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Contacts: BFS Kluang
« on: July 28, 2013, 04:58:59 AM »
Just joined to see whether there are contacts on-line knowing people or information re: the British Forces School at Kluang.
My father was a Rubber Planter at Mengkibol Estate/Rengam/Sedenak for some 25 years, from just after the end of WW2 until the early-mid 1970s.  I was born in Johore Baru in 1956 and was at school in Kluang, Grade 1 through to Grade 4, although also spending some time at school in Adelaide, Australia in Grades 3 and 4.  From then until about 1969 I flew back home to Mengkibol Estate, Kluang for Australian school holidays at leat once a year.
I can remember a group of us kids from Mengkibol Estate - Revertex and many of our activities, but not a lot about life at the BFS other than:
- the school supplied milk that was often "sour";
- playing with Dinky toys (and the first Corgi toys) on the school concrete verandahs - attempting to make the vehicles jump the drains;
- at times having purple iodine on my infected scratched mosquito bites on my legs and arms;
- learning the 'times tables' in class;
- playing soccer on the school oval;
- being stung by a centipede on the edge of the school oval;
- going swimming every day after school at the army pool above the aerodrome;
- hearing about helicopter crashes and searches for their crew;
- learning to ride a horse at a riding club adjacent the aerodrome;
- holidaying at Su Rusa at Port Dickson (learing to ski and sail) and less often in the Cameron Highlands;
- when older going snorkeling and diving on the islands off Mersing on occasion with army personnel and being late back to boarding school because of this.
While we were non-army kids (e.g. Clarke's, Brocklehursts, Gatlands, Thompsons) , we had lots of friends whose parents were in the army and tended to come and go every 5 years or so.  I remember a boy with the surname Moore and a girl with the Christian name of Karyn/Karen; other may come to me.
Any directions to other links that might also be useful much appreciated.