Pasir Panjang School
Additions and updates in RED Updated 23-Jul-2015
Name Surname Date Married Other Dates  
  Added Name Listings   EMAIL
Peter Anderson 1-Nov-01 1964-1965 Mail
Roger Bailey 1-Sep-10 1961 Mail
Pat  Barry 14-Oct-07 Tanglin 1952-1955 Mail
Mary Beeley 21-Apr-13 Mary Wragg 1961-1963 Mail
Lorraine Bell 20-Feb-09 1963-1966 Mail
Tim Bonser 14-Oct-11 1953-1956 Mail
Patricia Botting 14-Oct-13 Patricia Lovelock 1962-1963 Mail
Robin Breeze 14-Sep-10 1963-1966 Mail
Lorraine Bruce 07-Apr-05 1963-1966 Mail
Susan   Bryan 12-Oct-08 1961-1963 Mail
John Bryan 8-Nov-09 1961-1964 Mail
Linda Buckland 1-May-03 1965-1967 Mail
John Buckland 24-Feb-15 1964-1966 Mail
Rex Burns 27-Aug-11 1960 Mail
Muriel  Burrow 27-Feb-11 Muriel Litchfield 1958 Mail
Alan Butcher 15-Aug-06 1967-1969 Mail
Jane Chappell 13-Feb-04 1960-1963 Mail
Elizabeth Connelly 28-Oct-01 Wessex Junior 1966-1968 Mail
Andrew Cook 28-Aug-01 1959-1961 Mail
Jane Cosway 6-Sep-01 1968-1970 Mail
Andy Cosway 31-Mar-14 1968-1971 Mail
Jane Coton 13-Dec-09 1965-1966 Mail
Christopher Dean 19-Nov-10 AGS 1955-1957 Mail
Frances Joan Durr 10-Feb-13 AJS 1962-1970 Mail
Jacqueline (Lyn) Edge 6-Aug-01 1965-1967 Mail
Judith Guest 11-May-12 Judith Hendy 1952-1954 Mail
Michael Hall 7-Nov-02 1954-1956 Mail
Josh Harries 26-Oct-10 1964-1967 Mail
Josh Harries 11-Jan-14 1964-1967 Mail
Michael Harris 21-Jul-05 1959-1961 Mail
Tony Harris 22-Feb-06 AGS 1953-1955 Mail
Robert Harris 24-Oct-11 1960 Mail
Robert Harris  22-Feb-06 AGS 195.-1955 Mail
Valerie Higgin 23-Jun-02 1964-1966 Mail
Tony Higgin 6-Feb-12 1963-1966 Mail
Nigel  Hill 11-Feb-02 1967-1969 Mail
Andrew Holt 31-Jul-09 1958-1961 Mail
Lawrence Hully 23-May-04 Bourne 1965-1967 Mail
Cedric Illidge 18-Mar-10 AGS 1956-1961 Mail
Andrew James 17-Nov-13 1953-1956 Mail
Kim Jones 24-Jan-10 1964-1967 Mail
Ted Kidney 30-Jun-02 1965 Mail
Elizabeth Lacey 5-Jul-13 Liz Kemp 1965-1967 Mail
Paul Lambourne 3-Jul-08 1961-1962 Mail
Mike Logan 10-Feb-03 1964-1966 Mail
Kim Logan 2-Mar-10 1964-1966 Mail
John Lowe 11-Jun-12 Bourne 1962-1964 Mail
Jenny Loy 20-Feb-02 1964-1966 Mail
Lyn Loy  28-Jun-09 Bourne 1964-1967 Mail
Chris Lucas 28-Oct-01 1954-1957 Mail
Debbie Martin 16-May-11 1965-1967 Mail
Anthony Martin 20-Nov-12 1960-1963 Mail
Liz Matthews 1-Nov-09 1961-1964 Mail
Nigel Mortimer 2-Jun-11 1962-1965 Mail
Lesley Owen 11-Apr-02 AGS 1957-1967 Mail
Garry Pedder 3-Feb-10 1957-1959 Mail
Philippa Read 6-Feb-04 Bourne 1964-1967 Mail
Julia Ricketts 7-May-02 1953-1955 Mail
Graham Rintoul 12-Apr-02 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Adrian Rogers 26-Sep-12 1963-1965 Mail
Andy Rowe 30-Jul-08 1956-1958 Mail
David Royer 17-Feb-02 1964-1965 Mail
A Sayers 28-Sep-07 Bourne 1963-1971 Mail
John  Semple 26-Feb-11 Nee Soon 1965-1968 Mail
Peter Sheriff 11-Nov-02 AJS 1955-1959 Mail
Roger Smith 14-Jan-09 1960-1963 Mail
Lynn Smith 15-Jan-14 Lynn Campbell-Whyte 1967-1969 Mail
Linda Smith 1-Jun-15 Linda Lewis 1967-1968 Mail
Ann  Smithson 5-Dec-07 1955-1958 Mail
Martin Steve 8-May-02 1959 Mail
Chas Swain 19-Apr-02 AGS 1955-1957 Mail
Dave Thomas 6-Dec-02 1960-1963 Mail
Barbara Thompson 3-Dec-02 1964-1968 Mail
Helen Truscott 2-Aug-09 Bourne 1967-1967 Mail
Jim Upfield 14-Jun-06 1961-1964 Mail
Tom Ventress 19-Aug-03 AGS 1960-1964 Mail
Susan Vernall 14-Apr-02 Bourne 1965-1967 Mail
Michele Walkerdine 1-May-02 1964-1969 Mail
Lyn  Williams 1-Jul-04 AGS 1957-1958 Mail
Jim Williams 22-Nov-10 AGS 1957-1958 Mail
Gordon Younie 22-Feb-13 1963-1965 Mail