St Johns and Singapore International School
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Name Surname Date  Married Name Listing Dates Address
Gerald Abell 4-Mar-07 1969-1970 Mail
Philip Abernethy 15-Nov-10 Wessex 1967-1972 Mail
Alexandra  Ablett 9-Dec-09 Alexandra Gwyn 1963-1965 Mail
Stephen Abrahall 25-Feb-02 1966-1968 Mail
Penny Adwick 6-Feb-08 Penny Buckley Bourne 1964-1967 Mail
Jeffrey Allen 10-Aug-02 1969-1970 Mail
Mary Anderson 1-Jan-01 Henderson 1969-1971 Mail
David Anthony 13-Feb-02 Dover House Master AGS 1964-1971 Mail
Anita Arbon 10-Jan-04 Anita Rideout 1965-1968 Mail
Patricia Armstrong 9-Feb-13 Patricia Burnell-Jones Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
Pat Ashley 27-Jun-01 AGS 1964-1966 Mail
Jill Ashley 3-Apr-02 Camden ASM 1963-1964 Mail
Bob Atherton 25-Oct-02 1967-1970 Mail
Robert Atkin 19-Jun-01 AGS 1962-1965 Mail
Patricia Avery 2-Mar-06 Changi 1968-1970 Mail
Paul Bacon 18-Mar-10 Bourne 1963-1968 Mail
Jane Bailey 2-Apr-07 Jane Bettis Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Linda Baird 22-Jan-05 Linda Everett St Johns 1966-1967 Mail
Roy Balloch 2-Jan-01 1964 Mail
Dave  Balment 3-Jan-01 Mail
Laurie Bane 28-Apr-05 1965-1968 Mail
Andrew Barber 18-Nov-05 1966-1968 Mail
Karen Barker 24-Aug-01 1973-1976 Mail
David Barlow 15-Sep-02 Bourne 1969-1970 Mail
Val Barratt 27-Apr-02 Marsden 1965 Mail
Julian Barry 4-Jan-01 1963-1966 Mail
Steve Barry 5-Jan-01 AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Julian Barry 5-Jul-04 AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Diane Barton 16-May-01 Jaques 1967-1970 Mail
David Barton 11-Aug-05 1967-1970 Mail
Susan Bateman 20-Mar-02 Aspinall 1966-1968 Mail
Jacky Bearcroft 28-Oct-01 Irving Bourne 1968-1971 Mail
Richard Bearcroft 19-Oct-08 1967-1970 Mail
Pauline Beardwell 6-Jan-01 Mail
Alan Beattie 26-Oct-02 Bourne 1967-1971 Mail
Kevin Beaumont 13-Jan-08 1972-1975 Mail
Barbara  Bedlow 7-Jan-01 Mail
Chris  Bedlow 8-Jan-01 Mail
Mike Bedlow 2-Jul-01 1965-1967 Mail
Pat Beer 18-Feb-02 Heaton ASM 1963-1965 Mail
Avril Beer 20-Feb-02 Steed AGS 1963-1964 Mail
David Bees 11-May-02 1964-1967 Mail
John Bell 15-Aug-07 1968-1970 Mail
Shirley Bell 13-Feb-10 Shirley Chilton 1968-1970 Mail
David Bennett  9-May-02 1965-1967 Mail
Judith Bennetts 30-Aug-01 Gough 1968-1971 Mail
Alan Best 28-Aug-01 1964-1967 Mail
Terry Bettesworth 24-Apr-03 1966-1968 Mail
John Biggs 6-Oct-03 1967-1969 Mail
Beverley Birch 22-Jan-13 Beverley Carruthers 1964-1966 Mail
Dave Black 1-May-03 Changi 1964-1967 Mail
Jim Black 20-Apr-09 1966-1968 Mail
Brian Blackall 8-Aug-07 AGS 1962-1964 Mail
Steve Blaseby 26-Jan-05 1963-1967 Mail
Jane Boyde 9-Nov-07 Lindy (Jane) Miller 1967-1969 Mail
Colin Breckenridge 7-May-02 Bourne 1968 Mail
Norma June Brewer 24-Jun-07 Norma June Grieg 1968-1971 Mail
Jenney Broad 9-Jan-01 Davies 1969-1972 Mail
Jim Broughton 19-Jan-02 1969-1970 Mail
Avril Brown 12-Nov-01 Macintosh Kinloss 1964-1966 Mail
Peter Brown 28-Nov-02 Bourne 1966-1970 Mail
Mike Brown 17-Sep-04 Mail
Stuart Alexander Brown 10-Jan-07 1966 Mail
Linda Brown 3-Jul-09 Linda Langrish 1967-1970 Mail
Mike Brown 14-Aug-10 1968-1970 Mail
Malcolm Brunsdon 12-Sep-00 1964-1967 Mail
Terry Buckle 20-Oct-06 1963-1965 Mail
Chris Bull 7-Nov-04 1968-1971 Mail
Michael Bullock 10-Jan-01 1966-1968 Mail
Karola Bumphrey 15-Nov-01 McCormack Kinloss 1970-1972 Mail
Ian Bungard 3-Oct-03 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Amanda Burge 19-Jan-05 Mail
David Burn 27-Mar-13 1965-1972 Mail
David Burn 27-Mar-15 1967-1971 Mail
Raymond Butchart 24-May-01 Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Mike Butler 10-Sep-03 1968-1969 Mail
Mick Byrne 11-Jan-01 AGS 1964-1968 Mail
Marie Byrne 7-Jul-09 Bourne 1969-1971 Mail
Trevor Cable 30-Aug-08 1966-1969 Mail
Mary Elaine Carpenter 9-Mar-08 Mary Elaine Marshall Bourne 1966 Mail
Peter Casey 12-Jan-01 AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Louise  Casey 13-Jan-01 Mail
Terry  Casey 14-Jan-01 Mail
J.L. Catchpole 30-Jul-05 AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Denise Cavener 12-Apr-10 Denise Small 1967-1969 Mail
Mike Cawley 13-Apr-02 1967-1968 Mail
Cindy Chandler 16-May-01 Faulkner 1972-1975 Mail
Yvonne Chandler 20-Jul-01 Merrill 1965-1968 Mail
Maureen Chapman 5-Jul-05 Maureen Logan Changi 1968-1971 Mail
Stephan Charters 8-Dec-07 1963-1965 Mail
Sammy Chetty 10-Sep-10 Sam Baird 1974-1975 Mail
Kathryn Chilvers 11-Feb-02 Davies 1965-1967 Mail
Dennis Clark 20-Feb-03 1962-1965 Mail
Eddie Clews 30-Jun-13 1967-1969 Mail
David Coates 1-May-02 1967-1969 Mail
David Cochrane 6-Sep-08 1968-1971 Mail
Alan Cocker 4-Mar-02 Bourne 1968-1970 Mail
Sue Colborne 17-Dec-06 Sue Tindall 1969-1970 Mail
Peter Coleman 2-Feb-02 1966-1967 Mail
Maggie Connolly 15-Jan-01 Carney Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Sammy Connolly 16-Jan-01 Bowles 1965-1968 Mail
Elizabeth Contarini 18-Aug-06 Elizabeth Jessop 1968-1970 Mail
Jerry Conway 12-Nov-01 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Allan Cotterill 27-May-02 Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Alan Cottrell 28-Oct-01 1964-1967 Mail
Wendy Courtney 19-Jun-01 Keeble 1969-1971 Mail
Geoffrey Cox 17-Jan-01 1966-1969 Mail
Heather Cox 18-Jan-01 Bourne 1966-1971 Mail
Phil Crawshaw 19-Jan-01 1965-1966 Mail
Nigel Crick 16-Jan-07 1966-1969 Mail
Mick Crossey 21-Mar-04 St Johns 1967-1970 Mail
Gillian Crossland 12-Nov-01 Garbutt 1966-1970 Mail
Roberta (Bobbie) Crowe 21-Mar-05 Roberta Astor 1965-1971 Mail
Beverley Crush 22-Nov-01 Murray 1966-1968 Mail
William (Bill) Crutch 22-May-08 ASM 1963-1965 Mail
Lynne Cudworth 5-Mar-14 Lynne Byron Changi 1965-1968 Mail
Tony Culling 29-Aug-02 1969-1970 Mail
Nigel Cullis 16-May-01 1969-1971 Mail
Jo  Cummins 20-Jan-01 1965 Mail
Colin Cundy 6-Jul-01 Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
William Cundy 6-May-03 1966 Mail
Preston Currie 9-Sep-07 1969-1971 Mail
Sheila Cuthbert 21-Jan-01 Chamberlain 1964-1967 Mail
Sue Cuthbert 22-Jan-01 Dorrington 1964-1967 Mail
Lorraine Dabin 23-Jan-01 1968-1970 Mail
Jane Dady 31-Jan-09 Jane Harwood 1969-1971 Mail
Sheran Dalby 18-Jan-07 Sheran Edward 1965-1967 Mail
Christopher Daniel 12-Mar-03 1967-1969 Mail
Sheila Daniel 18-May-03 Woolven 1968-1971 Mail
Frances Dare 31-May-05 1967 Mail
Elspeth (Ellie) Davidson 17-May-02 Chandler Kinloss 1964-1968 Mail
Mary  Davies 24-Jan-01 Stack 1968-1970 Mail
Lynne Davies 6-Sep-01 Stone 1964-1967 Mail
Norman Davies 19-Jan-02 1965-1966 Mail
Denise Davies 19-Oct-03 Denise Blake ASM 1963-1966 Mail
Patricia Davies 12-May-09 Patricia Larke 1967-1970 Mail
Mandy Davis 20-Feb-02 Edwards Bourne 1964-1967 Mail
Claire Day 27-Feb-02 Starling 1966-1969 Mail
Alan Deacon 24-Aug-01 1967-1970 Mail
Keith Dear 12-May-02 1965-1967 Mail
Glenn Delderfield 19-Jan-02 Kinloss 1968-1969 Mail
Marina Denman 4-Jul-01 Arnold 1969-1971 Mail
Sue Dennison 28-Aug-01 Sturtevant 1964-1967 Mail
John Dennison 18-Oct-07 AGS 1963-1967 Mail
Lalit Dewan 8-Nov-02 L. Dewan MBE AGS 1966-1971 Mail
Rohit Kumar Dewan 28-Apr-08 Bourne 1967-1971 Mail
Tim Dexter 22-Nov-01 1969-1971 Mail
Carol Dinnes 4-Nov-02 Ogilvy 1962-1970 Mail
Peter Dobson 25-Jan-01 1967-1970 Mail
Allen Dobson 17-Dec-01 1972-1975 Mail
Pat Donaghy 26-Jan-01 1964-1967 Mail
Janice Dowell 3-May-09 Jan Salt 1966-1971 Mail
Peter Downes 21-Mar-06 Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Angie Downton 17-Dec-01 Cassell 1966-1969 Mail
Sonia Drake 3-May-02 Sonia Presley Bourne 1969-1972 Mail
Sally Drayson 5-Jun-01 Wilks 1964-1966 Mail
Dave Duff 4-Aug-02 1966-1969 Mail
Dave Duff 6-May-13 1965-1967 Mail
Jane Durler 21-Feb-08 1968-1969 Mail
Linda Dyson 9-Dec-02 Sanders 1968-1971 Mail
Susan Earle-Mitchell 17-Jan-05 1964-1966 Mail
Dave Edgar 24-Aug-01 ASM 1962-1965 Mail
Steve Edgecombe 20-Apr-02 Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Paul Edwick 27-Jan-01 AGS 1963-1969 Mail
Peter Edwick 7-Apr-07 1967-1968 Mail
Andrew Ellinopoullos 1-Mar-07 Andrew Ellis Bourne 1965-1967 Mail
Karen Elliot 5-May-02 Grieve Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Diane Ellis 28-Jan-01 Diane Lasseter AGS 1962-1966 Mail
Lavinia Elphick 15-Feb-03 Lynne Stevenson ASM 1962-1965 Mail
Tony Fairey 8-Feb-08 1963-1966 Mail
Richard (Rick) Faulkner 8-Mar-03 1964-1967 Mail
Peter Favell 7-Jul-15 1966-1969 Mail
Andy  Ferriday 29-Jan-01 AGS 60-61 & 64-67 Mail
Susan Fewing 5-Jan-13 Susan Bentley Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Pat Field 19-Jan-02 Hirst 1969-1972 Mail
Gavan Fifield 11-May-04 1969-1971 Mail
Rex Finlay 14-Jun-02 Teacher 1965-1969 Mail
Gail Fisher 2-Dec-05 Gail Karmach Bourne 1970-1971 Mail
Kathy (Haggis) Flinn 20-Jul-01 Robertson 1969-1971 Mail
Sandy Flood 27-Feb-09 Sandy Hughes Bourne 1969-1971 Mail
Patrick Foley 1-Nov-01 Kinloss 1965-1970 Mail
George Forfar 30-Jan-01 1967-1971 Mail
Joyce Forfar 26-Jun-01 Bourne 1967-1971 Mail
Jane Forfar 27-Jun-01 Bourne 1965-1971 Mail
Anne Fowler 5-Aug-10 Anne Bennett Seletar 1966-1969 Mail
Jennifer Fynn 14-Apr-09 Jennifer Maryan 1964-1966 Mail
Robin Galbraith 31-Jan-01 1966 Mail
Robin Galbraith 2-Aug-04 1964-1965 Mail
Peter Gaskell 22-Mar-02 Headmaster 1967-1971 Mail
Kevin Gibbs 18-May-02 1969-1971 Mail
John Gibbs 11-Feb-03 1965-1969 Mail
Brian Gibbs 9-Jul-05 Bourne 1965-1967 Mail
Jackie Gibson 1-Feb-01 Brench AGS 1964-1965 Mail
Linda Gill 2-Feb-01 1967-1969 Mail
Phil Gill  13-Oct-04 Bourne 1969-1971 Mail
Carol Gilyeat 12-Nov-03 Caroline Gilyeat Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Ian Glen 25-Feb-02 AJS 1958-1968 Mail
Sheila Glen 11-Nov-03 Sheila Hobbs Alex Jnr 1958-1968 Mail
Thomas Glover 3-Feb-01 1964-1968 Mail
Lynne Glover 6-Sep-01 Jolley 1964-1968 Mail
Michael Goodwin 17-Jan-07 Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Peter Gordon 25-Mar-13 1964 Mail
Jo Gosden 7-Mar-02 Wood 1966-1968 Mail
Barbara Goulborn 6-Sep-05 AGS 1964-1966 Mail
Carol Greening 19-Jan-02 Hancock Kinloss 1965-1968 Mail
Roger Grice 27-Jun-02 1967-1970 Mail
Charles Grigsby 9-May-03 1966-1968 Mail
Edna (Eddi) Grimes 16-Feb-05 Edna Savage 1964-1966 Mail
Pete Gross 24-May-07 Kinloss 1968-1969 Mail
Lynne Groves 6-Jan-06 Lynne Larkman 1966 Mail
Mahendra Gurung 12-Jul-01 Kinloss 1966-1971 Mail
Terry Hale 4-Feb-01 ASM 1963-1967 Mail
Dennis Hall 24-Jul-01 ASM 1961-1965 Mail
William (Bill) Hall 15-Nov-06 Slim (KL) 1967-1968 Mail
Claire Halls 1-Jan-10 Claire Cave 1971-1974 Mail
Alan Halsey 2-Feb-02 ASM 1962-1965 Mail
Valerie Ham 27-Jul-07 Valerie Craig AGS 1962-1965 Mail
Monica Hampson 23-Jan-06 1967-1971 Mail
Lynette Handley 27-Feb-09 Lynette Vernon 1966-1969 Mail
Lynette Handley 30-Jul-10 Lynette Vernon 1966-1969 Mail
Phil Hanks 24-Mar-08 1963-1967 Mail
Keith Alan Harper 23-Mar-02 Brind-Harper 1963-1964 Mail
Olwen Harris 28-Oct-01 Howard Bourne 1964-1968 Mail
Evelyn Harris 8-Apr-02 Huett 1965-1968 Mail
Christine Harrod 22-Nov-01 Martin AGS 1963-1965 Mail
Felicity Harvey 4-Dec-02 Reynolds AGS 1962-1965 Mail
April Harvey 28-Sep-03 April Heywood AGS 1963-1965 Mail
Rob Harwood 20-Jul-01 1964-1969 Mail
Tim Harwood 4-Mar-02 Bourne 1968-1971 Mail
John Hawkridge 21-Nov-02 Bourne 1964-1967 Mail
Thomas Hayden 5-Feb-01 Mail
Tom Hayden 25-Nov-08 1963-1966 Mail
David Heald 26-Jun-01 1965-1967 Mail
Andrew Hennell 25-Mar-06 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Mike Herring 16-Jan-03 1968-1971 Mail
Rosie Hide 28-Oct-01 Stephens 1965-1968 Mail
Bob Hide 12-Nov-01 1965-1969 Mail
Roger  Higdon 12-Nov-01 1968-1970 Mail
Chris  Higdon 19-Jan-02 1968-1970 Mail
Chris Hill 22-Nov-01 AGS 1962-1968 Mail
Deanna Hinton 20-Jul-01 Morton AGS 1962-1965? Mail
Alan Hippman 28-Mar-06 1968-1969 Mail
Greg Holt 18-Mar-02 1966-1968 Mail
Anne Hood 1-May-03 Bonner AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Philip Hopping 24-Sep-02 1967-1970 Mail
Ian Hovey 17-Dec-01 Bourne 1968-1969 Mail
John Howell 7-Dec-02 1968-1971 Mail
Andy Huddlestone 24-Oct-04 1968-1972 Mail
Pat Hughes 20-Jul-01 1970-1971 Mail
Marion Hughes 19-Jan-02 Brooker 1967-1970 Mail
Meg Hughes 27-Sep-07 Meg Edgar AGS 1962-1964 Mail
Graham Hunt 19-Jun-02 1964-1967 Mail
Caroline Hurrell 6-Feb-01 Walker AGS 1964-1967 Mail
Jim Hutton 24-Jul-01 Changi 1966-1969 Mail
Jendy Inverdale 12-Nov-01 Weekes 1964-1965 Mail
Graham Ironside 25-Nov-03 English Teacher ASM 1963-1965 Mail
Tony James 7-Feb-01 1965-1968 Mail
Tom Jeacock 7-Nov-07 ASM 1961-1964 Mail
Tom Jeacock 7-Nov-07 ASM 1961-1964 Mail
Jonathan Jefferis 14-Feb-02 ASM 1962-1964 Mail
Philip Jennings 5-Aug-07 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Elizabeth Jessop 1-Dec-05 Elizabeth Contarini 1968-1970 Mail
Sue John 8-Feb-01 Smith Kinloss 1967-1969 Mail
Barbara Johnson 9-Feb-01 James 1967-1968 Mail
Glyn Jones 24-May-01 1967-1968 Mail
Glyn (Jonah) Jones 16-Mar-05 1967 Mail
Tony Judge 18-May-04 1965-1970 Mail
Chris Kane 14-Mar-02 ASM 1962-1965 Mail
Veronica Kane 5-Apr-02 Shaw ASM 1962-1965 Mail
Linda Kay 20-Feb-08 Linda Pilling 1967-1969 Mail
Kevin Keefe 23-Feb-03 1968-1971 Mail
Patricia Keen 24-May-01 Lewis 1965-1968 Mail
Gay Keld 10-Feb-01 1965 Mail
Linda Kelloway 11-Feb-01 AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Clare Kelly 29-Jan-02 Willett 1965-1967 Mail
Jean Kelsey 14-Feb-05 Jean McDonald 1966-1969 Mail
Sue Kennedy 12-Feb-01 Ward 1974-1975 Mail
Lynette Kermond 27-Apr-08 Lynette Bailey Kinloss 1963-1966 Mail
Maz (Marion) Kimble 23-Mar-02 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
David Kirkham 1-Mar-06 1970 Mail
Frances (Frankie) Knight 20-Jan-05 Frances Pountney 1967-1969 Mail
Derek Knight 17-Nov-07 Bourne 1969-1971 Mail
Shyam Kumar Thakuri 1-Dec-06 AGS 1964-1967 Mail
Jennifer Laing 15-Jul-09 Jennifer Jones ASM 1962-1964 Mail
Robin Lama 22-Feb-04 1968-1971 Mail
Joan  Lamming 13-Feb-01 Stephanie J.S. Keenan AGS 1963-1965 Mail
Roger Lang 28-Oct-01 Changi 1968-1969 Mail
Howard Latty 2-Apr-08 1968-1971 Mail
John Laverick 28-Oct-01 Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Kathy Law 4-May-02 Kinloss 1966-1969 Mail
Sheila Law 4-May-02 Garbett Kinloss 1966-1969 Mail
Trevor Lawson 24-Jul-07 Mail
Sue Le Maux 14-Feb-01 Groves Mail
Peter Leach 4-Oct-03 1968-1970 Mail
Ray Lear 20-Jul-01 1966-1968 Mail
Alex  Leaver 15-Feb-01 AGS 1961-1965 Mail
Andrew Lees 13-Feb-02 AGS 1969-1971 Mail
Karen Leonard 16-Feb-01 Dobson Bourne 1968-1969 Mail
Alan Levett 17-Feb-01 1968-1969 Mail
Hilary Levett 24-Jul-01 Ferguson 1967-1969 Mail
Elaine Lewis 12-Nov-01 Leese 1969-1971 Mail
Purna Bahadar Limbu 9-Jun-07 Puran SZ Kinloss 1962-1964 Mail
Carole Lower 23-Feb-06 Carole Cooper AGS 1963 Mail
Penny Loyns 17-Aug-09 Penny Wood 1965-1969 Mail
Mike Lucas 12-Mar-05 Seletar 1963-1966 Mail
Barbara Lygo 22-Nov-01 Goss 1968-1971 Mail
David Lysons 20-Jul-06 1967-1970 Mail
 Sheena Macdonald 15-Oct-09 Sheena Fitchett 1961-1965 Mail
Sarah Mace 26-Dec-03 Sarah Baynton-Williams 1967-1969 Mail
Geoff Mace 15-Jun-04 1964-1966 Mail
David Mackay 6-Jan-08 1969-1972 Mail
William MacKinnon 19-May-02 AGS 1966-1970 Mail
Fiona MacKinnon 22-Jun-02 Changi 1961-1963 Mail
Ian (McTavish) Macpherson 25-Jul-07 Bourne 1967 Mail
Dave  Magson 17-Sep-03 1966 Mail
Christine Mahoney 21-Jun-03 Gallacher Bourne 1964-1968 Mail
Carol Mallet 26-Sep-08 1966-1968 Mail
Andrew Malone 29-Jan-02 ASM 1962-1965 Mail
Christine Mark 18-Feb-01 Finlay 1965-1968 Mail
Ian Mark 19-Feb-01 1965-1968 Mail
Michael Marsden 13-Jul-03 Bourne 1967 Mail
Ross Marshall 28-Oct-01 1972-1974 Mail
Graham Marshall 8-Jan-03 ASM 1962-1965 Mail
Rob Martin 29-Oct-05 1964 Mail
Lyn Martyn 25-Jun-01 Suddards 1967-1970 Mail
Annie Massey 16-Mar-02 Kinloss 1964-1966 Mail
Bonny (Liz) Masson 12-Jul-10 Naval Base 1960-1967 Mail
Jacqueline Matheson 20-Feb-01 Langridge Kinloss 1967-1970 Mail
Peter Maule 6-Aug-01 1967-1970 Mail
Brian May 11-May-02 AGS 1964-1966 Mail
Christine McAlinden 21-Feb-01 Smith 1967-1969 Mail
Catherine McDonald 11-Aug-05 Catherine Webster Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Deirdre McGeown 31-Jul-02 Evans 1969-1971 Mail
Stephanie McGeown 1-Jul-13 Stephanie Thomas 1969-1971 Mail
Julie McGugan 21-Jan-04 1998-2001 Mail
Leonora McHugh 8-Jan-13 Leonora Wassell 1969-1971 Mail
Ronnie McInnes 27-Dec-02 Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Lorna McKenzie 19-Aug-03 Lorna Hawkins 1966-1968 Mail
Kathleen  McMillan 10-Jun-08 1970-1973 Mail
Ian McNeill 2-Jul-01 "Ginge" AGS 1961-1965 Mail
Murray Meads 17-Oct-06 1967-1968 Mail
Bob Mellish 18-Nov-02 Others 1963-1968 Mail
Richard Mellish 20-Nov-02 1965-1968 Mail
Patrick Mewton 29-Jun-02 1965-1966 Mail
Dot (Doris) Miller 21-Mar-02 Capes 1965-1967 Mail
Jeffrey Miller 28-Nov-02 AGS 1962-1965 Mail
Christine Miller 13-Jan-04 Christine Redpath AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Jaki Mills 6-Apr-04 1970-1973 Mail
Julie Mitchell 19-Jul-07 Julie Reeves 1968-1969 Mail
Janine Moore 11-Sep-04 Janine Moore St Johns 1967-1972 Mail
Lorraine Morgan 19-Jun-01 Hart Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Susan Morrow 13-Jan-08 1963-1966 Mail
Deanna Morton 5-Jun-02 Hinton AGS 1962-1966 Mail
Ron Moss 22-Feb-01 AGS 1962-1965 Mail
Patricia Mowatt 2-Apr-06 Pat Pridham AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Ian Muir 12-Nov-01 1968-1969 Mail
Pauline Mulready 20-Feb-02 Fuller Bourne 1965-1969 Mail
Vaughan Munro 28-Oct-01 1965-1968 Mail
Carol  Munt 23-Feb-01 Warren 1968-1970 Mail
Colin  Murphy 28-Aug-01 1967-1969 Mail
Graham Gordon Murray 5-Dec-02 1972 Mail
Ian Mutton 4-Mar-03 1965-1968 Mail
Linda Myers 19-Jan-02 Turner 1968-1971 Mail
Jenny Myers 20-Jul-03 Jenny Curson 1965-1968 Mail
Steve Nagle 16-May-01 1967-1970 Mail
Lesley Neale 11-Nov-06 Lesley Higham 1966-1968 Mail
David Neeve 27-Mar-09 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Mike Newham 2-Jan-10 1965-1967 Mail
Tina (Claudia) Newman 6-Mar-02 Otto Bourne 1964-1967 Mail
Moira Newton 17-Dec-01 Wood AGS 1962-1965 Mail
Wendy Niblett 24-Feb-01 Broadbent AGS 1962-1964 Mail
Graham Nicholls 7-Dec-07 1966-1969 Mail
Jack Noble 25-Feb-01 1966 Mail
Julia Northmore 2-Aug-01 Pimley 1964-1967 Mail
Tom O'Brien 26-Feb-01 1967-1969 Mail
Kev  O'Carroll 4-May-04 1967-1968 Mail
Nevin Ogden 5-Mar-04 AGS 1962-1965 Mail
John O'Leary 19-Jan-02 1965-1968 Mail
James Oliver 3-Jul-07 1970-1971 Mail
Mike O'Mara 19-Nov-04 Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Michael  O'Meara 28-Jun-01 1964-1966 Mail
Shaun O'Meara 28-Jun-01 1964-1966 Mail
Fiona O'Niell 19-Apr-07 Fiona Wilkinson Bourne 1963-1969 Mail
Cindy Ormrod 31-May-02 Laudati 1965 Mail
Jenny Owen 16-May-02 AGS 1957-1967 Mail
Ken Parker 18-Apr-02 Bourne 1960-1970 Mail
Mike Parnell 29-Oct-06 Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
John Parrott 9-Jun-09 1964-1966 Mail
Helen Partridge 27-Feb-01 Cooper 1969-1970 Mail
Eric Patterson 10-Jul-07 AGS 1967-1969 Mail
Derek Payne 17-Dec-01 Bourne 1969-1971 Mail
Shona Pearce 20-Jul-02 Fullerton Changi 1965-1974 Mail
Richard  Pearson 7-Nov-07 1966-1968 Mail
Steve Penfold 1-Nov-02 1965 Mail
Jean Penney 28-Feb-01 Smith 1965-1967 Mail
Hilary Peter 29-Jan-02 Butterworth 1962-1968 Mail
Audrey Petts 1-Mar-01 Haskell 1973-1975 Mail
Trudy Philpot 25-Feb-02 Blackler Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Robyn Pickett 18-Jan-13 Robyn Owens 1970-1971 Mail
Stevan Pinder 4-Oct-02 1966-1968 Mail
Susan  Pitfield 17-Jun-13 Susan Roberts Bourne 1959/1969 Mail
Christine Pittman 23-Aug-02 Richardson Bourne 1965-1967 Mail
Hilary Platt 7-Jul-03 Willis 1970-1971 Mail
Irene Plowright 22-Nov-03 Irene Symons 1965-1967 Mail
Angela Postles 4-May-03 Plumb AGS 1956-1967 Mail
Ratnaman (Ratty) Pradhan 17-Feb-13 Bourne 1960-1965 Mail
Stephen Price 19-Jun-01 1966-1967 Mail
Ann Procter 24-Nov-13 Ann Gilbert 1965-1968 Mail
Jane Purcell 29-Jan-02 Longshaw 1968 Mail
Rosemary Pyne 18-Dec-06 1968-1971 Mail
Alan Quick 2-Mar-01 1965 Mail
Michael  Quick 3-Mar-01 Mail
Anthony Quinn 5-Sep-03 1966-1970 Mail
Julian Quinn 5-Sep-03 Seletar 1969-1971 Mail
David Radford 28-Feb-15 1967-1968 Mail
David Alan Rawkins 8-Mar-10 AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Janet Rawlings 21-Mar-02 Feast Seletar 1963-1965 Mail
Lindy Raynor 16-Jun-02 Greene Kinloss 1963-1966 Mail
Tricia Reid 10-Oct-13 Tricia Dorovic 1968-1969 Mail
Kevin Reilly 4-Mar-01 1966 Mail
Sharon Reilly 5-Mar-01 1966 Mail
Rosalyn Rendall 27-Mar-05 Rosalyn Copestake 1965-1970 Mail
Mike Rendle 19-Jan-02 1967-1970 Mail
Kim (Scottie) Richards 12-Jul-04 Kim McAuley Bourne 1969-1972 Mail
John Richardson 28-Aug-01 AGS 1963-1965 Mail
Linda Riches 28-Aug-01 Burton 1964-1967 Mail
Denise Ricks 17-Dec-01 Woodthorpe AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Gillian Ridley 6-Mar-01 Mail
Jill Ridley 6-Sep-01 Faulkner 1964-1967 Mail
Mike Ridley 14-Nov-06 AGS 1964-1967 Mail
Nicholas Risch 27-Sep-02 1970-1972 Mail
John Robbins 25-Jan-03 1964-1966 Mail
David Robbins 7-Oct-08 Kinloxx 1964-1971 Mail
John Robbins 22-Mar-10 1964-1966 Mail
John Robinson 28-Aug-01 1969-1971 Mail
Brian Robinson 28-Oct-01 1964-1967 Mail
Lynda Robinson 23-Nov-03 Lynda Fisher Bourne 1965-1970 Mail
Nick Robinson 26-Apr-07 Nick Fawcus-Robinson 1970 Mail
Colin Rockett 14-Sep-04 1966-1968 Mail
David Rodgers 10-Jul-02 AGS 1962-1965 Mail
David Rolfe 7-Mar-01 1970-1972 Mail
Natasha Rowland 28-Sep-03 Natasha Bennett 1969 Mail
Irene Rowley 16-Jan-08 Irene Morrison Mail
John Rubery 7-Nov-08 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Neil Russell 24-Aug-01 1965 Mail
Malcolm Allan Russell 9-Feb-04 Mas J'Iam 1968-1969 Mail
Elizabeth Rust 22-Jun-08 Elizabeth Rust Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Rosalind (Ros) Ryan 10-Jan-07 Rosalind (Ros) Bragg Bourne 1967-1971 Mail
Sue Salisbury 11-Feb-02 Kimberley 1964-1968 Mail
Liz Saywell 20-Feb-02 Brown Mail
Tony Schwarz 19-Jun-01 1966-1968 Mail
Dacia (Des) Scott 17-Dec-01 Kelly 1965-1968 Mail
Phil Scott 1-Jul-02 1964-1967 Mail
John Scott 1-Jun-07 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Roy Scrafton 19-Jan-02 1966-1968 Mail
Donna Sears-Brown 8-Aug-02 Donna Stroll 1967-1969 Mail
Sue Sharpe 4-Sep-07 Sue Maughan 1965-1967 Mail
Keith Shaw 28-Oct-01 Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Maria Shephard 4-Oct-08 Maria Osborne 1967-1970 Mail
Paul Sheridan 20-Feb-02 1969-1971 Mail
John Sherwood 23-Jan-06 Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Paul Sherwood 23-Jan-06 1965-1968 Mail
Beverley Sherwood 13-Feb-07 Beverley Sayers Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Lindy Siegert 12-Nov-01 AGS 1963-1965 Mail
Elizabeth Silverson 21-May-08 Liz Price 1964-1966 Mail
Peter Simcock 8-Mar-01 1970-1971 Mail
Bob Simons 2-Aug-01 1967-1970 Mail
Phil Simpson 19-Jun-01 1970 Mail
Mark Sinclair 27-Nov-04 1969-1971 Mail
Carol Slade 9-Feb-04 ASM 1963-1965 Mail
Penelope Smallbrook 22-Nov-01 Dean 1968-1970 Mail
Avril Smith 1-Nov-01 1969-1970 Mail
Hilary Smith 11-Feb-02 Butler Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Anne Smith 30-Jul-02 Blashkiw Others 1971-1974 Mail
David Snape 28-Aug-01 1967-1969 Mail
Jackie Southern 22-Nov-01 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Paul Southey 13-Nov-06 1965-1968 Mail
Richard Sowersby 25-Jul-05 ASM 1964-1965 Mail
Barbara Spence 10-Aug-02 Leckie 1966-1968 Mail
Margaret Stanley 29-Jun-13 Margaret Kohne Kinloss 1963-1965 Mail
Ian Stansfield 20-May-13 1967-1969 Mail
John Stansfield 22-Dec-13 1966-1969 Mail
Sally Starr 9-Mar-01 Chicken 1965-1966 Mail
Richard Stead 10-Feb-03 1967-1968 Mail
Russell Stockdale 16-Jun-05 Charles Russell Stockdale Nee Soon 1960-1961 Mail
Susan Stoner 5-Feb-15 Susan Rice AGS 1961-1964 Mail
Bob Strachan 23-Nov-04 1973-1976 Mail
Valerie Stratton 16-Mar-07 Valerie Newton Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
Louis Strauss 7-Aug-08 1966-1968 Mail
Julie Sugrue 5-Apr-02 Ivens 1965-1968 Mail
Pete Sweet 29-Aug-01 Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
Karnasher Tamang 28-Aug-01 Bourne 1967-1971 Mail
Naina Tamang 4-Jan-07 1967-1969 Mail
Gyan Tamang 6-Sep-10 Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Malcolm Tennent 3-Jun-02 ASM 1963-1965 Mail
Teresa Thomson 10-Mar-01 1965-1968 Mail
Sue Thomson 6-Sep-01 Kruk-strzelecka 1967-1970 Mail
Frankie Thomson 28-Oct-01 Galbraith 1965-1969 Mail
Richard Thomson 10-Jul-04 1967-1969 Mail
Sue Titley 11-Mar-01 Greenhalgh AGS 1963-1969 Mail
Anne Trevains 25-Apr-05 Lisa Wand 1965-1969 Mail
Paul Truscott 12-Mar-01 Mail
Martin Truscott 2-Aug-09 Pasir Panjang 1967-1967 Mail
Chris  Tucker 2-Apr-14 1968-1970 Mail
Marilyn Waldron 18-Jan-05 AGS 1964-1967 Mail
Jane  Walker 13-Mar-01 1967-1969 Mail
Janet Walker 6-Aug-10 Janet Smith 1968-1970 Mail
Ron Wallace 22-Feb-02 Bourne 1965-1967 Mail
Janet Waller 6-Sep-01 1966-1968 Mail
Kathy Walling 14-Mar-01 Pace 1964- Mail
Jenny Walsh 15-Mar-01 1965 Mail
Jenny Walsh 13-Aug-10 1964-1965 Mail
Diane Warburton 24-Aug-06 1966-1969 Mail
Vanessa Ward 16-Mar-01 1968-1970 Mail
Louise Ward 12-Nov-01 Kinloss 1969-1971 Mail
Julie Ward 29-Mar-06 Julie Jones 1968-1970 Mail
Michael Ward 31-Mar-06 1963-1966 Mail
Diana Ward 5-Nov-08 Bourne 1968-1971 Mail
Julie Ward 2-Jan-09 Julie Jones 1968-1970 Mail
Hilda (Margaret) Ware 17-Mar-01 Burt AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Elizabeth Ware 15-Sep-06 Elizabeth Lloyd 1966-1968 Mail
Bill Warren 21-Apr-02 "Sir" Teacher 1968-1971 Mail
Carol  Warren 19-Mar-03 Munt 1967-1970 Mail
Graham Watts 14-Feb-02 1965-1968 Mail
Sue Watts 2-Mar-03 England Bourne 1968-1971 Mail
Paul Webb 12-Nov-01 1964-1969 Mail
John Webb  28-Oct-01 1964-1967 Mail
Sheila Webber 28-Oct-01 Vango 1969-1970 Mail
Charles Weck 4-Jun-01 1964-1966 Mail
Kim Welch 6-Sep-13 Kim Greenwood 1971 Mail
Paul Wendes 29-Jan-02 Bourne 58-61,66-69 Mail
Wensley 28-Feb-02 Dunne 1967-1969 Mail
Jennifer West 17-Jan-05 Jennifer Morgan AGS 1968-1970 Mail
Michael Westerhold 7-Mar-05 Kinloss 1964-1966 Mail
Maggi Weston 11-Mar-02 Morgan 1964-1966 Mail
Franni Whale 28-Oct-01 Vincent 1968-1970 Mail
Sue White 11-Mar-02 Ryder 1965 Mail
Christine Whitfield 12-Sep-03 Christine Buckland 1963-1965 Mail
Tim Whittle 1-Nov-05 Bourne 1966-1969 Mail
John Wickham 13-Jul-13 Changi 1965-1972 Mail
Ken Wildon 19-Jan-02 1965-1967 Mail
Clarice Wilkinson 18-Mar-01 Byrne Mail
Jon  Wilkinson 4-Sep-04 1967-1970 Mail
Alan Wilkinson 13-Dec-04 AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Ian Wilkinson 16-Aug-05 Bourne 1969-1972 Mail
Richard Williams 19-Mar-01 AGS 1964-1969 Mail
Ian Williams 20-Mar-01 Kinloss 1965-1968 Mail
Mike Williams 2-Jan-03 1970 Mail
Claire Williamson 10-Jun-07 Claire Carter Bourne 1964-1967 Mail
Lynne Wilson 12-Sep-00 Copping Others 1963-1966 Mail
Stewart Wilson 21-Mar-01 AGS 1963-1966 Mail
Brian Winkworth 21-Sep-03 1970-1971 Mail
Tony Wong-Jensen 24-Aug-01 AGS 1962-1968 Mail
Graham Wood 29-Jun-13 1971-1973 Mail
Denise Woodthorpe 19-Feb-08 Denise Ricks 1963-1966 Mail
Alan Woolven 18-Oct-02 1966 Mail
Jane Wootton 22-Mar-01 Grant Kinloss 1966-1971 Mail
Lynn Wootton 23-Mar-01 Skates Kinloss 1969-1971 Mail
Alan Worley 3-Nov-04 1968-1971 Mail
Hilary Youngman 19-Jan-02 Snellgrove 1965-1968 Mail