 1966-1969 Mail
Malcolm Pyke 12-Sep-00 1959-1961 Mail
John Quinn 30-Jun-06 1966-1968 Mail
Greg Quinn 1-Jul-06 1966-1967 Mail
Sandra Randall 28-Sep-03 Sandra McKenna 1954-1962 Mail
Brian Randall 22-Nov-04 1963-1965 Mail
Brian Randall 20-Oct-10 1962-1965 Mail
Tony Reavill 20-Jan-05 Seletar 1962-1965 Mail
Alison Reddish 18-Jan-13 Alison Miller 1959-1962 Mail
Anthony Rickard 16-Nov-10 1957-1959 Mail
Gerry Ricketts 28-Feb-02 Gerry (Geraldine)  Karran 1962-1971 Mail
Robert   Rigby 28-Feb-04 1947-1954 Mail
Sheila Robb 8-Apr-02 Sheila Martin 1967-1970 Mail
Gerry Robinson 30-Nov-03 1968-1971 Mail
Rich Roe 12-Nov-01 1968-1970 Mail
Teresa Roe 4-Mar-02 Teresa Elliott 1967-1969 Mail
Jamieson Ross 31-Mar-02 "Jamie" 1960-1962 Mail
Kate Rothwell 23-Jun-05 Kate Denny 1964-1967 Mail
Kate Rothwell 27-Dec-07 Kate Denny 1964-1967 Mail
Paul Rowlands 21-Oct-10 1962-1964 Mail
Alice Rudland 17-Dec-01 Alice Robertson 1952-1955 Mail
Keith Rustidge 8-Jul-10 1959-1962 Mail
Kenneth Salt 22-Dec-09 1968-1970 Mail
Barrie Scales 26-Jul-07 1962 Mail
Fintan Scanlon 5-Sep-04 1969-1970 Mail
Anne Scott 31-Jul-09 Anne Harford 1968-1970 Mail
Jane Scriviner 28-Oct-01 Jane Chramosta 1964-1967 Mail
Phil Seale 8-May-12 1963-165 Mail
Grant Seth 5-Nov-02 1968-1970 Mail
Melody Shanahan 12-Mar-05 Melody Shanahan-Kluth Seletar 1964-1968 Mail
Paul Sharp 6-Jul-07 1964-1967 Mail
Michael Sharpe 30-Aug-10 1959-1961 Mail
Kevin  Shaw 22-Sep-07 Naval School Mail
Judith Sheeran 27-Feb-02 Judith Jackson 1965-1968 Mail
Tony Sheffield 27-May-11 1966-1968 Mail
Pam Shreeve 5-Apr-02 Pam England 1966-1968 Mail
Garry Smith 17-Dec-01 1969-1971 Mail
Mike South 12-Sep-00 1960-1964 Mail
Robin Standfield 12-Sep-00 Seletar 62-65,& 1968 Mail
Barry Stanford 16-May-01 1965-1967 Mail
Allan Stowe 15-Aug-01 1971-1973 Mail
Wilfred (Bill) Strachan 16-Apr-04 1966-1968 Mail
Rosemary Stringer 10-Nov-11 Rosemary Warland 1957-1959 Mail
John Struggles 15-Sep-04 Seletar 1962-1965 Mail
Nicholas Taylor 27-Apr-04 1969-1971 Mail
Oscar Thomas 17-Apr-13 1964-1966 Mail
Sue Thomson 18-Sep-02 Kruk-Strzelecka 1969-1970 Mail
Eileen Thorogood 24-May-01 Eileen Cooper 1959-1962 Mail
Lorna Titchener 9-Mar-05 Lorna Daniel 1965-1968 Mail
David Tobin 25-Nov-12 Seletar 1958-1961 Mail
Elaine Toogood 7-Sep-03 Elaine Gibson 1963 Mail
Elaine Toogood 27-Apr-13 Elaine Gibson 1962-1963 Mail
Sue Tozer 7-Sep-04 Sue Palfrey 1962-1965 Mail
Peter Trelford 12-Nov-08 1970-1971 Mail
Chris  Turner 12-Sep-00 1969-1970 Mail
June Turner 4-Feb-04 June Machine 1960-1962 Mail
Dave Tylor 31-May-02 1966-1968 Mail
Steve Tyrrell 16-Jun-03 Seletar 1959/62 - 69/71 Mail
Deborah Uren 4-May-08 Deborah Daniels Seletar 1957-1958 Mail
Rosalind Wallace 1-Jan-10 Rosalind Ray 1965-1968 Mail
Kathie Walsh 14-Dec-10 Kathie Baker 1963-1966 Mail
Hilary Wareing 22-Feb-11 Hilary Hunt Selarang 1967-1968 Mail
Jackie Webb 17-Jan-03 Jackie Kitchen 1959-1961 Mail
John Welburn 7-Apr-13 1965-1967 Mail
Tina Welfare 15-Jul-02 Tina Indyka 1968-1970 Mail
Bill Welsh 28-Nov-06 1962-1965 Mail
Geoffrey Westmoreland 11-Apr-02 1965-1967 Mail
Sally Anne Whitehead 3-Nov-02 Sally Anne Gale AJS 1962 Mail
John Whitston 16-Jun-08 Seletar 1961-1965 Mail
John Wickham 9-Apr-05 John Lloyd-Wickham 1966-1972 Mail
John  Wickham 20-Oct-10 1965-1972 Mail
John Wickham 13-Jul-13 St Johns 1965-1972 Mail
David Wicks 14-Mar-05 1967-1970 Mail
Paul Wiggins 24-May-01 1965-1967 Mail
Sheena Williams 4-Mar-02 Sheena Collins 1962-1964 Mail
Gareth Williams 10-May-02 1967-1969 Mail
Neil Wilson 12-Sep-00 1967-1970 Mail
Neil Wilson 26-Dec-03 1967-1971 Mail
Anne Wilson 8-Mar-08 1968-1970 Mail
Peter Winter 12-Sep-00 1950-1952 Mail
Kevin Witheford 11-Jul-12 1967-1970 Mail
Ken Woodhouse 19-May-04 1958-1962 Mail
Anne Woods 13-Feb-11 Anne Murray 1960-1963 Mail
Martin Woodward 15-Jan-12 1956-1958 Mail
Iain Wright 17-Jun-02 1959-1962 Mail
Iain Wright 2-Mar-10 1959-1962 Mail
Bill Wykeham 19-Jun-01 1964-1966 Mail
Alan Yewer 15-Oct-13 1959-1962 Mail