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Alexander Junior School
« on: May 15, 2013, 07:14:06 PM »
I was at Alexander Junior School 1964/5/6. Was anyone at the school at this time, I was age 8 to 9. I remember I was friendly with a girl called Yvonne but can't remember her surname. I think my teacher was called Miss Harris? I was also friendly with a girl who lived next door to me at Deal Rd, Medway Park called Elizabeth Hodgson. We used to get the Army bus from Deal Rd to School together, but she got off at the stop before Alexander to go to a different school - would anyone know which school this would be? From my memory it was a brick building with a sort of covered porch at the front where she would be dropped off. Or does anyone remember Elizabeth Hodgson? Does anyone remember Deal Rd?  I recently looked at it on Goggle Earth and didn't recognise it as there is so much vegetation which wasn't there in my day.