RAF Seletar Schools
Additions and updates in RED Updated 3-Jun-2014
Name Surname Member Married Other Dates  
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Jane Alce 26-Apr-10 Jane Sharp 1967-1969 Mail
Matthew Alexander 26-Oct-04 Bourne 1963-1964 Mail
Lindsey Allan 14-Nov-01 Lindsey Wincote 1964-1967 Mail
Chris  Allen 19-Jan-01 1956-1957 Mail
Jeff Allon 6-Mar-02 1967-1969 Mail
Valerie Allsop 20-Jan-01 1963-1964 Mail
Peter Anderson 21-Jan-01 1970-1971 Mail
Eunice Armitage 19-Jan-02 Eunice Bull 1960-1963 Mail
Patricia Armstrong 9-Feb-13 Patricia Burnell-Jones St Johns 1966-1968 Mail
Sandra Arthur 27-Jan-10 Sandra Chidgey 1965-1967 Mail
Guy Austin 6-Mar-02 1963-1966 Mail
Colin Baker 11-May-13 1946-1948 Mail
Andrew Barnes 30-Jul-02 Changi 1964-1967 Mail
Judith Baynham 16-Sep-02 Judith Garvey 1953-1956 Mail
Valerie (Val) Bell 20-May-02 Val Grant 1960-1963 Mail
Gary Bennett 26-Jan-13 1955-1958 Mail
Julian Richard Bensaid 29-Jun-12 1967-1970 Mail
Errol Anthony Berarey 5-May-04 1966-1969 Mail
Dot Bibby 1-Aug-06 Dot Taylor 1955 Mail
Rosemary Bignall 20-Mar-14 1963-1966 Mail
Stephen Blackwell 15-May-10 1964-1966 Mail
Lynne Bowden 22-Jan-01 1965 Mail
Sandra Boyd 13-Feb-02 Sandra Price 1964-1968 Mail
Ian Boyd 18-Apr-08 1965-19970 Mail
Don Boyer 13-Feb-02 1969-1971 Mail
Ray  Boyer 21-Feb-02 1969-1970 Mail
Alan Bradley 17-Apr-02 Changi 1953-1955 Mail
John Braun 25-Feb-02 1959-1962 Mail
Ian Brawn 20-May-05 Changi 1958-1959 Mail
Clive Breakwell 3-Apr-08 1960-1963 Mail
Marylyn Breakwell 3-Apr-08 Marylyn Sheldon 1960-1963 Mail
Peter Brennan 23-Jan-01 1960-1964 Mail
Peter Brennan 15-Apr-02 1961-1964 Mail
Steve Bridger 24-Jan-01 1965 Mail
Jenney Broad 25-Jan-01 Jenney Davies SIS 1969-1972 Mail
Chris Brocklebank 28-Aug-02 1960-1963 Mail
Ian  Brown 18-Mar-02 1966-1969 Mail
Ian Brown 28-May-04 1966-1969 Mail
Bryan Brown 9-Jul-06 1957-1959 Mail
Carolyn Brown 2-Mar-08 Carolyn Graves-Brown 1967-1971 Mail
Carolyn Brown 11-Jun-11 Carolyn Graves-Brown 1967-1970 Mail
Helen Brown 19-Feb-12 Helen Wood 1964-1967 Mail
Paul Bruce 29-Sep-03 1968 Mail
Elizabeth Brundell 26-Jan-01 Elizabeth Evers 1966-1970 Mail
Gary Burchmore 17-Dec-01 1968-1969 Mail
Denise Burns 3-Jul-08 Denise Revelle 1965-1968 Mail
Raymond Butchart 24-May-01 Bourne 1964-1965 Mail
Malcolm  Campbell 16-May-01 Changi 1964-1965 Mail
Sharon Campbell 24-Mar-02 Evans-Campbell 1964-1967 Mail
Maureen Campbell 29-Nov-03 Maureen Hooper Changi 1966-1968 Mail
Martin Cannon 24-May-01 1960-1962 Mail
Elaine Carter 4-May-02 Elaine Wisson 1961-1964 Mail
Scott Chamberlain 12-Mar-02 1965-1967 Mail
Stephen Charters 5-Jul-02 1962-1965 Mail
Glen Clarke 4-Jun-01 1968-1971 Mail
Glen Clarke 30-Sep-09 1968-1971 Mail
Brian Clarke 5-Mar-13 1952-1955 Mail
John Clucas 20-Jan-13 1967-1969 Mail
Steve Colvin 1-Nov-02 1969-1971 Mail
Dave Cook 16-May-01 1967-1970 Mail
Geoff Coombs 30-Aug-01 Changi 1963-1965 Mail
Ken Cooper 27-Jan-01 1967-1969 Mail
Ann Creswell 9-Jun-15 Ann Carr 1963 Mail
Adele Cunningham 1-Nov-01 Adele Hemmings 1963-1966 Mail
Lesley Daniels 28-Jan-01 1962-1964 Mail
Peter Daniels 16-May-01 Changi 1961-1962 Mail
Pete  Daniels 9-Mar-04 Changi 1962-1964 Mail
Michael Darby 10-Nov-08 Tengah 1968-1971 Mail
??? Daves 7-Feb-04 Davidson 1962 Mail
Lesley Davies 12-Nov-01 Lesley Rees 1967 Mail
Brian Dearden 5-Aug-02 1966-1969 Mail
Denis Deaves 24-Aug-04 1957-1959 Mail
Richard Dellenty 29-Jan-11 Richard Evans 1963-1966 Mail
Stephen Dempsey 9-Sep-02 Changi 1968-1969 Mail
Nick Denning 14-Aug-01 1967-1970 Mail
Suzanne Devan 22-Aug-02 Suzzanne Lamb Changi 1962-1964 Mail
Lesley Devan 20-May-04 Lesley Donovan Changi 1961-1963 Mail
Maragaret Devlin 12-Mar-11 1961 Mail
Andrew Dix 27-Aug-12 Changi 1969-1970 Mail
Ian Dodds 5-Apr-04 1969-1971 Mail
David Donnelly 23-Aug-08 1963-1965 Mail
John Douglass 27-Aug-12 1966-1969 Mail
Rosemary Duff 16-Sep-10 Rosemary Harms 1949-1951 Mail
Len Eaton 20-Jan-07 1961-1963 Mail
Janet Edwards 11-Jun-03 1967-1969 Mail
Paul Edwards 7-Dec-04 1967-1969 Mail
June Elms 22-Nov-01 June Daniel 1967-1971 Mail
Judy Evans 3-Jan-10 Daughter of Headmaster 1962-1965 Mail
Mal Farrington 19-Jun-01 Mal Boyce 1966-1968 Mail
Chris Faux 8-Nov-03 Mail
Vivian Finn 9-Nov-11 1960-1961 Mail
Anne Finnegan 25-Oct-11 1967-1969 Mail
Trevor Fish 6-Mar-02 Changi 1960-1968 Mail
Alan Fish 28-Aug-03 Changi 1957-1966 Mail
Alan Fish 7-Oct-09 Changi 1959 Mail
Frank Foreman 28-Oct-01 (Teacher) Changi 1964-1967 Mail
Anne Fowler 5-Aug-10 Anne Bennett Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Howard Fox 25-Sep-09 1959-1960 Mail
Barry Fryett 1-Aug-02 1961-1962 Mail
Eunice Fulford 12-Nov-01 Eunice Cubbage Changi 1967-1969 Mail
Michele Fyfe 10-Feb-07 Michele Fyfe Cordingley 1969-1971 Mail
Peter Gaskin 28-Dec-03 1968-1970 Mail
Peter Gaskin 30-Sep-12 1969-1971 Mail
Sean Gaudion 19-Feb-06 1966-1969 Mail
Sian Gifford 17-Nov-08 Sian Whitehead 1966-1967 Mail
Mark Godden 19-Jan-02 1969-1971 ? Mail
David Godman 29-Jan-01 1966-1969 Mail
Kathleen Godman 30-Jan-01 1966-1969 Mail
Stuart Godman 31-Jan-01 1966-1969 Mail
Stuart Godman 17-Sep-03 1966-1969 Mail
Peter Goss 14-Aug-01 1961-1963 Mail
Sandra Gower 1-Nov-01 Sandra Burgin 1959-1961 Mail
Kevin Green 11-Jan-07 1967-1970 Mail
John Green 29-Jun-10 1966-1971 Mail
Lesley Greenwood 1-Feb-01 Lesley Drake 1960-1963 Mail
Paul Gregson 12-Sep-08 1964-1966 Mail
Christine Guest 21-Jun-09 Chris Camm 1963-1965 Mail
Phillip Hadlow 3-Dec-03 1964-1967 Mail
Pamela Haigh 21-Nov-04 Pamela Wilde 1958-1960 Mail
Bernadette Halkett 3-Aug-04 Bernadette Lucas 1964-1966 Mail
Melvin Hall 1-Mar-10 1970-1971 Mail
Michael Hall  13-Jan-10 1968-1971 Mail
Malcolm Hamilton 24-Jul-08 1968-1971 Mail
Martin Hamlett 12-Nov-01 1967-1970 Mail
Allan Hammett 14-Oct-07 1961-1963 Mail
Fiona  Hancock 2-Feb-01 Fiona Hackett 1964-1967 Mail
Andrew Handover 16-Jun-01 1970 Mail
Russell Harper 14-Aug-04 1966-1969 Mail
Moira (Mo) Harrison 9-Apr-02 1961-1964 Mail
Kevan Hart 7-Jun-02 1964-1966 Mail
Nigel Harvey 1-Aug-08 1967-1971 Mail
Cath Hay 28-Apr-09 Cath Jacobs 1967-1969 Mail
Robert Heggie 17-Apr-12 1965-1967 Mail
Eric Henley 30-Oct-10 1964-1965 Mail
Sandra Henson 17-May-01 Sandra Jackson 1966-1969 Mail
Ann Highton 19-Apr-02 Ann Curtis 1955-1958 Mail
William (Billy) Hill 16-May-01 1962-1965 Mail
Robert Hill 14-Jul-11 1963-1966 Mail
John Hislop 6-May-02 1961-1964 Mail
Mike Hodgson 29-Dec-03 1967-1969 Mail
Steven Hogg 28-Jan-12 1967-1969 Mail
Phillip Holloway 24-May-01 1964-1967 Mail
Ian  Holmes 24-Aug-01 1953-1957 Mail
Anne Holt 08-Apr-11 Anne Gallagher 1960 Mail
Peter Holwell 6-Sep-01 1960-1962 Mail
Sharon Howarth 16-Jan-03 Sharon Burke 1968-1970 Mail
Nick Hubble 24-Jan-10 1968-1971 Mail
Diane Hudson 27-Sep-03 Diane Humphreys Changi 1970-1971 Mail
Diane Hunter 9-Jan-04 Diane Wales 1959-1960 Mail
James (Jim) Huntington 5-Jul-04 1964-1967 Mail
Martin Hutchings 29-Oct-12 1960-1962 Mail
Ian Ibbetson 8-Aug-12 1964-1967 Mail
Richard Ingram 8-Apr-10 1966-1971 Mail
Alam Ingram 7-May-14 1969-1971 Mail
Ken Jamieson 2-Aug-11 1963-1966 Mail
Ronald Jeapes 14-May-10 1967-1971 Mail
Lyn John 4-Jun-01 1964-1966 Mail
Frances Johnson 1-Apr-02 1963-1966 Mail
David Josephs 3-Feb-01 1963-1964 Mail
Hector Josephs 22-Jul-07 Frank Josephs Changi 1956-1958 Mail
Sally Keeling 9-Jul-02 Sally Ferguson 1961-1965 Mail
Gordon Keil 22-Apr-04 1956-1958 Mail
Leigh Kellaway 7-Jan-12 Leigh Connett 1961-1963 Mail
Andrew Kennedy 20-May-02 1966-1967 Mail
Ray  Kennedy 2-Feb-12 1954-1956 Mail
Marc Kerr 7-Aug-12 1969-1970 Mail
Diane Ketchell 19-Jan-02 Diane Sellens 1966-1969 Mail
Gary Kinross 2-Feb-06 1969-1972 Mail
Judith Knox 14-Dec-02 Judith Curry 1964-1966 Mail
Robert  L:aw 27-Dec-10 Thomas Law 1965-1970 Mail
Karin Laing 19-Jan-02 Karin Kennedy 1964-1967 Mail
Malcolm Lancaster 4-Feb-01 1946-1948 Mail
Angela Langridge 4-Mar-12 1962-1964 Mail
Richard Lennard 5-Feb-01 1966-1968 Mail
Paul Levy 2-Jan-04 Tengah 1965-1968 Mail
S Lewis 19-Jun-01 47-48? Mail
John Lewis 20-Jul-01 1966-1969 Mail
David Littlefield 4-Apr-10 1962-1965 Mail
Steve Lloyd 17-Feb-04 1964-1967 Mail
Jack Lodge 28-Oct-01 1962-1964 Mail
Anne Logan 17-Oct-03 Anne Beeston 1962-1965 Mail
Robert Lovett 29-Jan-02 1961-1964 Mail
Mike Lucas 12-Mar-05 St Johns 1963-1966 Mail
Laurence Luck 19-Jan-02 1969-1972 Mail
Graham Luckhurst 10-Feb-05 1961-1963 Mail
Lynda Lyness 10-Feb-07 Lynda White 1968-1970 Mail
Gillian Mallett 12-Jul-01 1966-1969 Mail
Peter Mancey 6-Mar-02 1966-1969 Mail
Michelle Manuell 22-Dec-08 Michelle Wright 1969-1970 Mail
Shirley March 19-Jun-02 Shirley McNamee 1965-1967 Mail
Helen Martin 30-Jul-09 Helen Peters 1967-1970 Mail
Helen Martin 10-Dec-10 Helen Peters 1965-1969 Mail
Dominic McAdam 6-Jun-12 1960-1963 Mail
Frances McAdams 16-May-01 Frances Williams 1964-1967 Mail
Chris McBurney 11-Feb-02 1967-1970 Mail
Topaz McBurney 16-Jan-11 Topaz Dempster 1966-1969 Mail
David McClure 18-May-05 1965 Mail
Leslie McClure 13-Apr-09 1963-1966 Mail
Ken McCubbin 6-Feb-01 1959-1962 Mail
Roy McCubbin 28-Oct-01 1959-1962 Mail
Mike McCue 7-Jul-08 1968-1970 Mail
Denise McKenzie 19-Jan-02 Denise Norris 1967-1970 Mail
Carol McLean 12-Nov-01 1965-1967 Mail
Jayne McNulty 15-Feb-07 Jayne Richards 1968-1971 Mail
Helen Melanson 22-Jun-02 Helen Parritt Tengah 1964-1967 Mail
Paul Mortimer 7-Feb-01 1968-1972 Mail
Mark Mortimer 25-Feb-02 Kinloss 1969-1971 Mail
Paul Mortimer 13-Nov-09 1968-1971 Mail
Susan Muller 7-Jan-03 Susan Fischer 1968-1971 Mail
Christine Mullett 12-Dec-11 Christine Duckworth 1962-1965 Mail
Denis  Neill 30-Oct-02 1965-1968 Mail
Robert Nichol 10-May-04 1959-1962 Mail
Robbin Nichol 18-Jun-08 Bourne 1969-1970 Mail
Keith Northmore 07-Apr-11 1960-1963 Mail
Ian Old 12-Oct-07 1967-1970 Mail
Paul Olding 12-Nov-01 Mail
Mike Orr 8-Feb-01 1969-1971 Mail
Sheila Orr 28-Oct-01 Sheila van den Berg 1968-1971 Mail
Geoffrey Pain 7-Nov-05 1956-1967 Mail
Christopher Parry 30-Oct-13 1966-1969 Mail
Sandra Parsons 19-Jun-01 Sandra Flynn 1966-1968 Mail
Ian Pauly 5-Jul-05 1968-1971 Mail
Roger Anthony Peach 7-May-02 1968-1969 Mail
David Pearson 17-May-15 Changi 1961-1964 Mail
Linda Petit-Jean 9-Feb-01 Linda Musselthwaite 1963-1966 Mail
Rod Pickles 19-Jan-02 1959-1961 Mail
Rodger Pierce 28-Dec-10 1965 Mail
Kim Price 19-Jan-12 1968-1970 Mail
Chris Puxley 24-Feb-10 1953-1955 Mail
Malcom Pyrah 29-May-05 1965-1967 Mail
Malcolm Pyrah 19-Oct-09 1964-1967 Mail
Michael Quested 21-Jul-03 1966-1968 Mail
Julian Quinn 5-Sep-03 Kinloss 1964-1966 Mail
Andrew Ralph 29-Feb-04 1965-1967 Mail
Ian Ramsey 6-Jun-04 1963-1966 Mail
Janet Rawlings 21-Mar-02 Janet Feast Seletar 1963-1965 Mail
Pat Rawson 10-Feb-01 1966-1967 Mail
David Rawson 17-Aug-08 1962-1965 Mail
Tony Reavill 7-Apr-02 Changi 1962-1965 Mail
Helen Reese 7-Jun-03 1969-1971 Mail
Sandra Reid 24-Aug-03 Sandra Cutler 1966-1967 Mail
Sandra Reid 8-Nov-04 Sandra Cutler 1966-1968 Mail
Graham Rimmer 18-Jun-12 1969-1972 Mail
Neil Roberts 24-Apr-02 1969-1971 Mail
Lawrence Roberts 19-Jan-12 1967-1969 Mail
Ian "Skinhead" Robertson 4-Jan-03 1968-1971 Mail
Angela Robson 29-Jan-02 Angela Paul 1968-1969 Mail
Rich Roe 12-Nov-01 Changi 1968-1970 Mail
Merrilyn Rogers 4-Nov-08 Merrillyn Barber 1958-1960 Mail
Les (Kiwi)  Rolton 12-Feb-02 1966-1969 Mail
Mike Rowlands 23-Apr-13 1959-1962 Mail
Mike Rowley 17-May-08 1969-1971 Mail
Gerald Rudman 7-Mar-06 1959-1962 Mail
Gerald Rudman 7-Mar-06 1959-1962 Mail
Laura Russell 30-Apr-03 Laura Nesbitt 1968-1970 Mail
Ron Saint 24-May-01 1962-1965 Mail
Heather Saint 1-Sep-02 1968-1970 Mail
Louise Scott 11-Feb-02 Louise Vittery 1964-1965 Mail
Peter Scott 1-Jun-07 1968-1970 Mail
Allan (Al) Scriven 20-Jul-01 1964-1966 Mail
Ray Searle 22-Mar-02 1960-1964 Mail
Colin Shanahan 11-Feb-01 1964-1968 Mail
Melody Shanahan 12-Mar-05 Melody Shanahan-Kluth Seletar 1964-1968 Mail
Tony Shannon 15-Nov-09 1952-1954 Mail
Maureen Shaw 11-Feb-02 Maureen Hislop ASM 1963-1964 Mail
Sarah Shearing 20-Dec-02 Sarah Rootham 1961-1964 Mail
Neil Sheppard 21-Apr-11 1967 Mail
Susan Shonfield 18-Feb-02 Susan Browning 1964-1967 Mail
William Simpson 26-Apr-08 1966-1969 Mail
Chris Smith 27-Jan-08 1967-1969 Mail
Robert Sneddon 26-May-07 1969-1970 Mail
Edward Snook 29-Mar-05 1969-1970 Mail
Ed Snook 30-Apr-13 1969-1970 Mail
Stephen Southwood 18-Dec-10 1963-1966 Mail
Robin Standfield 12-Feb-01 Changi 1968-1971 Mail
Diane Standford 13-Feb-02 Diane Longstaff 1965-1967 Mail
Diane Stanford 22-May-07 Diane Longstaff 1965 Mail
Larry Stephens 21-Oct-06 1963-1967 Mail
Larry Stephens 4-May-08 1966 Mail
Paul Stephens 13-Mar-13 1965-1968 Mail
Kevan Stewart 1-Jun-10 1967-1970 Mail
Kevan Stewart 22-Jul-12 1967-1970 Mail
John Struggles 15-Sep-04 Changi 1962-1965 Mail
Chris Talbot 9-Jun-02 1964-1967 Mail
Suzanne Taylor 29-Jan-02 Suzanne Beardsley 1967-1968 Mail
Steve Tennant 30-Dec-05 1965-1967 Mail
Ruth Tewksbury 23-Mar-03 Ruth Burden 1964-1966 Mail
Howard Thomas 28-Jun-02 1958-1961 Mail
Carole Thurlow 23-Jun-08 Carole Teja 1962-1964 Mail
Lesley Timbrell 24-May-05 Lesley Sykes 1965-1967 Mail
David Tobin 25-Nov-12 Changi 1958-1961 Mail
Dave  Tomkinson 13-Feb-01 1965 Mail
Roy Tomkinson 14-Feb-01 1965 Mail
Valerie Torr 11-Feb-02 Valeria Pegg 1959-1962 Mail
Martin Traylor 6-Jan-14 1965-1968 Mail
Candy Trew 30-Jan-03 Candy Scott 1968-1971 Mail
K Trumper 20-Oct-06 K Hancox 1964-1966 Mail
John  Turner 7-Sep-04 1950-1951 Mail
Steve Tyrrell 16-Jun-03 Changi 1959/62 - 69/71 Mail
Deborah Uren 4-May-08 Deborah Daniels Changi 1957-1958 Mail
Hugh Valentine 13-Apr-02 1964-1966 Mail
Derek Wall 1-Nov-13 1966-1968 Mail
Mike Walsh 3-Sep-11 1967-1970 Mail
Carol Walshaw 7-Mar-02 Carol Price 1964-1967 Mail
Doug Watson 19-Jan-01 1961-1964 Mail
Neville Webb 19-Jan-01 1960-1962 Mail
Susan Westcott 19-Apr-10 Susan Harwood 1964-1968 Mail
Peter White 15-Feb-01 1965-1968 Mail
Brian White 1-Dec-06 Charles White 1954-1957 Mail
John Whitston 16-Jun-08 Changi 1961-1965 Mail
Neil Wiles 1-Nov-01 1965-1966 Mail
Patricia Williams 19-Jul-11 Patricia Stewart 1954-1957 Mail
Susan Williamson 19-May-15 1964-1968 Mail
Graham Wilson 16-Feb-01 1967-1970 Mail
Christine Wilson 20-Mar-06 Christine Taylor 1968-1970 Mail
Christine Wilson 20-Mar-06 Christine Taylor 1968-1970 Mail
Jaqui Wilson 2-May-07 Jaqui Howard 1964-1966 Mail
Robert Wilson 16-Dec-08 1967-1970 Mail
Linda Windle 30-Jun-06 Linda Melaugh 1966-1968 Mail
Keith Woodward 22-Oct-12 Keith Newman 1969-1971 Mail
Terry  Wright 17-Feb-01 1967-1969 Mail
Bill Wykeham 18-Feb-01 1965 Mail
Sadie Wykeham 19-Feb-01 1965 Mail
Jeremy Mark Young 5-Jan-13 1967-1970 Mail