Royal Navy School Sembawang
Additions and updates in RED Updated 17-Feb-2015
Name Surname Date Married Other Dates  
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Peter Banks 24-Jul-01 AGS 1958-1960 Mail
Jayne Barell 20-Oct-05 Jayne Dale 1969-1971 Mail
Peter John Batten 9-Feb-15 1956-1959 Mail
David Beckett 13-May-09 1965-1965 Mail
Nora Brendan 13-Feb-02 TBA Mail
Karen  Brooks 19-Jan-05 Bourne 1968-1969 Mail
Angela Brooks 28-Jul-09 Angela Bird 1966-1969 Mail
Bryan Brown 9-Jul-06 1956-1957 Mail
Tim Brown 12-Nov-07 1969-1971 Mail
Martyn Brown 10-May-11 Bourne 1964-1967 Mail
Peter Burley 2-Jun-08 1965-1967 Mail
Alan Childs 24-Jul-05 1959-1963 Mail
Cherryl Chippington 6-Mar-04 Cherryl Thomson 1957-1960 Mail
Alison Clifford 19-Jan-04 Alison McAndie 1959-1962 Mail
Julie Cooper 19-Sep-06 1969-1971 Mail
Debbie Cowan 15-May-02 Debbie Whigham 1964-1968 Mail
Meredith Crone 18-Dec-10 1977-1979 Mail
Paula Crook 17-Dec-01 Paula Massey 1967-1971 Mail
Debbie Curl 5-Feb-05 Debbie King 1968-1970 Mail
Ray Dawson 11-Feb-09 1969-1971 Mail
Susan Dodds 1-Oct-10 Susan McDonough 1964-1967 Mail
James Donovan 9-Aug-07 1961-1963 Mail
Alan Douglas 26-Apr-07 1961-1964 Mail
Senga Duncan 1-Jan-01 Senga O'Donnell 1970-1972 Mail
Cindy Empson 11-Nov-09 Lucinda Martin 1969-1971 Mail
Paul Evans 14-Nov-05 Bourne 1965-1967 Mail
Martina Farnell 29-Sep-06 Martina Holland 1968-1970 Mail
Gavin Floyd 4-Dec-04 AJS 1963-1964 Mail
Susan Fraser 17-May-02 Susan Eades Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
Jonathon Fulthorpe 16-May-01 1958-1961 Mail
Dave  Fulton 28-Sep-02 1963-1966 Mail
Kathleen Gale 20-Jun-09 Kathleen Zwart 1973-1974 Mail
Christopher Gee 22-May-03 1963-1965 Mail
Conrad Goodman 5-Oct-06 1968-1970 Mail
Jessica Griffin 25-Jul-05 Jessica Arah 1969-1972 Mail
Richard Harmer 21-Sep-08 1949-1951 Mail
Christopher Harris 25-Oct-13 1966-1970 Mail
Jim Hawkins 21-Jul-11 1969-1971 Mail
Ian Heaney 23-Jun-07 1969-1971 Mail
Trevor Higgins 24-Jun-13 1953-1956 Mail
Philip Hopper 22-Jun-09 1967-1970 Mail
Ian Hovey 15-Jul-02 Bourne 1959-1962 Mail
Philippa James 23-Jan-11 Philippa Clewer 1968-1971 Mail
Julie Jarvis 31-Jan-07 Julie Taylor 1967-1971 Mail
Billy Johnston 6-Nov-12 AGS 1958-1960 Mail
Mervyn Jones 31-Oct-09 1956-1959 Mail
Philip Jones 24-Apr-14 Philip Willcox-Jones ASM 1960-1964 Mail
Tony Judge 8-Jan-08 1966-1970 Mail
Jessica Kelly 18-Jan-08 Jessica Reynolds 1965-1968 Mail
Jeremy Kelly 25-Jan-08 1970-1971 Mail
Kirsten Kelly 18-Feb-12 Kirsten Alexandra 1970-1971 Mail
Paul Kurle 11-Apr-11 1969-1971 Mail
Nigel Lacey 22-Jan-06 1969-1971 Mail
Richard Lancaster 17-Sep-13 Nee Soon 1964~1973 Mail
Nigel Last 13-Mar-09 1955-1958 Mail
Robert Lavens 26-Jun-07 1963-1965 Mail
Terry Leeworthy 18-May-05 Bourne 1967-1971 Mail
Catherine Lynas 9-Jun-04 Cath Lever Tengah 1960-1962 Mail
Bruce F. Mair 10-Dec-04 St Johns 1964-1965 Mail
Alex Manning 14-Mar-11 AGS 1956-1957 Mail
Bonny (Liz) Masson 12-Jul-10 AGS 1958-1960 Mail
Gary McAllister 2-Dec-09 1966-1968 Mail
Andrew McAnally 5-Mar-07 1969-1970 Mail
Marion McDonald 19-Jan-02 1964-1966 Mail
Mary McDonald 18-Apr-08 1961-1963 Mail
Chris Minett 27-Jun-11 Mail
Geoff Molloy 28-Aug-01 1966-1967 Mail
Steven Moppet 23-Dec-11 1966-1968 Mail
Stephen Moppett 21-Jun-10 1965-1967 Mail
Deanna Morton 20-Jul-01 Deanna Hinton 1955-1961 Mail
Michael Morton 23-Sep-02 1967-1969 Mail
Kim Mould 3-Aug-12 Kim Craig 1965-1969 Mail
Stephan Moxham 27-Apr-11 1966-1969 Mail
Teresa Nunn 7-Jan-06 1968-1970 Mail
Mark Osmond 23-Mar-05 1967-1969 Mail
Gillian Palmer 16-Jan-05 Gillian Butler 1970-1972 Mail
Beverly Peck 31-Oct-09 Beverley Tranter 1968-1970 Mail
Angela Perkins 24-Apr-12 Angela Jones 1965-1972 Mail
Colin Pfeil 10-Sep-03 1954-1956 Mail
Bernard Plaister 10-Sep-05 1957-1959 Mail
Chris  Proudlock 28-Sep-06 Mail
Jonathan Randall 18-Feb-09 1968-1971 Mail
Karen Road 19-Jan-02 1963-1965 Mail
Kevin  Shaw 22-Sep-07 Changi Mail
Ralph Short 13-Sep-02 1967-1970 Mail
Derek Simons 29-Oct-05 Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Keith  Simpson 28-Mar-09 1967-1969 Mail
Anne Smith 19-Aug-02 Anne Blashkiw St Johns 1965-1968 Mail
Nigel  Spence 21-Feb-02 Bourne 1965-1970 Mail
Elizabeth Strange 19-Feb-08 Liz Dench 1963-1966 Mail
Kenny Symmons 22-Feb-10 1969-1971 Mail
Chris Symons 7-Mar-07 1968-1970 Mail
Derek Tait 18-Sep-02 1965-1968 Mail
Vincent Tony 14-Apr-05 Mail
Karen Turner 20-Aug-07 1969 Mail
Colin Tyler 2-Jul-03 1960-1963 Mail
Mary Urwin 15-Jan-09 Mary Lawton 1969-1970 Mail
Donald Watson 30-Mar-05 1955-1958 Mail
Tracy Wenham 30-May-11 1967-1971 Mail
Richard White 6-Aug-01 1955-1958 Mail
Graham White 23-Aug-02 1956-1958 Mail
Richard White 21-Apr-11 1955-1958 Mail
Mustafa Yahya 10-Oct-09 1965-1968 Mail