Kinloss House
Additions and updates in RED Latest Update 23-Jul-2015
Name Surname Date Married Additional Dates  
  Added Name Listing   EMAIL
Jane Adams 27-Nov-03 Jane Thomas 1963-1964 Mail
Christine Aitchison 13-Feb-02 Kelso AGS TBA Mail
Michele Altman 13-Oct-11 1962 Mail
Scott Andrew 1-Jul-02 Bourne 1966-1967 Mail
David Anthony 14-Feb-02 House Master St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Paul Bacon 18-Mar-10 Bourne 1963-1968 Mail
Brian Bailey 1-Jan-00 AGS 1958-1961 Mail
Emma Bainbridge 25-Jun-02 Hofford St Johns 1962-1964 Mail
Linda Baird 22-Jan-05 Linda Everett Bourne 1965-1966 Mail
Grant Barrie 1-Jan-00 Bourne Mail
Billy Barrie 14-Nov-02 Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Wendy Barrie 14-Nov-02 Hilton Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Bill Barrie 18-Aug-09 1964-1968 Mail
Jean Bartaby 1-Jan-00 Rontree AGS 1959-1961 Mail
Paul Bertie 29-Jan-02 TBA 1960 Mail
Vanessa Bird 11-Feb-02 Winterburn Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Fred Booth 11-Apr-02 AGS 1959-1961 Mail
Carole Bowers 19-Jul-13 Carole Briscoe AGS 1957-1960 Mail
Avril Brown 12-Nov-01 Macintosh Bourne 1964-1966 Mail
Faith Buick 26-Jan-11 Faith Mortimer AGS 1964-1966 Mail
Karola Bumphrey 15-Nov-01 McCormack Bourne 1967-1968 Mail
David Byers 3-May-02 Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
Marie Byrne 7-Jul-09 St Johns 1969-1971 Mail
Brian Campbell 2-Mar-02 "Jock" Kinloss 1959-1961 Mail
Jacqueline Chandler 25-Jul-01 Barr Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Om Chhetri 8-Apr-02 AGS 1965-1968 Mail
Alan Cocker 12-Nov-09 St Johns 1968-197 Mail
John Conlon 1-Oct-04 1966-1968 Mail
Ernie Coughlan 19-Jan-02 AGS 1962-1965 Mail
Michael Cox 23-Jan-03 AGS 1960-1963 Mail
John (Tadpole) Crompton 8-Nov-11 AGS 1959-1961 Mail
Colin Cundy 6-Jul-01 St Johns 1966-1968 Mail
Christine Curtis 18-May-02 Denovellis 1967-1968 Mail
Nigel Dabin 18-Apr-02 Bourne 1969-1970 Mail
Heather Daniel 1-Jan-00 Asplin AGS 1959-1963 Mail
Ellie Davidson 3-Aug-01 Chandler Kinloss 1963-1968 Mail
Mike Doran 11-Aug-06 1959-1961 Mail
Paul Dowsey 29-Nov-12 Bourne 1961-1962 Mail
Diane Ellis 1-Jan-00 Lasseter St Johns 1962-1966 Mail
Tania Fairnington 27-May-02 Gotzes Bourne 1966-1967 Mail
Graham Farrell 17-Jun-09 1965-1967 Mail
Margaret Fogell 19-Jan-02 Smithson AGS 1958-1961 Mail
Patrick Foley 1-Nov-01 St Johns 1965-1970 Mail
Greg Fox 19-Jan-02 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
John Goacher 23-Jun-02 Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
Derek Godden 19-Jan-02 AGS 1961-1963 Mail
Robert Goodman 18-Feb-03 Bourne/AGS 1963-1965 Mail
Barbara Goulborn 6-Sep-05 AGS 1964-1966 Mail
Carol Greening 19-Jan-02 Hancock St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
David Griffin 12-Jan-06 Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Pete Gross 24-May-07 Bourne 1968-1969 Mail
Mahendra Gurung 12-Jul-01 St Johns 1966-1971 Mail
Ram Gurung 17-Jul-02 AGS 1957-1963 Mail
Chris Hadden 27-May-12 Bourne 1967-1968 Mail
Carol Hall 12-Feb-03 O'Farrell Kinloss 1960-1963 Mail
Raymond Hall 19-Jan-14 AGS 1960-1963 Mail
Sue Harris 29-Aug-01 Mylynek Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
Tim Harwood 4-Mar-02 St Johns 1968-1971 Mail
Judith Hodson 28-Feb-12 Judie Pettitt AGS 1958-1960 Mail
Cliff Holden 19-Jan-05 Bourne 1969-1971 Mail
John Home 30-Apr-12 AGS 1961-1963 Mail
Anne Hood 1-May-03 Bonner St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Vicky Jackman 9-Sep-09 Vicky Kennedy 1965-1966 Mail
Chris Jacob 1-Jan-00 AGS 1958-1960 Mail
Chris Jacob 18-Jul-09 AGS 1958-1960 Mail
Sue John 1-Jan-00 Smith St Johns 1967-1969 Mail
Lynette Kermond 27-Apr-08 Lynette Bailey AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Mike Kernick 12-Aug-08 1965-1968 Mail
Sally Kimmings 12-Nov-01 Vickers Kinloss 1964 Mail
Yvonne King 18-Sep-12 Yvonne Davies Bourne 1969 Mail
Angela Lamber-Williams 19-May-02 Meyer 1966-1969 Mail
Joan Lamming 27-Jan-03 Stephanie Keenan Others 1962-1965 Mail
Kathy Law 4-May-02 St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Shiela Law 4-May-02 Garbett St Johns 1966-1969 Mail
Andrew Lees 6-Jun-02 Bourne 1969 Mail
Andrew Lees 17-Jan-12 AGS 1970-1973 Mail
Purna Bahadar Limbu 9-Jun-07 Puran SZ St Johns 1962-1964 Mail
Tony Lucas 3-May-05 Bourne 1967-1968 Mail
Cliff Maffia 19-Jan-02 Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Shane Malone 22-Apr-13 AGS 1963-1965 Mail
Kevin Manley 28-Oct-03 AGS 1959-1961 Mail
Annie Massey 16-Mar-02 AGS 1961 Mail
Alex Massey 13-Oct-03 Alex Larson Bourne 1969-1970 Mail
Jacqueline Matheson 1-Jan-00 Langridge St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
John McLevie 30-Jul-01 Housemaster AGS 1958-1963 Mail
Elaine McLevie 30-Jul-01 AGS 1959-1963 Mail
Jeff Miller 19-Jan-02 AGS 1962-1965 Mail
Christine Miller 28-Mar-02 Stewart AGS 1964-1966 Mail
Chrissy Miller 24-May-02 Stewart Bourne 1964-1967 Mail
Jeffrey Miller 28-Nov-02 St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Christine Miller 13-Jan-04 Christine Redpath St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Christine (Cookie) Molendo 18-Sep-02 de Cordova AGS 1962-1965 Mail
Lorraine Morgan 19-Jun-01 Hart St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Chris Morrison 24-Aug-05 AGS 1957-1959 Mail
Mark Mortimer 25-Sep-03 Seletar 1969-1971 Mail
Jenny Nagle 11-Mar-02 Mason Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Maureen Newman 14-Nov-01 Cook AGS 1959-1961 Mail
Moira Newton 17-Dec-01 Wood St Johns 1962-1965 Mail
Wendy Niblett 1-Jan-00 Broadbent St Johns 1962-1964 Mail
Patricia Norton 1-Jan-00 Howells AGS 1958-1960 Mail
Bill Parker 23-Apr-04 1966-1969 Mail
Mike Parnell 29-Oct-06 St Johns 1966-1968 Mail
Helen Parsons 12-Nov-01 Beattie AGS 1963-1964 Mail
Eric Patterson 10-Jul-07 AGS 1960-1962 Mail
Mandy Penny 11-Feb-02 Hucker AGS 1959-1961 Mail
Bobbie Perry 16-Jun-06 Bobbie Kollin AGS 1961-1962 Mail
Melvyn Powell 8-Mar-15 AGS 1958-1961 Mail
Bill Pugsley 28-Oct-01 AGS 1962-1964 Mail
Jane Pyrah 4-Feb-08 Jane Greaves 1968-1970 Mail
Bev Quick 31-Oct-02 Adams 1964-1967 Mail
Julian Quinn 5-Sep-03 Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Steve Raeside 28-Feb-02 Bourne 1968-1969 Mail
Lindy Raynor 16-Jun-02 Greene St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
David Robbins 7-Oct-08 Bourne 1964-1971 Mail
Lynda Robinson 19-Jan-02 Fisher Bourne 1965-1967 Mail
David Rokahr 11-Oct-03 David JS Lwin Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Hnin Wai Rokahr 19-Aug-09 Hnin Wai Sheffield Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Greg Russell 9-Feb-06 AGS 1961-1963 Mail
Michael Schmidt 23-Apr-02 Bourne 1969-1970 Mail
Michael Schmidt 14-Sep-04 Bourne 1970-1971 Mail
Michael Schmidt 6-Mar-06 Kinloss 1969-1970 Mail
Michael Schmidt 6-Mar-06 Bourne 1969-1970 Mail
Kay Smith 29-Apr-02 Parsons 1967-1969 Mail
Kay Smith 30-Mar-04 Kay Parsons 1967-1969 Mail
Philip Smith 25-Oct-08 1967-1968 Mail
Philip Song 15-Jan-08 1960-1961 Mail
Margaret Stanley 29-Jun-13 Margaret Kohne St Johns 1963-1965 Mail
Gillian Stevens 23-Jan-03 Sutch 1966-1967 Mail
Virginia (Ginny) Stretton 18-Aug-05 AGS 1961-1963 Mail
Tony Taucher 3-Nov-02 AGS 1961-1963 Mail
Lawrie Taylor 18-Aug-01 AGS 1960-1961 Mail
Marcus Taylor 17-Oct-11 AJS 1967-1971 Mail
Susan Tierney 18-Apr-02 Jenkins 1958-1961 Mail
Roger Tilbrook 7-May-08 AGS 1962-1963 Mail
Eddie Voke 24-Aug-09 AGS 1960-1962 Mail
Simon Waite 13-Dec-12 Bourne 1968-1970 Mail
Louise Ward 12-Nov-01 St Johns 1969-1971 Mail
Dennis Watson 28-Oct-01 AGS 1959-1961 Mail
Michael Westerhold 7-Mar-05 St Johns 1964-1966 Mail
Virginia Whitelaw 23-Jun-09 1965 Mail
Clive Williams 1-Jan-00 AGS 1961-1963 Mail
Ian Williams 4-Jan-04 Bourne 1965-1967 Mail
Mick Williams 23-Jan-04 Bourne 1966-1967 Mail
Joseph Wilson 2-Dec-04 AJS 1969-1970 Mail
Ann Witt 22-Feb-06 Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Malcolm Wood 14-Nov-01 AGS 1959-1961 Mail
Jane Wootton 1-Jan-00 Jane Grant Bourne 1966-1971 Mail
Lynn Wootton 1-Jan-00 Lynn Skates St Johns 1969-1971 Mail
Malcolm Young 18-Dec-07 1967-1968 Mail