Nee Soon Primary School
Additions and updates in RED Updated 17-Feb-2015
Name Surname Date Married Other Dates  
  Added Name Listings   EMAIL
Mark Agnew 28-Dec-08 1974-1975 Mail
Fiona Anderson 7-Dec-09 1976 Mail
Janet Barron 26-Jul-05 Janet Crabb 1964-1968 Mail
Ian Breadmore 22-Apr-08 1955-1958 Mail
Jim Brierley 18-Nov-10 1974-1975 Mail
Jean Bruce 31-Mar-09 Jean Bateson AGS 1948-1950 Mail
Michael Jane (Kyla) Burrows 9-Jan-05 Michaela Jane Goodliffe 1972-1976 Mail
Henry Butcher 11-Aug-12 1959 Mail
Jaine Caird 30-Oct-05 Jaine Dutton 1970-1973 Mail
James Cartwright 11-Oct-11 AJS 1972 Mail
Sarat Chandran 6-Sep-12 1958-1962 Mail
Niall Crawford 14-Oct-13 1972-1975 Mail
Simon Daniels 29-Dec-02 1965-1966 Mail
Helen Davis 15-Sep-07 Helen Sutton 1954-1957 Mail
Jennifer Evans 28-Oct-03 1951 Mail
Ken Fisher 15-May-05 Tengah 1969-1971 Mail
Kathleen Gale 30-Dec-14 Kathleen Zwart 1974 Mail
Denise Goodall 2-Aug-11 Denise Phillips 1966-1969 Mail
Jessica Griffin 25-Jul-05 Jessica Arah 1969-1972 Mail
Claire Halls 1-Jan-10 Claire Cave 1971-1974 Mail
David Hawton 2-Mar-11 Pasir Panjang 1963-1965 Mail
Lynne Humpleby 13-Oct-06 Lynne Souter-Anderson 1962-1964 Mail
Anna Jarvis 5-Oct-07 Anna Hargreaves 1969-1972 Mail
Karen Kerr 10-Nov-12 Karen Jackson 1970-1972 Mail
Gregory Leemoon 10-Mar-09 1974-1975 Mail
Niall Leslie 27-Nov-04 1974-1975 Mail
Evelyn  Lloyd 12-Jan-15 Evelyn Duddle Mail
Lorna MacLennan 24-Mar-09 1974-1976 Mail
Helen McConville 16-Sep-09 Helen Keany 1965-1966 Mail
Denise Moss 13-Feb-13 1968 Mail
Matthew Murray 18-Mar-09 1972-1973 Mail
Helen Ogilvy 2-Jun-05 Helen Lynam 1969-1971 Mail
Derek Pinkney 19-Sep-06 1971-1974 Mail
Brian  Raine 5-Jul-09 Tengah 1970-1972 Mail
Greg Rangi 2-Jul-10 1969-1970 Mail
Richard Rooney 21-Sep-02 1972-1973 Mail
Lorraine Ryder 28-May-10 Lorraine Swain 1960 Mail
Lavinia Saunders 2-Oct-07 Livvy Laundy 1954-1957 Mail
John  Semple 26-Feb-11 Pasir Panjang 1965-1968 Mail
Catherine Shaw 21-Apr-02 AJS 1968-1975 Mail
Gordon Smart 11-Sep-03 1971-1975 Mail
Ralph Snape 17-Dec-11 1961 Mail
Joyce Sneddon 18-Jan-15 Joyce Harvey 1970-1975 Mail
Laura Somerville 31-Jan-15 AGS 1961 Mail
Russell Stockdale 16-Jun-05 Charles Russell Stockdale AGS 1960-1961 Mail
Alec Stockdale 16-Jun-05 1960-1963 Mail
Charles Russell Stockdale 18-Feb-11 AGS 1960&1967 Mail
Sean Tyler 14-Feb-09 1951-1952 Mail
Sharon Vincer 21-May-05 Sharon Janisch 1974-1975 Mail
Graham Waites 18-Sep-07 1953-1956 Mail
Hellene Watts 9-Oct-07 Hellene Richardson 1960-1961 Mail
Bob Webster 17-Jan-11 1960-1962 Mail
Rick Williams 30-Aug-04 1966-1969 Mail
Kevin Wooldridge 2-Aug-06 1967-1968 Mail
Diane Wray 1957-1959 Mail