RAF Tengah Schools
Additions and updates in RED Latest Update 3-Jun-2014
Name Surname Date Married Other Dates  
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Linda Ankers 2-Feb-09 Linda Joyce-Smith 1952-1955 Mail
Keith Appleby 17-Feb-04 Keith Kirton-Appleby 1969-1972 Mail
Nigel Armfield 6-Sep-09 1968-1970 Mail
Andrew Baker 8-Oct-07 1958-1961 Mail
Jane Ball 5-Oct-04 Jane Holcroft 1968-1970 Mail
Nigel Barker 27-May-08 1966-1969 Mail
Karen Barker 10-Jul-08 1973-1976 Mail
Russell Bloom 30-Jul-04 Bourne 1963-1966 Mail
Alison Booth 28-Aug-01 Alison Player 1966-1969 Mail
Grant Brewster 1-Jan-01 66-69 & 71-72 Mail
Stephen Brotheridge 28-Jun-06 1968-1971 Mail
Anthony Carry 20-Jul-01 1958-1959 Mail
Roger Cartwright 9-Aug-11 1969-1971 Mail
Debbie Caunter 3-Aug-02 Debbie Rostron 1967-1970 Mail
Paul Chapman 29-Oct-06 1967-1970 Mail
Ian Coghlan 12-Nov-01 1962-1965 Mail
Celia Cotton 13-Jan-04 Leigh Chandler 1974 Mail
Verena Cotton 31-Oct-13 Verena McCaig 1974-1976 Mail
Jennifer Craig 27-Jan-04 Jennifer Mitchell Bourne 1963-1965 Mail
Fred Crook 1-Jan-99 AGS 1955-1961 Mail
Steve Crowther 7-Feb-08 1965-1967 Mail
Pat Curran 14-Jan-04 Bourne 1967-1970 Mail
Barbara Daniel 2-Jan-01 1960-1962 Mail
Michael Darby 10-Nov-08 Seletar 1968-1971 Mail
Keith Davis 11-Nov-08 1965-1967 Mail
Andrew Eaves 18-May-03 Changi 1969-1972 Mail
Andy Eaves 3-Jun-05 Changi 1969-1962 Mail
Maris Edwards 24-Aug-01 Maris Watkins 1957-1959 Mail
Keith Edwards 24-Aug-01 1957-1959 Mail
Neil Edwards 24-Aug-01 1957-1959 Mail
Paul Elsender 3-Jan-01 Mail
Steve Emery 18-Feb-02 1967-1970 Mail
Pamela Joan Emslie 6-May-12 Pamela Joan Clark 1953 Mail
Ken Fisher 15-May-05 Nee Soon 1969-1971 Mail
Deborah Foot 18-Jan-09 Deborah Ratcliffe AGS 1956-1963 Mail
Fiona  Forster 28-Sep-07 Fiona Murphy 1967-1970 Mail
Sue Gauntlett 24-Aug-01 1972-1974 Mail
Barry Gerrens 9-Jan-10 1965-1967 Mail
Howard Gilbert 17-Dec-01 1963-1966 Mail
Stephen Gilbert 17-Dec-01 1963-1966 Mail
Iain Glencross 23-Oct-02 Changi 1959-1962 Mail
Helen Gough 17-Jul-13 Helen Langan 1966-1968 Mail
Paul Gray 29-Jan-01 1963-1966 Mail
Roger Green 11-Jun-02 Bourne 1965-1968 Mail
Amanda Greenwood 27-May-02 Amanda Haase 1970 Mail
Sheila Haley 20-Dec-09 1960-1963 Mail
Bruce Haley 20-Dec-09 1960-1963 Mail
Susan Hardie 12-Jan-05 Susan Leedham 1967-1969 Mail
Lynda Hardie 12-Jan-05 1967-1969 Mail
Stephen Harshaw 11-Nov-08 1969-1971 Mail
Stephen Harshaw 10-Jun-13 1970-1971 Mail
Adrian Henry 13-May-02 1968-1971 Mail
Denise Heslop 4-Oct-11 Denise (Dee) Rawsthorne 1967-1969 Mail
Shireen Hill 9-Jan-03 Shuster (Teacher) 1969-1970 Mail
Katy Hurrell 19-Jan-02 Katy Marczewski 1964-1967 Mail
Valmai Irwin 5-Aug-02 Valmai Osborn 1959-1961 Mail
Tegwen Irwin 27-Mar-07 Tegwen Manton 1959-1963 Mail
Richard Isaacs 3-Sep-04 1967-1969 Mail
? Jameson 11-Feb-02 ??? Todd 1968 Mail
Steve Jebbett 4-Jan-01 1968-1970 Mail
Christine Jebbett 5-Jan-01 Christine Coates 1968-1970 Mail
Iain Jenkins 20-Jul-11 Changi 1953-1955 Mail
Lorraine Johnson 27-Apr-02 Changi 1969-1972 Mail
Chris Johnson 27-Apr-02 Changi 1969-1972 Mail
Andrew Johnson 27-Apr-02 Changi 1969-1972 Mail
Christopher Johnson 16-Mar-12 Changi 1968-1972 Mail
Martin Jones 3-Feb-07 1966-1969 Mail
Deborah Jones 9-Jan-12 Deborah Howard 1966-1969 Mail
Andrew Kane 17-Dec-01 1967-1970 Mail
Andrew Kane 12-Jun-04 1967-1970 Mail
Stephanie Kane 16-Sep-12 Stephanie Berry 1966-1970 Mail
Susan  Kennedy 19-Jun-01 Susan Hill Changi 1957-1960 Mail
David Kennett 19-Apr-05 1976-1978 Mail
Paul Lancaster 16-May-01 1960's Mail
Kate Leek 13-Apr-02 Kate Ayres 1975-1976 Mail
James Lester 25-Aug-13 1970-1973 Mail
Paul Levy 2-Jan-04 Seletar 1965-1968 Mail
Paul Levy 23-Aug-09 Bourne 1966-1968 Mail
Gordon Liddle 1-Jul-08 1968-1969 Mail
Patrick Lopeman 6-May-02 1963-1965 Mail
Christopher Lund 17-Dec-01 1973-1976 Mail
Catherine Lynas 9-Jun-04 Cath Lever Naval Base 1960-1962 Mail
Arthur Manning 7-Jun-07 Peter Manning 1967-1970 Mail
Sarah Marshall 6-Jan-01 Sarah O'Brien 1967-1970 Mail
Lesley May 22-Oct-07 Lesley Russell 1964-1967 Mail
John McAlister 30-Aug-02 1968-1970 Mail
Mike McEwan 20-May-05 1967 Mail
Kristine McLaughlin 12-Jul-08 Changi 1975 Mail
Helen Melanson 22-Jun-02 Parritt Changi 1964-1967 Mail
Wendy Miller 9-Oct-06 1965-1969 Mail
Andrew Mitchell 1-May-02 1966-1969 Mail
Colin Murgatroyd 8-Mar-04 Teacher 1965-1971 Mail
Stella Murgatroyd 8-Mar-04 Teacher 1965-1971 Mail
Georgina Newson 29-Jan-05 Georgina Weber Bourne 1969-1971 Mail
Stephen Pain 25-Oct-02 Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Dave Papworth 20-Feb-02 Bourne 1967-1969 Mail
Gordon Partridge 11-Feb-02 Headmaster 1968-1971 Mail
Neill Peabody 26-Oct-09 1960-1963 Mail
Rob Pilgrim (Piggles) 1-Feb-03 1964-1966 Mail
Mark Price 8-Mar-08 1968-1970 Mail
Stuart   Rae 28-Sep-11 Bourne 1968-1970 Mail
Graham Rae 28-Sep-11 Bourne 1968-1970 Mail
Brian  Raine 5-Jul-09 Nee Soon 1970-1972 Mail
Kevin Rickatson 24-Aug-01 1958-1961 Mail
Neil Rooney 23-May-05 1970 Mail
Lisa Saunders 06-Jan-11 1975-1977 Mail
Vicky Joanne Sleeman 15-Aug-01 1970 Mail
Stuart Smale 15-Aug-01 1969 Mail
Nigel Snee 9-Jan-03 1965-1970 Mail
Arthur Spence 21-Feb-06 1966-1969 Mail
Lawrie Taylor 14-Aug-01 1954-1957 Mail
David Thompson 25-Feb-03 1966-1974 Mail
Kerry Thornbury 19-Jan-02 1967-1970 Mail
Michael   Thornbury 12-Sep-11 1966-1970 Mail
Susanne Todd 13-Jun-03 Susanne Stewart 1967-1970 Mail
Anthony Trow 3-May-03 1969-1970 Mail
Christine Tyrer 29-Aug-01 Christine Hulley 1965-1966 Mail
Karen Walters 29-Jan-08 Karen Welch 1970-1971 Mail
Martin Ward 19-Jan-02 1969-1970 Mail
Sandra Wear 26-Nov-05 Sandra Trant 1964-1967 Mail
Katy Weaver 20-Apr-08 Kathryn Weaver-Gore 1965-1967 Mail
Kathryn Weaver 2-Jul-09 Kathryn Weaver-Gore 1964-1968 Mail
Jacqueline Williams 1-Nov-08 Jacqueline Scowen 1966-1968 Mail
Mark Williams 20-Mar-10 1966-1969 Mail
Janice Williams 15-Apr-11 Janice Townson 1966-1968 Mail
Jacqueline Williams 21-Apr-12 Jackie Scowen 1966-1968 Mail
Janice Williams 27-Apr-14 Janice Townson 1966-1968 Mail
David Wilson 22-Jan-04 Bourne 1970-1973 Mail
Wendy Wright 7-Jan-01 Wendy Parkinson 1967-1969 Mail
Terry  Wright 8-Jan-01 1967-1969 Mail