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Singapore Schools Reunion Invitation
« on: March 26, 2012, 12:37:25 PM »
Singapore Schools Ė 10th Anniversary Reunion

 Back in February 2002 three old school friends met for the first time in 32 years and some 35 years since they were in the 6th Form at school together.
 Their names were Alan Cottrell, Phil Crawshaw, and Ken Wildon, and the school was St. Johnís, Singapore.
 Within just a few minutes they were like long lost friends bringing each other up to date on their lives since Singers and soon they were sharing memories as if they were just yesterday. Obviously not all meetings will be as smooth and seam-free but this one was so good that we did it again! This time over two dozen people turned up, and they all said they'd like to do it again! And again! And again!!! So guess what..........? We are pleased to give you the 10th Anniversary

 Singapore Schools Reunion Saturday 12th May at the
 Chandos Public House, Trafalgar Square, LONDON

And this is where you come in!
 We are sending this invitation to everyone whose address we have who was at St Johnís or any other British Forces Schools around the same time as us and whom it would be nice to meet again.
 Please pass this same message on to any of your old friends from Singapore that you would like to meet again, or who might enjoy it even if you wonít be able to make it yourself on the day.
 If you are reading this on facebook, or any other site you can do this quite easily, sharing it in another Singapore schoolís facebook page, by copying and pasting this text into an email to your friends or by printing it off and sending it by snail mail.
 For those without e-mail thereís always snail-mail or the phone.
 If this really takes off we could bring London to a standstill and if it doesnít weíll still meet up with the chosen few.
 The day will be very loosely planned, having only a beginning and an end, leaving the middle free.
We plan to meet at a pub in London on Saturday 12th May anytime from about 11.30 a.m. The pub is called the Chandos and itís in St Martinís Lane to the northeast corner (top right) of Trafalgar Square between the National Gallery and the Post Office and near the Royal Opera House (nearest Tubes Charing Cross & Leicester Square). If youíre not sure youíll be recognised, stick a post-it note on your forehead or a luggage label in your buttonhole. Over the last 10 years literally hundreds have attended, all with the same initial worry......Will I know anyone there? It honestly doesnít matter. All of us have Singapore friends now that we never met 40 years ago! As in previous years we will commandeer the comfy chairs in the upstairs bar.
From there you can do whatever takes your fancy. Make arrangements with old friends to take in a gallery or two, go to a matinee, go sightseeing, Covent Garden, Tate Modern, ride the London Eye, shop in Oxford Street, or just plain chill out and chew the fat, which is what most chose to do last October.
 Meet back at the same pub anytime between 5 and 7pm and if youíre still up for it, walk round the corner into Soho for Chinese nosh in any of several eateries ranging from all you can eat for a fiver and on upwards.
 After that the rest of the dayís your own.
 If you like the idea tell someone. If youíre going to be there tell someone. If youíre looking for someone, let it be known. Why not add their name to the list? Just maybe someone will know where they are.
Thereís none so hard to find as those who donít know youíre looking for them!

See you there?
Ken, Alan & Phil
PS We are still particularly looking for
 Keith Gordon
 Carol Andrews
 Jenifer Fleming (Now found living in USA but no contact)
 Ken Collins
 If you know of their whereabouts then please let us know.
 If there is anyone else that you are looking for, please add his/her name to the list before forwarding to your own contacts.
 PPS If you have received this e-mail in error, i.e. you were not at St Johnís or a related school in the 60ís, donít know what Nasi Goreng is or why it was celebrated on a Friday then maybe this isnít for you.
Hope you can make it.